Blessing and Curse: Talk 6 – You’re Already Blessed


Talk Talk 6: BO SANCHEZ: Can everybody say, “You’re already blessed.” You’re already blessed. You really are. “Bro. Bo, hindi pa. May utang pa ako. —Not yet. I still have debt. I owe someone P100,000. And I still do not have P100,000. I’m not yet blessed.” No. Let me say it again: You already are blessed. Why? Because last week, I said this— we said this together— that the greatest blessing is not money. Not things. The greatest blessing is Life with the Blesser. That’s our greatest blessing. Do you have the Blesser with you? Do you have the Blesser in your life? Yes? Then you are already blessed. Put your hand over your chest and say “I’m already blessed.” Worry Is Irrational The other thing is this: Let’s say you do owe P100,000— or even P1 million. You know what, even if the money is not yet there, we believe this— I believe this: that whatever you need to earn that money, you already have. You got to believe in that. You really do. Now, why am I talking about money? Because I am going to share a bit personally to start the message. In the past few months— this is a confession— I, Bo Sanchez, have been having worries about a challenge to my finances. Personally— thinking and worrying about my finances. When I share that to my friends, you know what they say? “Ows, ikaw? Ang yaman-yaman mo. You? You’re very rich.” Now, let me qualify that. Yes, God has blessed my finances. I share this and I teach this— because I am a financial teacher. I teach people to invest. And so, I’ve been investing — I practice what I preach. Over the past 20-plus years, God has blessed my finances by leaps and bounds. But what I’ve learned over living on this Planet for more than five decades is that worry is irrational. If you worry, you understand how many, many times, it’s not rational. It’s like if you take one step backward, you look again at the situation, you realize, yes, you have a problem, and you’re worried about that problem. Then you look at your whole life, and you say, “My gosh, I’m so blessed.” But no, the problem is there sticking like a sore thumb. I also teach people how to build many income streams. I tell people do not just have one —you need to have many. Fr. Mario was talking about this: that if you are blessed, it’s really to bless other people. So, why not be blessed more, why not earn more so that you can give more? So, I tell people to have multiple income streams so that if one fails you, you’ve got a few more. And so, I practice that. My Worries So, let me give you an idea of my worries. I have seven income streams. Four of them, I dedicate to the ministries— whatever I earn there I give and support the ministries.

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Blessing and Curse: Talk 5 – You Never Graduate From trusting God


Talk 5:   BO SANCHEZ: I want you to say this with me: “You never graduate from trusting God.” We never graduate from trusting God. There is no point in your future where you say, “Trusting God, kayang-kaya ko na ‘yan. Been there, done that. That’s something I’m an expert in.” There is no point in your life, in your future, where you say, “Yeah, I’ve handled that already. I’m okay.” Because I believe for the rest of our life, we will always struggle with trusting God. And that’s okay. It really is. I don’t care if you’re 300 years old following the Lord, or you have four Ph. D.s in Theology from Rome. You know, you will still have a battle with trusting God. My belief is trusting God is so important. Why? Because our obedience to God depends on it. We don’t obey God because we don’t trust Him. That an obedience problem is always a trust problem. 5 Lessons To Be Happy Let me take a pause and tell you a story. I attended a birthday party in my neighborhood. The birthday celebrator is very young—only 95 years old. She is a woman who had a stroke 30 years ago. So, for the past 30 years, she has been stuck in a wheelchair. And so, she should have been miserable. But when I entered the gate, she had this beautiful smile, waved at me, and said, “Bro. Bo, I’m 95 and I’m happy!” And so she started telling me her life story. Sitting beside her was so beautiful and so wonderful to listen to. And I was able to pick out five lessons about why she is happy. 1.Give and expect nothing in return. I mean, I preach this, right? But listening to a 95-year-old woman say that—"give without expecting anything in return” —I really believe that a lot of people are in pain and it is useless pain. Why? Because they give with expectations. And so, that was refreshing to hear. 2.See blessings everywhere. I was talking to her and in every sentence, she said, “Thank You, Lord, Thank You, ” On and on. Grateful people are happy people. Yes? You know what? My belief is that grateful people are not only happy people. Grateful people are rich   people. Because wealth is not measured by how much money you have. It’s measured by how grateful you are. 3.Put people over things. She was not materialistic. She would say, “You know, I’d rather help You know there are so many people who are suffering more than I am suffering.” 4.This, whoa, this surprised She prepared financially. She did. For 40 years, she was a schoolteacher. And with her sister, she kept on saving. Her sister is 80+. They’ve been retired for the longest time. They’re just living off the interest of their investments. Ang galing. Very good. Being a financial teacher, I was saying, ”Wow, these things work!” 5.She lets God keep her company the whole

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Blessing and Curse: Talk 4 – Blessed To Be a Blessing


Talk Talk 4: Blessed To Be a Blessing BO SANCHEZ: Everybody say, “I’m blessed to be a blessing.” Just in case there are some here-- and I know that there are -- who do not know my backstory, here’s a summary: I’ve been a missionary for 43 years. I’m ancient. But within those 43 years, the first 18 years were the years when I had a distorted theology of money. I did not like money during that era of my life. I was allergic to it. In my mind, I saw money as evil. Business was bad and I remember one day, during that time, there was this one person who came up to me, handed me a thick envelope. I opened it— P50,000. This was during a time when P50,000 was P50,000. And I remember he told me, “Bro. Bo, this is not for Ministry. I want to give this to you. I felt God wanted me to give this to you for your needs.” I said, “Thank you very much.” Two hours later, I was giving that envelope to a friend that I knew had a desperate need. Two hours after. I did not want money to be in my hands longer than two hours. It’s like, I didn’t like it. But during those 18 years, I remember, my heart was torn almost every day because I would see people with financial needs. Grinding Pain Some of those who were in a dire situation were my fellow missionaries. They would tell me, “You know, Bro. Bo. Wala kaming pang-tuition para sa aming mga anak. – We have no money for tuition fee of our children” You know, they were married, they have kids. One of them told me, “Yung Nanay ko nasa ospital. – My mother is in a hospital. We have no money to bring her out.” You know, again and again, these were what people would tell me… And you know what… Ah, how I would compare it? Like my heart was going through a blender, a grinder. Every single day, I would feel their pain. And you know, when you feel pain-- this massive-- you would think crazy thoughts. And I started entertaining “heretical” thoughts—at least during that time: What if I earned as much as I can so that I could give as much as I can. Those were days when I started thinking: What if the ultimate purpose of money was to love people? You know, today, people who have been attending The Feast, you’ve heard me say that again and again. But during that time, whoa, they were like, “Gosh, is this coming from the Lord?” I had so many doubts. But then as the years went by, I began to change my beliefs. When you change your beliefs, you know what happens? Usually, your behavior changes. When your beliefs change, your behavior changes. And then my life began to change. And my finances began to change, and I began to

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Blessing and Curse: Talk 3 – Your God Weeps


Talk 2 BO SANCHEZ: The Word I want to share with you today consists of three words. These powerful words: Your God Weeps. Three words. Three words that I hope will be a dagger that will pierce through subconscious pictures of God in your mind. Maybe not everybody, but some of you-- you have embedded subconscious images of a God that is aloof, that is sitting on a throne in the distance. Maybe with a permanent skull on the face—a displeasure, a repulsion. God is someone who is displeased. And yet we have here three words that we dug from a story in Genesis —a story that we all know. How many of you have heard of, know of, read about, listened to the story of Noah’s Ark? Most of you. A Parenting Story Let me begin with a story. Year 2007. I met a man who would change my life forever. He is today my financial mentor. His name: Edward Lee. One of the most, if not the best, stock market trader-investors this country has ever known—a very, very successful business owner. He called me up, asked me to have lunch with him. He changed my financial life. But what surprised me in our first lunch, I learned something very important-- about parenting. We were eating in this really expensive restaurant – he was paying. And then he began by saying, “Bro. Bo, I was born not in a rich family. My mother is a schoolteacher, my father, he’s a door-to-door salesman. And that’s why I believe that every Filipino can be rich.” And so he began with that statement and I loved it. I really did. Then he said, “By the way, I was a very bad student. I was failing in school all my life. Do you know, Bro. Bo, that I was so bad in school, I never finished college. I got kicked out.” At that moment, a waiter comes along while we were eating. I figured-- you know, this was an expensive restaurant-- that this waiter had a college degree. And here, in front of me, was someone who did not, and he’s a billionaire. So, I was curious. I wanted to know how did that happen… And he went on, saying, “You know, I was such a bad student. I was in grade school, I was this overweight kid, always sweating. Every day at class, I would sit at the back – to sleep. There were two doors in the classroom—one at the back— and my mother, being a teacher in that same school, every day, she would go to the back, through the back door, go to me, see me sleeping, pull me out. Then, because I was, you know, soaking wet with sweat, she would wipe the sweat off my back, and she would put powder on my back, and then send we back to the classroom. And I would sleep again.” His Mother Weeps I was wondering, like, how would

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Blessing and Curse: Talk 2 – Step On the Serpent.


Talk 2: BO SANCHEZ: Today I want to preach on the message Step On the Serpent. I have a story I’d like to share with you from the Jurassic era of my life. When I was in Grade 6, I had a classmate— his name was Ariel. And you see, for some reason, there were only 4 guys in our class of 40. So, Ariel and I became friends. But immediately, I knew that he had lots of stuff that I didn’t have. The first one – the most obvious one—was that he was very, very intelligent. His grades were like rocketships. They danced up to the stars. Mine were submarines. They dove to the depths of the murky waters and darkness. Second, he was a star athlete. I mean—basketball, football, baseball— ang galing-galing niya.—he was very good. Me… never mind. You know, there was one time, I was playing Jackstone. So, imagine: I am sitting on the floor, and of course, I am losing. And then Ariel comes, sits down-- oh my gosh, star player in Jackstone! Do you remember the exhibition part? You’re supposed to have three loops—this guy has eight! Olympic-level Jackstone exhibition. Unfair! Oh, by the way, of course, guapo— handsome. I mean Ariel was guapo. Remember, 36 girls, 4 guys – so, he had a fans club of girls following him. I mean, at that time, I did not know what that meant-- at that time. Anyway, I kind comforted myself. You know, this guy may be brainy, this guy may be athletic…But I had one skill-- and I was proud of it. I knew how to draw. Like, Science notebook, Math notebook-- whatever notebook I had, half of them were filled with drawings. I loved drawing and I knew I was a good illustrator. Now, there was this one day, our Homeroom teacher, she had an activity for us. She wrote each of our names on pieces of paper, gathered the pieces, put them in a box. We were supposed to pick one-- and then, on the spot, create a greeting card for that person. And I said, “Hah, yes, my territory. I’m good here.” So, I drew my greeting card for my classmate, and I remember, it was Superman. Then it was time to give our greeting cards to each other. And lo, and behold, you know who picked my name? Ariel! Of course. He comes to me, gives to me his card, and my jaw dropped. The card looked like Hallmark. I mean, he drew this luxury ship – with the etching and shadows, and the color combination, and then calligraphy – professional-level calligraphy. You know what he wrote? This: I like red ships, I like blue ships, but most of all, I like friendship. —Ariel. You know, after that, I went to God and said, “Lord, naman, o. Why are You so unfair? You gave him so many talents, you did not give me one. Well, I have a little—drawing-- but

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Blessing and Curse: Talk 1 – You’re Very Good


Talk 1: You're very Good You're very Good BO SANCHEZ: I want you to put your hand on your chest, tell somebody beside you, “I’m beautiful. You’re beautiful. Welcome to out brand-new series, Blessing and Curse. For the next nine weeks, we’re going to dive into Genesis. That’s what we’re going to do and it’s going to do, and it’s going to be powerful. You might saying, Bro. Bo, Genesis? Pwede bang mag New Testament na lang tayo? Gospels? Letters of Saint Paul? Direct to the point: “All things work for good to those who love God.” “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” But Genesis? Why? If you got to Jesus, in the Gospels, and the apostles, or the Pharisees, and the religious teachers, when they asked Him hard questions, Jesus would go back to Page 1 of the Bible. That’s what He would do. Genesis was very important to Jesus. And that’s why, we need to dive and study about Genesis. Eto yung problema—This is the problem: For most of us, modern people, every time you hear the word Genesis, we think about Genesis in a very different way. Genesis for us would be controversial questions. Controversial Questions Were Adam and Eve individual real human beings or symbolic? Did God really create the world in 7 days and thus, Planet Earth is only 6000 years old? But science will tell you the universe is really 13.7 billion —with a b— years old. So, ano ba talaga—what’s true, really? I have sad news for you. I won’t address these questions. Because the author of Genesis wrote is not a science textbook. Genesis was written for a very different purpose. He was not thinking about science concepts. He was not thinking about the modern scientific categories that we think about right now. Ancient Irrelevant Fairy Tales? Some people, look at Genesis and say they are just ancient, irrelevant fairy tales. Adam and Eve had a conversation with a talking snake . Hello? Noah’s Ark – Gaano ba talaga kalaki yung Noah’s ark—How big was Noah’s ark, really? Kasya ang lahat ng hayop --Containing every species of every animal in the world? And two pairs! Is Noah’s Ark made of wood? Were termites included? Moral Stories So many questions. Ancient fairy tales. No relevance to our personal life . My dear friends, if that’s what you think about Genesis, that’s a huge mistake. We’ll explain as weeks go by. Is Genesis a bunch of moral stories? A lot of people think so. If you grew up in church, you’d have looked at the characters, the personalities of the Bible— Abraham and Isaac and Jacob—as holy men, models of virtue. And therefore, you imitate them. For example, Abraham. Abraham—99 years old. Walang anak—no child. And then God says, “You will be the father of many nations.” And Abraham trusted God. Ang ganda ‘no? Nice, inspiring. But there is a problem. Very selective reading of the life story of Abraham

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Awaken: Talk 3 – Rely on the Savior


AWAKEN TALK 3 : Rely on the Savior DIDOY LUBATON: BANGON! Get up! Let’s start. We are on our last day of our three-part series, Awaken. The goal of this series is yes, for us to be awake. This is our spiritual life. Th is is our Spirit-led life. And for the past few Sundays, I hope that you do appreciate that we are getting to know more of the Holy Spirit ’s work in our li fe and how we can live to the fullest as God has called us to do. To live that Spirit -led full life. Out third talk is titled Novena to God’s Love As we pray our favorite prayer in The Feast, let’s strip down our pride. Let go of anything else that is not relevant at this point in time. You’re already here. Make the most of it. Connect with God as much as you can. And surrender, and pray, and really strengthen your relationship with the Lord as we pray: Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet. And a light unto my path. Let’s read Luke 12:49 Say it with me again: “I have come to set the world on fire. And I wish I were already burning.” It was Jesus’ quote. Fire could mean destruction. Fire could mean terrible things. But if we look at fire, it is a purifying agent. It’s a change agent. Saint Ignatius of Loyola would say, “Go forth and set the world aflame.” And today, through the work of the Holy Spirit in our life, we are not just mere recipients of the Holy Spirit . There is a reason, there is a why, there is a purpose. A Spirit-led life is not a m ediocre life. God has a purpose for you. And that is to be a light in the world —in this dark, dark world. To be the change agent—that even through fire it purifies. And let’s go of the impurities. And that’s our prayer for today: Dear Lord, I’m ready. Set me aflame. Do as You will. Send Your Spirit and I receive the Spirit fully. Holy Spirit, I receive You. Holy Spirit, I embrace You. Holy Spirit, set me on fire. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Three Action Steps  Talk 3: Rely on the Savior. We need the Spirit. We need the Savior. How many of us need the Lord? All of us, definitely. I love it. We’re going to give you three action steps so that you can live a fully Spirit -led life. And we call them 3 Bs. Very creative. Three steps. Let me proceed to the first immediately. Number 1: You are living a Spirit -led life if you are a Bringer of Hope – a bearer of hope. From Matthew 28:16-20 NLT: 16 Then the eleven disciples left for Galilee, going to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him—but some of them doubted!  18 Jesus

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Awaken: Talk 2 – Receive his Spirit


AWAKEN TALK 2 : RECEIVE HIS SPIRIT DIDOY LUBATON : Today we’re on the second talk of our series titled Awaken. And our second talk is about Receive the Spirit. Are you ready to receive? Are you sure? Do you really want to? I am not so sure. Remember the Pentecost? We had our Pentecost Sunday last week. And remember the context? They (the apostles) were inside the Upper Room. Were they happy when they were waiting before the Spirit came? What were they feeling? Jesus appeared to them already before. And Jesus promised, “The Helper will come to you.” And so, they were waiting. They were listening. They were afraid because they were persecuted outside those doors. So, they hid themselves. But we al l know what happened: When they received the Holy Spirit, then they became free. They were speaking in tongues, and they were ready to go, to go out and preach the Good News – even die for the sake of it. And years later, they did, actually. They became martyrs—except John. Is that what it means to receive the Holy Spirit? That you’re going to die? That you’re going to be a martyr? Some of us, maybe… But not a lot of us anymore. But maybe, the call is to die to ourselves. Because there’s so much more meaning in that than just live our own life. Novena to God’s Love We need the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to be open to receive today. Let’s come into prayer: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stretch out your arms and let’s pray our Feast prayer: Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. We’ll read Acts 2:1: Put your hand on your heart, and just have this moment with the Lord. Lord, here we are gathered in Your place. This is a House that you’ve made for us. Today we pray for the Holy Spirit to come into our heart. come into our mind to renew our mind, come into our life . Do your miracles. Restore what we’d lost. Refresh our body and spirit. We want You. Come Holy Spirit. Set us on fire. Not for our own sake but for Your glory, for Your purpose. We await You, dear Holy Spirit . Come into our life . Come Holy Spirit. Come Hol y Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. This is our united prayer . In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Open Heart I want you to visualize what just happened. What happened to the disciples during Pentecost. And they were meeting in one place. There was like a sound from Heaven. There was a roaring sound of a mighty windstorm. And then what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. Could you imagine? Could you comprehend? It’s hard to understand. I like what Fr. Boogie said at the start of his homily

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Awaken: Talk 1 – Reject The Sin


Talk AUDEE VILLARAZA : We just studied Jonah. In the next three weeks, we’re going to do something special . We’re taking a break from our usual series. And we’re going to study a mini-series we titled Awaken. We’re going to talk about the power of the Holy Spirit . Because, you know, this is a beautiful time when we are celebrating the Coming of the Holy Spirit -- Pentecost Sunday. The title of the talk today is so good. And I do hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will use this message to convict you, to change you. Our message today is this: Reject the sin. We are celebrating, like I said, one of the most significant events that happened in a Christian’s life. And we’re talking about the Coming of the Holy Spirit. You know that 2000 years ago the Holy Spirit came. But if you are a Jesus follower, you know that this event was not just a random event that happened to a bunch of people back then. But it’s an event that’s still happening today. And it’s an event that will continue to happen for years to come-- until the end of our days. How many of you want to live an abundant life? I need you to know this: That there’s more to life than just working on a 9:00 to 5:00 job. There’s more to life than just waiting for that next big paycheck. There’s more to life than just waiting for that next breakthrough, or that next milestone. God wants you to live life. And not just life -- but life to the full. But how are going to do that? You need to stop sleeping through life. Some of us are sleeping through life. Some of us are alive but we’re not really fully alive. Like, you do certain things but there’s no purpose, there’s no significance. God wants to wake you up from your slumber. He wants to wake you up to His Presence. If you live through life sleeping, you are not going to know that the Holy Spirit is actually moving in your life. God wants you to know that He wants to work in your life. Novena to God’s Love First, let’s come to the Presence of the Lord. In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Practical, Powerful Message We take a page from the book of Acts where we read that the apostles had received the Holy Spirit -- and this is amazing. Peter was talking to the disciples . Let’s read Acts 2:38: Here’s the message: Let’s pray: Thank You, Father, for Your Word. We pray that it would come alive in the moments that we’re still here, listening, and breathing, and seeking Your wisdom. We pray that there will be a resurgence of wisdom that will be so practical, so powerful, but above all, will be so personal-- so that each one of us will

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When God’s Goodness Doesn’t Feel Good


Talk Talk 5: When God’s Goodness Doesn’t Feel Good BO SANCHEZ: Hi, Everybody, God bless you. I’m not in the Philippines. I’m in the United Kingdom. We’re meeting the Feasters here, preaching at The Feast. Also talking to some Feast leaders from different countries in Europe. It’s been really an exciting time and I know that God is there with you. God will speak to you. God will change you. You’re going to have an amazing, amazing Feast. And this is the last talk of our Jonah series. Today, I want to preach the message—this is going to be a jarring message for all of us. Here it is: Nooooo! Three Messages from God May I tell you a story? Once upon a time, many, many moons ago, I was still wet behind the ears when it came to money, a friend of mine invited me to invest P200,000 in his business, and he promised 2% interest every month. Very attractive, you know, to me. I had P200,000 pesos—okay, a little bit more than that. But I told him, “You know what, I’m saving it because I want to start my own business.” When he noticed I was hesitant, you know what he did? On the spot, right there and then, he raised the interest to 3% a month. Now, that should have triggered alarm bells in my brain—with 300 red flags waving at me, right? But no. I just saw the 3% interest a month—whoa, I’m going to earn more! So, I gave him all my money—P200,000. My dear friends, I never, never saw that money again. There were times when I would bump into this friend of mine, you know, and then he would talk about this convoluted story that his business hit some snags, hit some roadblocks, but the solution is coming, and he’s going to pay me after that. And then in the next breath, he would say, “By the way, do you want to invest some more?” And I told him, “I gave you all my money. I have no more money to give you.” Later on, I learned the harsh, bitter, reality, that he was actually drowning in debt. When I met him and he got my P200,000, he was already drowning in debt. It was all a Ponzi scheme. He was just scamming people left and right—running, escaping, and it was horrible-- oh my gosh! I remember going home that day angry and afraid. Because that money was my source of security for my future. I was going to start my business… But thanks be to God, I have a relationship with Him…Spontaneously, I went into His Presence, poured out all my anger, poured out all my fear. And as I was doing that, I heard God give me three messages. No, it was not an audible voice, you know: “Bo, this is God…” Nothing like that. They were just thoughts than entered my mind, but they were so special, that I

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