The Sanctuary of Hope and Love


I thought that my willingness and enthusiasm brought me to The Feast. But then, I realized that god brought me to The Feast because He knew that I need direction. Yeah, that's how busy I was. Busy with my career and with my boyfriend. I didn't notice that I was lost! FINALLY, I AM HOME I was a nominal Catholic. I attended mass, participated in religious activities like processions, read the Bible when comfortable, and proclaimed myself that I did good, that I love God. But I was also prone to judging  the actions of other people. My [...]

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True believers and followers … this is how I see my parents.  They are what I call devoted Christians, serving both in our parish and Couples for Christ Community. My brother and I started as Sunday Catholics. We would only join our parents as an obligation, but the teachings did not seem to get to the core of my heart. At age 15, I declared myself to be an agnostic, to my mom’s horror! My mom kept praying for me, steadfast in the belief that I would have faith in God. I, on the other hand, was ignorant of [...]


God’s Wonderful Picture


Jeg: I planned for my husband’s entrapment! Two years ago, the amount of time he will be spending with us when he came home occasionally became a guessing game for me and my three children. His drug paraphernalia were all over the house as he did not care to hide them from us. I felt time was running out as I stared at my husband who had become a bag of bones. I did not know it then, but God was already giving me a glimpse of the picture He was drawing for my family. Edwin: Early on in our [...]

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Away From Love


I was raised in a Catholic family. In fact, I studied in a Catholic school where I learned about Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Magazine. Later, I found out he is the same Bo who founded Light of Jesus (LOJ) and its prayer gathering, The Feast. It is The Feast that somehow made me who I am now and saved my marriage. “I am thankful God changed the way I see things and taught me to be patient and to persevere.” Ours started as a long-distance love affair. That’s how it began and for a while, I thought that’s how [...]

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Beautiful in His Eyes


Pretty, Sexy, Gorgeous sums up to nothing at all but physical attributes …. I was the high school prom queen.  Back in college, guys were chasing after me left and right. I thought this could be my edge in pursuing my dream – as a woman, a person, a wife and a mother. I became a Flight Attendant in a big airline company. There, I met my husband, also a flight attendant, with whom I had two children. I thought this was the life for me.  After giving birth to my son, Lawrence, and daughter, Nicole, I quit my [...]

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God made me whole again


I’m a dentist and I come from a family of dentists – 7 out of 12 siblings followed in our parents’ footsteps. I grew up in a traditional closely-knit, clannish family. My childhood, on the whole, was a happy one. When I got married, life took a drastic turn. My husband often shied away from his responsibilities.  His inability to provide for the family needs led to heated arguments and often resulted in his leaving the house.  During those times, I became a single parent to our children – Allen, Bea and Clarisse. I tried to make ends meet [...]

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