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Discover that you will always have all that you’ll ever need.

Talk 1:  Produce
Talk 2:  Protect
Talk 3:  Proliferate
Talk 4:  Big Day

Talk 1: Produce
Talk 2: Protect
Talk 3: Proliferate
Talk 4: no title

Uncover the unseen and experience the power of God. New series coming up this October! See you at The Feast!

Discover the beauty and richness of our Catholic Faith in the Feast’s next series – Treasures.

Talk 1:  History
Talk 2:  Legacy
Talk 3: Family
Talk 1: History
Talk 2: Legacy
Talk 3: Family

Get ready to be smashed – by the toughest talk series you will ever hear at the Feast this year.
TABOO: How To Talk About the Stuff We Don’t Want To Talk About

Talk 1:  Ancestors
Talk 2:  Abuse
Talk 3: Addiction
Talk 1: #NoFilter
Talk 2: #Envy
Talk 3: #Blessed
Talk 4: Big Day

Learn how your struggles can help others succeed.

Talk 1: Fill
Talk 2: Flow
Talk 3: Flood
Talk 4: Big Day


MAGNETIC: How To Attract The Right Person Into Your Life.

Have you lost your connection with God?Is His signal weak?
Are there walls that are blocking the signal?
In this spiritually-penetrating series, you’ll re-connect with God
in a fresh and powerful way

HOTSPOT: To strengthen your God-Connection.

#TheFeast #HotSpot

Talk 1: Password
Talk 2: Sync
Talk 3: Network

Is your life based on a lie? Learn to distinguish the lies of the world from the truths of God in your life.
New series coming up this March!

#TheFeast #TrueOrFalse

Experience revival.
Coming this February at a Feast near you. #HurtAttack
Invite your friends and relatives now. Check here for complete schedule: https://bit.ly/TheFeastSchedule
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Talk 1: History
Talk 2: Surgery
Talk 3: Recovery

Join a Feast near you this coming week and be in time to join the newest talk series – Best Year Ever. Come and start your 2017 right.

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