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Meeting Jesus Online


Meeting Jesus Online By ED PASCUAL THE blessings of good friendship from good people—even on the world wide web. That, in a gist, is what I am grateful for since I joined the Light of Jesus Family. I was born on August 3, 1973. And now, at age 47, I live in Anaheim, California. Just like many Filipinos who came to America, my wife Evelyn, our daughter Andrea, and I arrived here with tourist visas and a bag of dreams and prayers that God would lead us to the right path of citizenship. True enough, God led the [...]

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I Believe!


I Believe! By ENYA DEVANADERA ONE day, way back in 2009 in the Philippines, while my daughter Irene and I were at the Festival Mall in Alabang, I noticed there was a “Feast” being held in one of the cinemas. I asked my daughter, “What is the Feast?” She replied, “If you want to know, go in.” Actually, my daughter knows about The Feast and Bro. Bo Sanchez. But she wanted me to see for myself. As we entered the cinema, greeters, as they were called, warmly welcomed us and escorted us to a couple of comfortable seats. [...]

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Doing Everything!


Doing Everything! By JOMAR MONDEJAR I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. — Philippians 4:13 I OFTEN repeat this verse to myself since I learned about it when I joined the Light of Jesus Family. First off, I had an ordinary, simple life. I went to the Belarmino Elementary School in Project 4, Quezon City. My family moved to Maasin, Iloilo, so for high school, I studied at the St. James High School in Iloilo where I learned basics of our Catholic faith. Then for college, I went to the University of San Agustin also [...]

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Our All-Time Normal


Our All-Time Normal By AUDEE VILLARAZA I’VE been blessed to be named Builder of the 8:00 A.M. session of The Feast at the Philippine International Convention Center (Feast PICC A.M.) every Sunday. And doubly blessed that amid the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic, Feast PICC A.M. is thriving through The Feast at Home. Yes, our New Normal is online live-streaming of The Feast on our Feast PICC Facebook page. This September, we celebrate our Light of Jesus Family 40th Founding Anniversary also online, starting on the first Sunday of the month, September 6, 2020, where we started a new talk [...]

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Bravely, On to the Future!


Bravely, On to the Future! By MARVIN TAN “AT first unchurched, he went through a long journey of seeking God which has made him today one of the longtime leaders of the Light of Jesus Family. He held various leadership positions in LOJ and he now serves as Feast District Head of Bulacan, Overall Head of LOJF Disaster Recovery Ministry (DRM) and LOJF Representative to the Federation of Transparochial Charismatic Communities (FTCC). He lives in Valenzuela City.” That’s how I am introduced in The Feast Stories (https://feaststories.com/), one of Bro. Bo Sanchez’s discipleship websites. [...]

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Eng, Eng, Eng! Go! Go! Go!


Eng, Eng, Eng! Go! Go! Go! By ENG SI MY full name is Renato Si. Eng is my nickname. Wag uulitin, ha? I tell folks, in jest, not to repeat the name because say it three times and it sounds like a fast-moving vehicle— Eng-Eng-Eng! But really, I am very much like a fast-moving vehicle. I am always moving, can’t stay still — as you can see, I have not only one, but a couple of images on the photo at left, taken during the 10th Anniversary on June 15, 2019, of Feast Quezon City where I now [...]

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I See the Lord’s Goodness


I See the Lord’s Goodness By ROY PASIMIO I know that I will live to see the Lord’s goodness in this present life. Trust in the Lord. Have faith. Do not despair. Trust in the Lord. — Psalm 27:13-14 THAT’s my favorite Bible verse which has been my inspiration as I pursue the mission He called me to fulfil. It’s the mission our Lord Jesus gave to His apostles before He ascended to Heaven: Go then to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples. (Matthew 28:19). And our Light of Jesus Family has embraced the Lord’s mandate [...]

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Victory Is Our Name


Victory Is Our Name By VICTOR ‘Vic’ ESPAÑOL MY name, Victor, is Latin in origin meaning conqueror. I best appreciated my name when I read a favorite Bible verse, John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. And since Jesus conquered death and promised us eternal life, the apostle Paul further pointed out in 1 Corinthians 15:57: Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (emphasis mine). So, early Christians called themselves [...]

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Prepared To Serve


Prepared To Serve By CARL FONTANILLA I CAN very well say God kindly prepared me for the mission He has called me. I went to good schools-- at the Malate Catholic School for my elementary and high school education, and for college, to the University of the Philippines Diliman. I learned the rudiments of managing an organization – so important in leading my ministry groups—at the Rock Energy International Corporation where I  served as managing director. And I continue learning about Life, as God has gifted me with a beautiful wife, Melanie ‘Lanie’ Gillera, and He blessed us [...]

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THE ‘90s


THE ‘90s The Regions In the 1990s, the Light of Jesus spread on to the Visayas and to Mindanao, and so we organized into regions, each composed of at least three districts, each of which in turn with at least three chapters. Each chapter was composed of Caring Groups with five to 15 members—the nucleus of the entire organization. So, today, the Caring Group is called Light Group, for indeed, it is a mini-Light of Jesus Family. Today, we have three major regions, and here are our leaders… Mega Manila Provincial International [...]

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