I WANT to give to you our big message today. This is the message that we want you to take home, we want you to chew on, and digest, and we hope, by God’s grace, it will produce fruits in your life.

Friend, Listen to God’s Voice.

Today, God is going to speak over your situation. I don’t know where you come from, where you’ve been, where you’re going—but I believe that God has a Word for someone here, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will use this to convict you, to change you, and ultimately to transform you.

This is our prayer, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

One more time:

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet And a Light unto my path.

Two Ways of Questioning

I want to lay down the foundation of our talk for this morning.

The message is: Listen to God’s Voice.

Just a quick story:

If you visit our home, and you sit down with my wife, our kids, and me, this is the usual conversation that happens in our home every day now…

We have a five-year-old son—very curious, very inquisitive, somebody who likes asking questions.

So, he would often come to me, ask me a question. And it never fails that after he asked me a question and I gave him an answer, he would turn to his mom and ask her, “Mom, is that true? Is Dad telling the truth?”

Raise your hand if you’ve got a dad like me whom you always doubt if he’s telling the truth. If you have a parent like that—you’ve got to have a second opinion with the mom. There always has to be a confirmation: “Mom, is that true?”

See, that’s the season that we’re in. And I think that’s a good habit—of wanting to check if that’s really the truth.

A very wise man by the name of Jon Escoto — he’s one of our Feast Builders— said this to me a long time ago:

“You know, Bro., there are two ways of questioning. The first is you question because you want to challenge the integrity of the statement of that person. You want to argue, you want to debate. But there’s a second type of questioning. You question simply because you want to appreciate, you want to understand better…”

And so, a lot of people oftentimes get offended when somebody questions them because they think the person wants to argue with them. They think that they want to have a debate. The person wants to challenge what they said– not knowing that the person really wants to ask questions because the guy just wants to understand what they are talking about.

I believe that it’s good to never settle for the surface level – to continually seek for the truth. Because that’s how we develop wisdom—when we try to find the truth.

Check Out the Source

You see, I believe that in trying to find the truth and seeking for answers, we also need to look for the right source—you need to talk to the right people. Because if you end up talking to the wrong source, you know how in the Internet, when you visit a site that’s unverified, it will give you a warning:

Untrusted Source. You’ve got to watch out for people like that. You’ve got to use your head—discern if you’re talking to the right people. Because sometimes, the source is bad.

And that’s what happened to Eve in the Bible.

Here’s the backstory in Genesis 3:1-4:

Here’s the thing: To begin with, Eve should not have been in that conversation. I mean, if she only knew: the Serpent was not to be trusted. It was unverified source.

Here’s a lesson for all of you today: You need to stay away from conversations where you know that the other person will do anything just to win the argument— even resort to fabricated truth.

You know the term victim mentality? How some people feel they’re always the victim and it’s never their fault– but it’s always the other person’s fault?

You need to stay away from conversations with such people.

Study the Instructions

When the wolf tells the story, the shepherd is always the enemy. When the villain is the one telling the story, the hero always becomes the bad guy.

So, always remember: When you’re talking to somebody and you feel like this person is trying so hard (to insist his version of the story) you already know that it’s not good. So, you walk away from conversations like that.

And this happened to the Israelites.

We’re going to switch now to the book of Numbers.

In Chapter 13: 1-2, this is what God says:

So, Moses sends out some spies to the land of Canaan. And here are Moses’ instructions:

You know, when I was reading this, it reminded me of every Filipino mom. You know, when a Filipino mom tells you to do one thing: “Child, I will just go to the store, or I’m going to work, so, can you cook the rice, while I am gone?

Then clean your room. Sweep the floor. Then wash the dirty clothes. Then go to Aling Pepay’s store and buy patis (fish sauce) …

Who has a mother like that— dumping a battery of chores for you to do?

As in your mom sees your hand this way: “Mom, I’m just one person in the universe.

It’s not a multiverse. There’s no one here with me!”

Watch Out: Don’t Get into Trouble

Moses was giving all these instructions which reminds us of Genesis 3.

Moses instructs the spies to go around the land and then he asks this question: “Is it good or bad?”

God already promised this land to the Israelites. But then, Moses, somehow, needed a confirmation. Moses was saying, “In your eyes, is the land good or bad?”

This was the same trick that the Serpent did. He wanted Eve to determine whether the apple was good or bad—based on her own judgment.

See, that’s the problem with a lot of us .We get into trouble when we try to define good or bad– according to our own terms.

And so, now, we’re thinking, “Is it really bad? I mean, everybody else is doing it. Maybe, it’s not that bad. Everybody seems to think that in this company, this is the culture that they’re doing. So, maybe it’s not really bad. Maybe it’s acceptable…”

So, now you’re justifying as good what God said was bad.

Because somebody told you five weeks ago that it’s not bad– that you should steal a bit of bond paper from your company.

Or maybe because daddy and mommy say a white lie every now and then— so, maybe now you’re thinking, maybe lying is not bad. Because mommy and daddy are doing it.

Or my best friend is cheating on her boyfriend—so, maybe it’s okay to cheat.

Maybe it’s not so bad, after all.

So, what’s happening is that now, we’re so confused and we no longer trust what God says is bad and what God says is good.

Listen to God’s voice.

That’s the message for today and we’re going to give you four sub-messages that I pray you will receive.

I know you’ve been praying that God would lift that burden from you. But stop praying that it would be easy. That’s the message.

Moses sends out the 12 spies to explore the land. Here’s what they found out:

And then after surveying the land for 40 days, this is what they reported:

In life, there’s a lot of buts: I am blessed but… I’m happy but… I’m good but…

I mean, won’t life be just amazing if you just said: “I’m blessed,” period?

The reason we feel like we’re not fully blessed is there’s a but right after your good sentence. You declare the goodness of God but there’s always a reason for us to complain. That was the Talk last week, right? How we always have this habit of complaining.

Accept It: Life Is Difficult

Life could be good but there’s always something missing. What if you learn how to live your life knowing that yes, life is difficult. But that’s the way of life.

Bruce Lee said this: “Don’t pray to have an easy life. Instead, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

That’s beautiful. Stop praying that you would have an easy life. Because the truth is the only way that God can deepen your faith and strengthen your resolve is if you have to face a few giants here and there. Amen?

You’ve got to go through a little problem here and there. Otherwise, you’d have a weak life. If you never have to go through problems and your life is just full of rainbows and reindeers and unicorns and all these good stuffs, you’ll never have a strong life.

But when life is hard, that’s when you know you’re strong. Because you’ve been through some stuffs in life.

So, don’t pray for an easy life.

Let’s continue with the verse:

You see, the Anakims, they are giants.

The spies were saying the land was filled with milk and honey but the people living there were powerful.

One of the spies hearing this report, about this complaint– there’s a guy here named Caleb, he’s a bit different from them. He says:

He’s a little more courageous than the other people.

Here’s the thing: This is a lesson for some of you who are listening to this:

Caleb is just one person. The majority is saying that the land cannot be conquered.

See, when the majority speaks, when the mob speaks, they have a loud voice.

And even if it’s the wrong voice, it can be a loud voice and it can swing you, it can influence you; it can impact you.

Listen: How God Speaks

Meanwhile, there’s only one guy by the name of Caleb saying,

“Let’s go and take the land. We can conquer it!”

See, the way God speaks… God will hardly speak in a loud voice. God often speaks in a whisper. Just like He whispered to Elijah.

Because it often means that God only needs to whisper because He’s that close to you.

That’s why you have to train your spirit, train your soul to listen to God’s voice. Otherwise, if the mob is too loud, and the noise of the world is just too loud, it’s going to drown out

God’s voice.

So: Listen to God’s voice.

And then because of fear, the other spies say:

Instead of focusing on the land flowing with milk and honey, this is what they say:

You see what they were doing? They were focusing on their fear. How many of you know that what you focus on grows. What you focus on flourishes. So, when you focus on your fear, your fear grows. But what you need to be doing right now is you focus on your faith so that your faith will be the one to rise up.

Let God Shine

Speaking of giants…

Once upon a time, there was a guy named David. David faced a giant named Goliath

Everybody, when they saw Goliath, said: “He’s too big to kill!”

You know what David thought? And this is just my version:

David said, “He’s not too big to kill.

He’s too big to miss.”

In that situation, everybody thought it was an impossible obstacle.

But to David, it was an incredible opportunity for God to show His strength and goodness.


When you come upon your giant this week– I’m telling you, this message is for you: Don’t look at it as an impossible obstacle.

Instead, you say: “This is an incredible opportunity for my God to shine.”

So, instead of looking at it from the lens of fear, look at it from the lens of faith—and watch how your Almighty God will melt away your fear.

God bless you.

I’m going to call on my very, very good friend who will preach the rest of the messages.

Please welcome John Ben Rodriguez!


GOD is good. I particularly love it here at The Feast because we are never afraid to do the hard conversations. Do you love that? Because I believe that if there’s any place where we have to talk about the truth– even the difficult and hard truth—this is the perfect place to do it. Because we are in the Presence of God. And the truth that we get to absorb in the Presence of God and in the presence of the Community that is anointed by God, will help us navigate Life— so that we will end up victorious.

We can all be victors because today God sent again His Spirit to empower us. So, let’s move to the third message. The third message is this: Don’t switch God’s labels.

I love the discussion of Bro. Audee earlier because he was talking about the intricacies of how we develop truths—good and bad—in our mind. But to put it simply now, the goal of the enemy for you to fail in your life is this simple: He wants you to eventually call a bad thing as a good thing, and to call a good thing a bad thing.

So, if we go back to what the spies were saying, it’s like the switch – what God promised is for the Promised Land.

In the Genesis 3 language, the spies were saying, “Do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life–which is God’s Promised Land—or you will die.”

Does that sound familiar? Where have you heard it? In the Garden of Eden. But did you notice the slight fabricated difference?

A brief review:

Genesis 2: 9 says there are many trees in the Garden of Eden– with delicious fruits. And Adam and Eve may eat any of those.

In the middle of the Garden were two trees—one is the Tree of Life, and the other is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In Genesis 2:16, God particularly said Adam and Eve may eat the fruits — except the fruits from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

So, what the spies are saying now, they may not eat from the Tree of Life. But in the original context, God was saying they may eat the fruits from the Tree of Life.

So, you see the inversion. The spies are telling Adam and Eve: “You cannot go to the Promised Land—because you will die there.”

Remember what the Lord did in Genesis? Back then, in Genesis 3, the challenge was simple: God was forbidding them to eat something—they must not eat it. But they failed—they ate it. Now, the challenge is different: God is giving them something to receive – but they don’t want to receive it.

Receive it. Receive what God is giving you today.

That is what Message No. 3 is about. When people successfully interchange the labels, they become easily deceived.

So, warning: It’s easy to be deceived.

I heard of a story—a very sad story—of a couple. Both husband and wife are leaders of a prayer group. The husband is even serving as a Eucharistic lay minister.

One day, the husband tells his wife, “I’m leaving you for a younger woman.” After 23 years of marriage.

The wife is confused: “What happened to you?”

The man answers, “Because I’ve been praying for this and I have never felt love so strongly like this for this woman. And I believe God wants me to be happy.

So, I think this is God’s Will.”

Hello! It’s easy to say to the person, “Hello, are you drugged?”

Black, White, Gray

Another story:

It’s about siblings Bill and Mildred.

Bill is a billionaire. Mildred is a millionaire.

So, one night, Bill approaches Mildred and tells her, “Mildred, I think things are not fair between us– there’s injustice between us.

But to settle this, just give me a portion of your business.”

Backstory: Early on, Mildred started a business and the business became humongous. So, now, when Bill, the billionaire, is already asking for a portion of the business he does not even own, Mildred is confused.

She asks Bill, “Why are you even asking that? You’re ten times richer than me.

Why do you need the money?”

And Bill answers, “It’s not about who’s richer. It’s about what’s right and what’s fair. You started your business with a little help from our parents. So, technically, we both own the business.”

Mildred says, “No. I used the money I saved when I was working to start this business. You were never involved.”

Bill insists, “Regardless. It’s impossible that you built the business on your own.

You got help from our parents. Anyway, give me a portion of your profits from the business.”

You know what happens next?

Just to have peace in the family, Mildred gives a portion of her profits to Bill.

Yes, in Bill’s mind, he was doing the right thing. The enemy had successfully deceived Bill to finally think: “What I’m doing is for justice. What I am doing is right.”

I’m sure most of you here will say, “Bro. JB, that will never happen to us.

Your stories are so absurd.”

But I believe that is the very thing that the enemy wants to exploit within us— our confidence as we think we’re right.

Because the reality is this: I want you to lean on this, to chew on this, because this is very important: Reality? Switching labels does not happen in an instant.

It’s a slow fade—black and white that are clearly separable become muddled. They become gray. You no longer recognize them as separate entities.

It’s the little things that you allow the enemy to feed you that transition you to this path.

Slow Fade

Very classic example: How does adultery begin?

Every husband here– I’m sure that you chose your wife. You chose her because —as in a beauty pageant, she was Miss Universe for you. She was top among the contestants in your life, and you zeroed in to this one special and beautiful person – now your wife.

And I don’t think, guy, you will just suddenly say, “I’ll leave my wife. I will look for a new one.”

It’s always a slow fade. One day, in your office, a new colleague comes in, a beautiful woman, turns out to be your type, and she sits at the empty cubicle beside you. And she becomes your teammate, you are together during team meetings.

So, the enemy starts pouring ideas into your head.

The enemy will say, “I think you should get her phone number so that in case there’s an emergency, you can text her… Oh, it’s raining outside… she’s going home… She has to be safe…Why don’t you accompany her? Aren’t gentlemen supposed to do that?”

And if you listen to that and give in… That is the enemy slowly trying to change your labels. And before you know it, as you say yes to those inversions…Boom!… One day, it’s already full-blown adultery.

That’s why I love this song by Casting Crowns—they are a Christian rock band whom I listened to several years back.

The song goes: Be careful little eyes what you see. It’s the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings… Be careful little ears what you hear when flattery leads to compromise. The end is always near…

Be careful with even the flattering comments you give to people of the opposite sex. Okay?

It’s a slow fade—when you give yourself away… It’s a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray. And thoughts invade, choices made, a price will be paid… When you give yourself away. People never crumble in a day…

Families never crumble in a day… It’s a slow fade.

Labels Shifted in Slow Fade

So, my warning today, another hard truth is this: Watch out if you are always justifying your actions. It’s a sign they may be wrong already. Your inner conscience is revolting!

I believe that our conscience is always linked to the Holy Spirit, stirring us up and disturbing us when things are not okay. Because our mind will always find reasons to justify our actions.

Classic example: Death.

I don’t believe any person here would want to be in consumer death as a plan: “Okay, 2023. This is my new goal to max out all my credit cards. I will start

this way: Month 1– Credit Card No.1; Month 2—Credit Card No. 2… No one plans like that. But how does it happen? It’s a slow fade.

You’re tired after office work and then the enemy whispers to you: “You deserve that, girl…Splurge a little… You are sending your sibling to school… You are supporting your parents… You deserve a rebond.

I’m not talking about whether you have money that you can spend—if it is within your budget. I’m talking about spending money that you don’t even own: “You deserve that… That’s self-love.”

It’s not. Because the enemy can even use beautiful things—craft, minor inversions… Eventually, you end up with twisted meanings already.

The sad thing is this: When you have successfully shifted the labels in a slow fade manner, the enemy will begin to rejoice. Because you have switched successfully without you even knowing.

Let’s help each other to guard each other’s heart.

I love that Bro. Audee also talked about Adam and Eve in the Garden. Because I believe that even in the way we understood what happened with the Serpent and the tempting of Adam and Eve– when I was reflecting on this, I was telling myself: Were Adam and Even that gullible? Just one urging by the serpent—

“Eat this, it’s okay”—they ate the fruit right away.

I don’t think they were that gullible. Because first and foremost, they were made in the image of God.

I’d like to believe that the Serpent came to the Garden not in a form of a vicious and vile creature. Not like that. I believe the Serpent entered the Garden in the form of an unassuming kumare (co-godparent) to Eve– with infinite levels of bad influence, and as a Marites (as a gossip).

Maybe It’s Okay…

So, one day, Eve goes to the Garden, ready to harvest the food for the day…

And here comes Mareng Serpent, saying: “Mars, good morning. What’s your dish today? Mars, the mangoes are already ripe. Pick them up. Here, there are talbos ng kamote (sweet potato peels) …Hurry, get some… Hey, Mars, look, this tree already has fruits… look so delicious… Have you tried a fruit? Try it.”

And Eve will say, “Mars, cannot eat that. The Lord said we may eat everything — except the fruits from that tree.”

The Serpent urges, “Mars, look, the fruits are very big. And they look juicy… Maybe it’s okay to eat them… Fruits— healthy…”


So, I believe Eve had the integrity to say on Day 1, “No.”

Day 2, Mars Serpent comes, telling Eve, “How are you? What’s your dish today? Look at the fruits… Why don’t we try them?”

And the days went on, and the days went on… until finally, Eve says, “Mars, let’s try the fruits already.”

You are not gullible. But still, you have to guard your heart. This leads me to the fourth Message of the Talk today…

Let’s go back to the story in Numbers 14:1-4:

Be careful. I know you have good intentions. There’s even this saying: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

So, be careful because if you share this message to others, you might be like the unassuming Marites Serpent who is already leading people astray.

Like these spies… De ja vu, like in Exodus. When they were grumbling in the wilderness, bad news spread. So, it’s horrible to be back to Egypt and become slaves again. But I think it’s more horrible to lead others back to slavery again.

So, be careful as to whose voice you echo.

As a preacher, I face this No.1 temptation—when it comes to arguments with my wife: I’m always tempted to use (preaching) language, telling my wife, “This is from God.”

So that would already end our argument.

But I know I cannot do that – because I cannot muddle black and white.

Because I want to still recognize black as black, and white as white.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I just say to my wife, “God told me that you should not fight with me.”

You know… and she will just obey me. Ha-ha.

No. That does not happen.

Be Careful…

So, if you’re giving advice to people (like somebody who is angry at someone),

I believe you should really pray, “Lord, may I speak Your truth. May I not just fuel the anger, the hatred of this person.”

And I want to remind you of this truth: There are always two sides to a story.

So, be careful. You might be hearing just the story of this person—and so you might be giving a not-so- true, a biased, advice.

You need to hear the other side. You might be presented another view.

Especially if you’re giving advice to a married couple.

Pray, “Lord, may I be Your instrument as I talk to this couple, so that their marriage may be strengthened by the advice I would give them.”

Because sometimes, we tend to take sides.

Like, a wife comes to you and complains, “My husband does not appreciate me at all.”

And you’re like, “Hey, men are like that. Yes, go, leave him.” So, be careful. Which flame are you keeping ablaze?

But there is Good News. You know, in the story in Numbers 14: 7-9, it’s providential that there were two spies who echoed God’s voice— Joshua and Caleb.

Here’s what they said:

Back to the Garden

Quick hyperlink with Genesis—so that you appreciate the technicalities of the verses we’re reading now.

This is like, again, a re-creation of the challenge in the Garden. The Canaanites—the giants the spies saw– represent the Serpent.

And Joshua and Caleb are the redeemed version of Adam and Eve—telling the people the truth from God.

But you know what happened? The people did not listen to Joshua and Caleb.

Actually, the whole community began to talk about stoning the two (Numbers 14:10).

Then, the glorious Presence of the Lord appears to all the Israelites at the Tabernacle. And He tells Moses He would disown the people and destroy them with a plague (Numbers 14:19).

But Moses intercedes for the people, asking God to pardon them. And here’s what God says:

Now, that’s the main reason that the Israelites’ journey, instead of taking just 11 days– from Mount Sinai to the Promised Land (Canaan)– took them 40 years.

It’s because God did not permit them to enter the Promised Land.

They wandered in the wilderness until they died. One generation lasts 40 years. So, that entire generation did not make it to Canaan. Only Joshua and Caleb were able to enter the Promised Land.

It’s like a replay of what happened in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve.

Back to Egypt

But have you ever asked: If the

Lord is good and loving, why did He not allow this generation of the Israelites to reach the Promised Land?

As I was reading this, I was asking the same question.

But if you go back, early on, the people were saying, “Lord, we want to go back to Egypt. We don’t want to go to the Promised Land. Our wives and children will be carried off as plunder and we will die.”

So, God was telling them, “Okay, if that’s what you want, go ahead.”

I think this is a reminder for all of us:

And I love that we get to read verses like these.

Because honestly, when I first read them, I felt, what happened seemed harsh. Did you also feel that it was a bit harsh?

But I as was reflecting, meditating on the story, I began to realize that here, we see the maturity of God. Out of His love and respect for all of us, for our free will, He will allow you to do what you want…

God loves you and respects you. He respects your free will. But always remember this: free will and freedom have consequences that you must be responsible for.

The Powerful Truth

I love what we’re doing now—that when we’re reading the Bible, we’re looking at the entire context…

Like Exodus 34: 6-7:

Is that right? Yes, it’s right.

That’s how God is.

The continuation of that verse is this:

Simply put, what are these verses saying?

God is saying: “Because of your free will, and the respect and love I have for you, I will let you do what you want to do. But I will not prevent the consequences of your bad decision from happening to you.”

And God will forgive. We all know that. But precisely because He loves us:

Wow. Isn’t that powerful truth? Freedom has consequences.

So, I want you to really pray to God now, “Lord, whose voice am I listening to?”

Are there distractions in your life right now?

Maybe, like the voice of the Serpent telling you that you’ll never be enough. Is the pressure of the world sounding so loud in your head that sometimes you find it confusing?

The Good News


I’m here to bring you Good News today:

We have something that the Israelites did not have back then– that prevented them from entering the Promised Land.

Back then, remember, if you wanted to connect with God, you had to be at a certain level of cleanliness. You had to offer a sacrifice, you had to know the Presence of God. God had to be in the Tabernacle so that He could speak with you.

But today, we have Jesus.

God sent Jesus so that 24/7, you have easy access to Him. Whenever the enemy mentions something in your ear, you have easy access– you may say: “Lord, I want to hear Your voice.”

Imagine if you’re like the Israelites– and Jesus is not yet there—you hear an enemy whispering, “You have to get out, and find the Tabernacle, and pray.” No. Now you have easy access: That is Jesus.

That’s why God sent Jesus to become in our form—the form of man– to finally understand what we’re going through… So that when we call out to Jesus, He will answer us and He will listen to us. But the promise is this—I want you to pray for this deeply today: You must be able to recognize the voice of Jesus– amid the clutter of noise that you hear.

In John 10:27, we read:

So, today, we’ll do things a bit different. We’ll sing a lot of songs; we’ll dwell more in the Presence of God. But I want your prayer to remain, and ask God, “Lord, may You hone the ears of my mind, the ears of my heart. So that even when there are loud noises, or pressure of sin, of lies, of worries, of doubts, of fears, of traumas, I can recognize You.”

I will now call Bro. Didoy to lead us to Ministry…

Ministry Time

DIDOY LUBATON: On our Church’s birthday, we would like to encounter again the Spirit…

The Spirit manifests in many, many ways…Some gifts of the Holy Spirit are through people…

So, we’re going to have prayer stations around the venue. There will be prayer ministers,

prayer leaders…

We are having this extra special time in this extra special celebration of the Church.

Fr. Albert said, without the Holy Spirit there is no Church. Through the Holy Spirit, there is Church…

Fr. Albert reminded us to unleash the Holy Spirit… You will never ever get to know what greater blessings God through the Holy Spirt is going to pour unto your life. Unleash the Holy Spirit today.

From Acts of the Apostles II: “The Holy Spirit comes on the day of the Pentecost…All the believers are meeting in one place and suddenly, there is a sound from Heaven like a roaring of a mighty wind storm and it fills the house where they are sitting… Then what look like flames or tongues of fire appear and settles on each of them and everybody present is filled with the Holy Spirit and begin speaking in other languages as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.”

Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit, we invite You, we invoke You…

We listen to Your voice. Come Holy Spirit. We need You. Come Holy Spirit, we pray for a new refreshing feeling from You. Come with Your strength, come with Your power, come with Your peace and gentleness. Come in Your own special way. We unleash You into our Feast… We unleash You, Your mighty work in our life. Come Holy Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit…

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