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Send a Child in Manila to School for a Year


Send a Child in Manila to School for a Year Summary Pag-asa ng Pamilya Foundation provides children from disadvantaged, low-income families with access to quality education. Children are enabled to join mainstream schools, and given the chance to become confident,highly-skilled independent learners,who are responsible citizens. Challenge Access to quality education by disadvantaged, low-income families in Manila is limited (a) because it is often unavailable, (b) because of domestic and economic pressures forcing children to work, and (c) because it has traditionally not been accorded value. Nearly half of children from these low-income families are out of school, [...]

Send a Child in Manila to School for a Year2020-07-24T13:28:16+08:00

Save Our Girls


Save Our Girls Summary Jeremiah Center for Girls is a facility that inspires achievement. We are transforming the property into a beautiful haven where girls come find shelter from the harsh challenges they were forced to endure. Here, they are given access to engage in sports, receive academic tutoring, have access to libraries and computers, receive job and life skills training and health and wellness care. It is a place where girls are supported and empowered to become championsin life. Challenge In most parts of the world, girls are the underserved and undervalued, often having to face [...]

Save Our Girls2020-07-24T13:30:50+08:00

Support to 80 Abandoned Elderly Housed in Anawim


Support to 80 Abandoned Elderly Housed in Anawim Summary The Organization is housing around 80 old age persons who were neglected and left to fend for themselves in their old age. They are seriously lacking regular Health checks, clothing and care, maintenance and emergency medication, and proper food and nutrition for sustained decent and respected living. Through the project, Anawim will provide daily meals, clothing and care, nutritious food and also provide emergency and maintenance medicine. By this process the organization will motivate, facilitate and support the abandoned old age persons for sustained decent and respected living. [...]

Support to 80 Abandoned Elderly Housed in Anawim2020-07-24T13:40:16+08:00

Solar Project for Better Care


Solar Project for Better Care Summary The Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, a facility for abandoned elderly located in the Rizal Province, requires reliable electrical power for lights and equipment in order to provide adequate patient care and save lives. Inadequate power supply services outages, as well as high electricity fees impede healthcare and services to the abandoned elderly. Anawim Lay Missions Foundation's Partners will install solar power at the Anawim facility to ensure the elderly's care can be provided without interruption and to reduce dependence on the government power company. Challenge Currently 43% of Anawim's operating expenses [...]

Solar Project for Better Care2020-07-24T13:28:42+08:00

The Sanctuary of Hope and Love


I thought that my willingness and enthusiasm brought me to The Feast. But then, I realized that god brought me to The Feast because He knew that I need direction. Yeah, that's how busy I was. Busy with my career and with my boyfriend. I didn't notice that I was lost! FINALLY, I AM HOME I was a nominal Catholic. I attended mass, participated in religious activities like processions, read the Bible when comfortable, and proclaimed myself that I did good, that I love God. But I was also prone to judging  the actions of other people. My [...]

The Sanctuary of Hope and Love2020-05-18T17:19:54+08:00



#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast Ever since I was a child, I have always been a victim of bullying. All kinds of bullying — physical, cyber, or social. Throughout my elementary years, someone would always tease me, throw stones at me, not welcome me into a group, and even make fun of me or make stories about me. Lahat ng judgments. Why? It seems like almost all the illnesses are in me — eczema, dislocation, overweight, asthma. My doctor gave me many restrictions and medications na masakit talaga sa bulsa. I felt like a burden. Many said, “Hayaan mo sila. Study [...]


Healed and Made Whole


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast During elementary and high school years, my classmates would talk things behind my back, tease me, and hit me physically. My mom would constantly remind me to just ignore the teasing or just say sorry, but I did otherwise. WHY? Why would I ignore them? Why would I say sorry when I was the one aggrieved? For me, it did not make sense. I did not know the meaning of the term “forgiving and letting go.” All I did was scream at them or hit back at them. I found a shallow way to let go of my hurts [...]

Healed and Made Whole2019-04-02T15:58:10+08:00

A warning from a recovering Gambling Addict


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast I am a recovering gambling addict. I started frequenting the casinos seven years ago. At first, I was only playing small time. When I would make a small profit, I would leave; or when I would lose the set budget, I would go home. But this soon started to increase and it reached a point where I had pawned my gadgets and even my car just to have funds to run after my losses. These too were all lost eventually. I have lost two high-paying jobs because I would stay in the casino for several days and sometimes [...]

A warning from a recovering Gambling Addict2019-01-21T13:21:06+08:00

In His Love


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast Bata pa lang ako, achiever na ako sa school — always in the star section, consistent honor student, dean's lister, awards dito, awards doon. Hindi naman sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko, pero ako ‘yung tipo ng estudyante na pangarap ng maraming teacher — masipag, maaasahan, madaling turuan. Paborito ako ng mga kaklase na gawing ka-group at leader sa mga project. With me in the group, someone who had to maintain a certain grade to maintain her scholarship, confident sila na ‘di ko pababayaan ang grades ng grupo. With this kind of environment, I grew up having [...]

In His Love2019-01-09T15:34:06+08:00

To The Girl Who Never Knew:


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast TO THE GIRL WHO NEVER KNEW: Hi, Besh!!! Never akong nagkaroon ng chance na sabihin sa ‘yo ang mga bagay-bagay eh, kaya dito na lang. ‘Di ko akalaing magiging close tayo. Medyo nai-intimidate nga ako sa ‘yo, pero first time na makita kita, crush na kita. Nung una, parang normal na crush lang. Pero habang tumatagal, nag-iiba eh. Lalo nung mas nakilala pa kita. Sobrang amazing mong tao. Sobrang strong mo sa life. Unti-unti kong na-realize na I was starting to like you even more. Every time na nag-uusap tayo, parang ‘di ko namamalayan ang oras. Masaya ako [...]

To The Girl Who Never Knew:2018-12-27T16:43:37+08:00