Special Talk: God is in your life


Special Talk BO SANCHEZ: Give the Lord a big hand and love Him today. Everybody say: God is in my life. I want you to encourage somebody beside you. Tell that person: So good. So good. There’s something I need to tell you. You know, when Bishop was talking— Bishop was amazing, right? He’s just 74 years old. May we just give him another big hand? Whoo! Thank God for the Bishop. He really is our spiritual adviser in The Feast, in the whole Community. He really is. And what a blessing. You know, I’ve noticed that when speakers, especially the priests who would come, the bishops, they think, the way they talk, it’s like, “Bro. Bo and The Feast, Bro. Bo and the Feast.” They do not know that two and a half years ago, I stepped down. And for the past two and a half years I did not attend any Elders’ Meeting and Regional Builders’ Meeting— except one, they wanted to consult me. But for two and a half years, none— no District Builders’ Meeting. None. I just want to recognize and honor the leaders who allowed me to step down, and who accepted the burden of leadership. And we need to thank them: Feast leaders, from left: Arun Gogna, who took over Mega Manila; Alvin Barcelona, who took over all the provinces of the Philippines. Vic Español, who too over the world— the International Feasts. Randy Borromeo, who took over our Media Ministries. Hermie Morelos, who oversees our Mercy Ministries. And to all the other Feast Builders, District Builders— you know who you are— Thank you so much. Honoring Longtime Servants   Again, God is in your life. He really is. He really is in your life. Greater than— there is no one who is greater than God. God is in your life. And therefore, greater things have already been happening in your life—you just do not know. There’s another bunch of people I want to recognize in this place. And those people who have served the Lord for many, many decades. I was talking to Dante Alignay yesterday — 76 years old— someone who was a full-time staffer in the Light of Jesus when he was so much younger. I don’t know where you are, Dante, In this crowd, but wherever you are, I just want to recognize you. I want to thank God for you. May all those who are seniors stand up? I just want to recognize all of you. Just looking at you, serving the Lord, I just want you to know: God is in your life. You know, my mother-in-law is here, she is 81 years old. Do you know that she is someone who would go to PGH (Philippine General Hospital ) visit the cancer patients, and all the sick there, every single week? She would go there and she would minister to them. When the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Pandemic came, they told her she should not do it anymore.

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Special Delivery: God wants you to be his partner


Talk 8 BO SANCHEZ: So, I came from Indonesia, and we had an amazing, amazing presence there. There are two Feasts in Indonesia. One is in English— half of the members are Filipinos and the other half are from various nationalities. And then there’s this other Feast where members are all Indonesians. And so, it was absolutely wonderful. We had a Feast Conference there last week.3 And there were 2,000 participants— 100 percent Indonesians. It is just mind- blowing what God is doing there. We invited one of our Feast builders there, who is Indonesian, to come and preach to us next week in our Feast Conference. You’re going to meet him. And he will be preaching in pure Bahasa Indonesia. But his wife will be there and she will be translating into English. So, it will be an experience for all of us. Then, I went to Singapore. In Singapore, we have six Feasts, and beautiful, beautiful presence. I met the leaders— fantastic, dedicated people, amazing commitment. God is at work. Amen. He really is at work. We had to cut short my trip to Singapore. I’ll tell you the story… Condolence—or Congratulations? I was still working in Singapore. I was giving an online talk— my son Bene and I were doing a podcast for our Feast builders. So, I was in a hotel room in Singapore, with my wife Marowe — who was monitoring her father. Because in the morning — Daddy Ruben, we call him, 84 years old— was complaining of chest pain. He had difficulty breathing. So, he said, “Please rush me to the ER.” And his wife, Mommy Linda, bought him to a hospital. And then the doctor said, angioplasty right away. As Bene and I were doing the podcast, I saw my wife weeping, sobbing— and I knew there was something wrong. At 4:00 p.m., in the middle of the angioplasty, Daddy Ruben died. All of 84 years— he led a beautiful life. Let me share with you what Fr. Willie Ramos (who presided over Mass during wake for Daddy Ruben) was sharing with us yesterday. It was so good, I need to share it with you. He had a theology professor. The professor told him, he didn’t like to word condolence. You know, when someone passes away, he does not want to say “Condolence.” He wants to say, “Congratulations.” It’s kind of off. Like, yeah, right, you know. But he explained: “Congratulations! Daddy Ruben has graduated from all the suffering, all the tears.” And he’s correct, right? So, kailan mo sasabihin yung condolence?— When should you be saying Condolence? Kapag sa kasal— Wedding. Because when you get married, you die to yourself. But then that’s what I realized as I was hugging my wife the first time she found out that her father passed away. Until now, she would cry and I would hug her. But at the same time, as I hug her, as I speak to her, what really comforts

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Special Delivery: Climb up the Mountain


Talk 7 BO SANCHEZ: Hi, Guys! By the time you are listening to this, I am already in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I am already preaching there. There is a Feast Conference there and 99.99% are all Indonesians. So, an amazing work of God is happening there. Anyway, I just want to welcome you to Talk 7 of this series on Exodus. And I want to preach the message: Come up to the mountain. Before we explore Talk 7, I want to share a bit more personal with you. Many moons ago, my wife Marowe and I were still a few years into our married life. It was a Sunday night. I was driving home, and my wife was in the backseat with our two energizer buddies, all drained out, and they were sleeping on her lap. And it was 9:00 in the evening on a Sunday, we were bone tired. Because the whole day we were serving— we went to Mass, I led a prayer meeting, I preached in the service gathering, and then in the dinner, there was this fellowship with other Community members. Then, I heard a voice from the backseat. It was my wife and she asked a question. And the question was this: “Bo, sometimes, I just wish our life was a bit normal— like we didn’t have all these responsibilities for other people?” I didn’t see that question coming. That question pinched my heart. Because it was true: we were not living a normal life. I mean, what is normal? Normal is working from Monday to Friday. And then you could be able to rest on Saturday— like have a picnic in the park. And then on Sunday stroll in the mall. Crazy’ Schedule Because of ministry— and also because of my personal businesses— weekends were the busiest days of the week. Like, Saturday, retreats, seminars… Sundays, preaching at The Feast. At left, family time— at The Feast. And you know, it was really tough. I remember, it’s like, okay, half of the time I would be able to bring them with me, half of the time, they would be left behind at home. About eight or nine times a year, I would travel. And again, it’s half-half— half the time, they’re left behind, half the time I would bring them along with me. And because the kids were tiny, it would always be pandemonium. Can you imagine me, pushing a cart with eight pieces of luggage— giant luggage— and pulling two bags…and my wife carrying a baby in her arms, and then our little boy running around and asking, “Are we there yet?” Okay, so you get the picture. Now, but here’s something I need you to realize: Even if my schedule was crazy, from Monday to Friday, I would put top priority on family time— like dates with my wife, dates with my boys, family dinners, family trips. But still, it’s really a question. Marowe’s question was really valid. She was basically

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Special Delivery: God is in the Journey


Talk 6 AUDEE VILLARAZA: We are in Talk 6. We have been reading the book of Exodus for six Sundays now and mind you, this is something that spoke to me over the last few weeks as we have been studying this long story. When you watch The Ten Commandments, it’s a very long movie. But right now, after six Sundays that we have been reading the passages, we are now in the part of the story where the Israelites had already walked away from Egypt. They were going to the Promised Land. And they recently just went through and walked across the Red Sea. And you would think that it’s such a short time— six Sundays, we were able to cross that journey. But did you know that it wasn’t just six weeks for the Israelites back then? How long did it take them to cross the entire wilderness? And how long did it take them to actually endure slavery? Did you know that they were slaves in Egypt for 440 years? Imagine that. And yet we’re covering it in just six weeks. You know what that tells me? Sometimes in life, you look at a certain detail about a person and then you make a judgment based on that one thing that person did thinking that you can already give a label or a description of what’s happening to the person. But actually, you realize that you cannot judge a person based on just one detail. Actually, you can’t really judge people because it’s the Lord who judges people. You Can’t Judge People I want to show you this picture right now of our livestream— it’s a screenshot of Fr. Albert. That’s our livestream of our Mass earlier. You see the very clean background, beautiful plants… But let me show the picture of what was really happening (below). See that? Wires here, a microphone there, Zach with his guitar there… Sometimes, you will make a final opinion about something that you saw somebody tweeted, or posted online. And you deliberate… here’s your view of the person… not knowing that there are really details you need to learn about the person. I had a classmate when I was in Elementary school. We gave him such a hard time because whenever he would come to school, he would often smell — his clothes had this foul smell…And I’m not talking about, you know, at the end of the day, when you ride the school bus… there are kids there and they smell like rotten egg. But this guy, he would show up in the morning, and for some reason, he would often smell bad. So much so that everybody gave him a nickname: Boy Bantot— Foul-Smelling Boy. But you know, one day we found out the reason he smelled bad in the morning was that his family was actually going through financial difficulty. And you know when people wash their clothes they would rinse the clothes three times. But

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Special Delivery: Revisit what God has Done


Talk 5 BO SANCHEZ: Oh, it’s so good, so good to be here. Just want to greethappy birthday to Mimi. You know, Mimi is one of our leaders in Butuan and she brought with her her whole group. They call themselves the Supper Teytas.(Titas or Aunts).Do you know why?You know, I go around various Feasts in the country and in the world. And there will always be this group, and yes, they are aunties. They will never hold the microphone, they will never go onstage, they will never preach— but they will support and love, and pour care and God’s love to the people onstage.And we have different roles — yes or no?You have a role in the Kingdom of God.Past and FutureI want you to know, in my life, I had my own Super Teytas. I did. And I will not be who I am now without those Super Teytas…You know, I was a nobody. And then Tita Neneng came into my life. Tita Neneng would never hold a microphone, but every single timeI would meet her, she would have a bayong (native basket) of food. And she would feed me and care for me, and love me, and she would be a mother to me.There’s another Super TeytaI have: Marissa Chikiamco. You know, both Tita Neneng and Marissa, they’re no longer with us. They are in Heaven.But I remember when I was 27 years old— this is not part of the talk, I’m just telling a story— Marissa Chikiamco, she knew that I would go to Anawim, our ministry for abandoned elderly, and I would actually live there — I would live there for three years in the boondocks. And I would have a car. But my car — how shouldI say it— was a museum artifact. And so, Marissa, without me asking— because I was happy with my relic of the past— she brought 10 of her friends.And she told all of them, “Bigyan natin ng kotse si Bro. Bo.— Let’s give Bro. Bo a car.”So, for the first time in my life, I received a brand-new car from my Super Teytas.You know, when I look back at my life, I realize, my gosh, great things happened in the past.How many of you today are actually worried over something— because something is happening in your life right now?Some of you, you are worried about your future. Some of you are worried about a relationship— a relationship is sticking like a thorn in your heart. Some of you, you’re worried about your children. Some of you, you’re worried about —my gosh— money. Yea, everybody.Spiritual AmnesiaWe’re in the series on the Exodus event. This is the fifth installment of our series going through the book of Exodus. The people of Israel became stuck, immobilized.Worry can do that to you. Fear can do that to you.When you are facing a new battle, it can make you stuck. Because you are focused on the worry. You are focused on the enemy.

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Special Delivery : God always provide mercy


Talk 4AUDEE VILLARAZA: How are you guys? You blessed? I see so many good people in the house of God this morning. Let me give you our big message for today:We are in Talk 4-we're talking about the book of Exodus, the story of Moses. But I've got a question: How many of you actually saw the original movie of The Ten Commandments? You remember that movie the original one with Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Pharaoh. That was a Classic. I mean, it took you almost a week to finish that movie but it was good.How about this one? The cult Disney classic, The Prince of Egypt? That was also a good one with the Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston song: There can be miracles...How about this one—the latest one? It came out, I think some two years ago, called Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton.Did you catch that one? I really liked that one.Why am I sharing this? I’ve got a point. You know how Hollywood likes to take bestselling books and then turn them into movies? Then you’d read the book, you loved it.And then you watch the movie, and you’re like, “Hmm, the book is so much better.”You know, it’s like they cut off some stuff from the book, and the acting was not good, and you feel like you’re short-changed because the book was so much better than the movie.That’s how I feel when it comes to the story of Moses. Because I’d seen the movies—I’d seen all three movies. And you know, now that we’re studying the book of Exodus, I feel like the book is so much better. And there’s so much stuff in the book that the movies were not able to depict.For instance, this was the first time that I realized that Moses was actually this insecure person. He was Hebrew, adopted into Egyptian royalty, and now he didn’t really like who he was-- he was running away from his identity. The movies did not really show that to me.And the other thing that I love, appreciate, so much that I’m reading now the story of Exodus, in the book, is that I see now how different Hollywoodand the directors would portray scenes—like Egypt was portrayed in one movie as this evil nation, like the bad guy. But when I was reading the actual book, I felt like Egypt was more than that-- that Egypt was actually a representation of everything that goes wrong in any society, whether it’s in the past or in the present, or even in the future.Think about it: What does Egypt represent? Opulence, lavishness, having too much, much excess, right? That’s what Egypt was all about. Slavery, corruption, greed. If you think about it, Egypt represented everything that God wasn’t. So, you could say Egypt was like the anti-Heaven.God was all about serving others, being selfless—while Egypt was all about serving yourself… God was all about freedom. Egypt was all about

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Special Delivery : God is always with me


Talk IN my work as a holistic doctor, I see the person’s physical illness. I also look into the psychological unwellness of the person, sometimes the spiritual dryness – so all areas of the person. I see the person as a whole human being, not just a body. In the midst of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Pandemic, we see an uptick of cases of people going through a lot—just like you and me. Sometimes, I really get to talk about mental health or I get to do some one-on-one sessions with people who really need it. In my work as a seafarers’ doctor, I see a lot of seafarers going through a lot of dire situations. And the first thing that I do is reassurance. I reassure the people that everybody goes through problems. It only depends on how you bear them. But I also help them by sharing three steps, in some way, how to navigate mental illness: 1. Recognize. When you see someone going through that—or if it is you—the first step is recognize the ailment. We cannot heal what we do not feel. We need to identify the problem so that we can solve the We identify what we’re feeling. Is it worry, fear, anger, sadness? And acknowledge them. It’s okay not to be okay. Because we grew up with the situation that if you’re showing some sadness, people admonish you, “Kaya mo’yan.—You can bear that. Huwag kang iiyak, Huwag kang iiyak. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.” I advise my patients to allow themselves to feel such emotions in God’s Presence. I sit with them to search for “Why am I feeling this way?” Emotions—especially the dark ones—are the windows of the soul. They reveal our woundedness, our histories. They reveal our desperate need for God’s love. First, Recognize—so that you don’t run away from them. Let these emotions lead you to the doorway to our God, our Healer. 2. Resolve.Gawan mo ng paraan.—Do something about it. My body, my mind, my responsibility. Ouch. Very important. What I do is take things quietly. I sit down, I relax. And I just take a deep breath-- inhale, exhale. The best resolution is just to focus on your breathing. You don’t do anything. Just focus on breathing. Because the mind, sometimes, it’s like a monkey—swinging from one thought to another, never stops, never sleeps. What we encourage is to switch from a monkey mind to a monk mind—relaxed, still, composed. And recognize that you are in the Presence of God. Do this—inhale, exhale, meditational prayer time. Just be still and you will be more receptive to God’s Presence. 3.Refer.The third step is Refer. You refer your condition to a specialist, to a doctor, yes--someone who can help you and your family—your friend, your therapist. But I encourage people to refer their situation to God. We always have this declaration in The Feast: “I am completely perfectly loved.” One of my favorites, when I am going through stuff, is I

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Special Delivery : Embrace who you are


Talk AUDEE VILLARAZA: I love this— every Sunday, we get to be here at The. Feast because when you think about it, I mean, we can come together in spite of our differences, in spite of our different preferences in life, and really just embrace one another and accept that the persons sitting next to you might not have the same surname, might not have the same blood running through their veins, but you accept them because they are children of God. And so, we praise the Lord that He brings us together, we are under the banner of the Name of Jesus. I want to give you our big message for today and if it’s okay, like I always say, I want you to preach this to as many people as you can. Friend, Embrace Who You Are. This is a personal message that I hope will bless you today. I have a question. Answer me honestly: Do you like who you are? Like, really like who you are. Because I know there are three types of people: 1. The first type is the group composed of those who like themselves but sometimes there are some aspects that they don’t like about We’re all like that. That’s the normal person— balanced. 2. But there are also those on the second spectrum— those who are just so madly in love with themselves— love to the max. Yung tipong, "Gusto ko sanang mag-absent sa trabaho, gusto ko sanang mag- absent sa eskwelahan. Kaso, paano naman yung mga pumasok para lang makita ako?— I'd like to be absent from work. I’d like to be absent from school. But how about those who just came to see me? That level. So in love, believing in themselves, so thinking they are so beautiful. Like, there’s a commotion in one corner—you go find out what’s happening, and you realize your ID fell and people are scrambling to possess it! That level. 3. But then on the opposite spectrum, the third type is the group composed of those who don’t like They see so many aspects that are wrong— with the way they look, the way they talk, the way they dress, the way they are. They always find something to complain about— they just don’t like themselves. Lessons About Loving Yourself Here is the first lesson. I hope you can take it home today: Unless you fully embrace who you are in God’s eyes, you will never be happy. You will never be truly happy if you don’t embrace who you are in God’s eyes. That’s why, you know, if there’s a person in your life— or maybe that’s even you— but if it’s a friend, a family member, a co-worker you know who needs to know this message about loving who they are in God’s eyes, please tag their names right now. Do us a favor and get this message out to somebody who needs encouragement today. Our goal today is very simple.

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Special Report : To God Who Never Changes


FEAST WORSHIP NIGHT! To God Who Never Changes By CYBILL P. BAYTO NO matter how many worship songs are sung, how various the voices and praises, how many generations come and go, and will come still, we worship the same God who never changes. That was the essence of the Feast Worship Night held at the PETA Theatre in Quezon City on September 24, 2022. Feast Worship is a Catholic worship movement of the Light of Jesus Family. leading the Worship session at The Feast, LOJ's weekly faith gathering, mainly at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) by the Manila Bay Area and echoed in various Feasts worldwide. The Feast Worship's vision is to see generation after generation, people encountering more of God's goodness, sharing more of God's grace, and declaring more of God's glory. The Blessed Sacrament- our Lord Jesus Christ, our God ever Present amid His people's praises, takes center stage at the Feast Worship Night. OPENING PRAYER The Worship Concert, of course, begins with prayer, with prayer leader Aio Barcelona extolling the goodness of our Father: ... You have never left us, you have never forsaken us. You've always been here at our side. But tonight, Father, just allow us to deliberately come into Your Presence. Allow us to ask again for more of your love, more of your mercy again, more of your healing again... Lord, we know that you are here, tonight. Amen. THANKSGIVING Light of Jesus FamilyFeast Worship leader Mike Vinas, also Builder of Feast Bellevue, leads our Thanksgiving, reminding us: In the presence of God, I want you to recall the blessings of the past. I want you to see the blessings in the present—all those blessings around you right now in your life. And I want you to simply appreciate them with deep gratitude to the Lord. And as you do that, notice how hope and joy will rise in your heart, will rise in your life and in this place tonight with an expectation of the beautiful future that God has for each and every one of us. I don't know about you. Maybe you're in complaint of in comparison, yes perhaps that's why it's hard to be thankful but let's get pass that. Let's pray for that tonight and let's just be grateful... Who among you came tonight with your best? Came waiting for God? Psalm 95:1-3 says, "Come let us sing for joy to the Lord. Let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song, for the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods." So let's just take a moment, let's take a moment to be grateful. You can do it your own way... EXHORTATIONS Fr. Albert Garong, one of our regular Feast Bay Area Holy Mass presiders, expressed gratitude for being part of the Feast Worship Night for the first time: "Who's pumped up right now? This is

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Special Delivery : God is Committed to you Flourishing


Talk   DIDOY LUBATON: I want to start with a story. December 19, 2013, I kneeled— on one knee— in Sonia’s Garden, on a Friday night, under a beautiful, beautiful colorful trellis. And I popped the question to my girlfriend and I asked her, “Would you be my wife?” She said, “Yes.” And that was the most wonderful feeling for me. I stood up, hug-hug with friends, celebrate, and celebrate. But I could not sleep that night. Because I was like, “I’m getting married. Where will I get the money for the wedding expenses?” Who experienced this: the news just arrived to you and you’re like, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Who’s trying to find some funds for whatever they need, for some particular project? How many don’t know what to do with their family or personal relationships? How many are having a hard time with business, workplace? Our one big message today is: God is committed to your flourishing. Is your life hard today? One psychological study surveyed hundreds of persons and they checked the persons’ mental, well-being status— divided into two categories: 1. Flourishing; 2. Languishing. I’m so surprised that only 20% of the respondents answered that they were flourishing. And I was like, where are the 80%? Are they languishing? In the middle? I don’t know. I believe we are not supposed to be languishing. God did not create us all so that He could see us all suffer. He is not that kind of God. He wants us to be flourishing. Gusto ba ni Lord na maging mahirap ako? — Does God want me to be poor? I don’t think so. Last month, we finished our talk series on Genesis. It was such a mind- blowing experience. Changed my life. And one of the main points there, at the start of the Bible, first book of the Bible, God created a good world for us humans to experience good things— blessings to share and bless the world and the rest of creation. Here, we knew and have seen over and over again that God really desires human flourishing. He not only desires it. Here’s what I’m going to preach today: He’s committed that it will happen to your life. He doesn’t just desire you to live an abundant, rich life. He’s committed to making it happen with you— not to force you— but with you. And I want you to embrace that truth— that God is committed to your flourishing. God is. How about you? We welcome you to our new series on Exodus, the second book of the Bible. And the series is titled Special Delivery: God Will Rescue You. God has a special delivery for all of us. And that delivery is us. We’re being delivered from pain, from worry, from psychological deficit, from… you name it Because we are not supposed to be languishing. We are in the progress and process of flourishing. Exodus is not just a standalone

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