Accepting Your Cross

Welcome to the first day of Rescued Holy Week Retreat! We pray that God will speak to you and transform your heart as we reflect on His passion, death, and resurrection for four days.

Reflection Guide Questions

1. What are the crosses in your life that you find difficult to accept?
2. What are the crosses in your life that God is calling you to act on?
3. What solutions from the Lord are you resisting to follow?


Facing Your Test

We’re now on the second day of Rescued Holy Week Retreat! As we usher in Good Friday, let us carry everything in our hearts and in our minds at the foot of the Cross, and put our complete trust to the will of our Father in heaven.

Reflection Guide Questions

1. Where is God calling you? What is love requiring you to do?
2. What is the cross that you need to embrace? What you need to give up?
3. When you embrace this cross, what kind of person do you become?


Strengthening Your Faith

In the silence of today, we continue to rest in God’s promise of Easter—a new beginning and a future full of hope. Join us for Day 3 of Rescued Holy Week Retreat!

Reflection Guide Questions

1. Think about five moments of faithfulness that God has left you with.
2. Think about five things you want to be faithful with.


Claiming Your Rescue

The long journey of Lent has brought us to the grace of this day. May the miracle of the risen Lord live in our hearts today and every day. Happy Easter, our Feast Family!

Reflection Guide Questions

1. Write down ten lessons you’ve learned during this season.
2. Write ten things you took for granted in the past but now are grateful for.
3. Write three things you want to accomplish this season.