BO SANCHEZ: I have a little message that I received last night – just last night.

You know, I receive hundreds, thousands of these kinds of messages, people asking me: “Bro. Bo, what keeps you moving, what keeps you waking up in the morning and serving God all these past 42 years?

Last September 9, we celebrated 42 years (of the founding of the Light of Jesus Family).

September 9, 1980, was the first Feast that was ever held and it was in our (family) garage. It was not called The Feast then. It was a little prayer meeting of 30 persons– and 42 years later, we’re still here—in 26 countries, blessing the world.

The questions that people ask me: Why keep going? What keeps you going?

Where’s the fire coming from? What’s your fuel?

Of course, I could easily say, the Holy Spirit. I could easily say, the Love of God.

But human as I am, I look at these letters that I receive on a daily basis.

We Are All Wounded

So, let me read one letter—just to give you a little insight of what I go through and what keeps me up:

I met Bro. Bo during the most trying emotional year of my life.

In February, I quit my job, started over. In April, I was heartbroken.

In June, I did something major that I later regretted.

And in October, my niece died.

There were also multiple financial problems that contributed to my anxiety.

After I experienced emotional situations and crying a lot in the previous months,

I saw light appeared in November.

Before my birthday, I went to The Feast – and it was the first time I cried with peace and joy.

Unexpectedly, a prayer was answered. After listening to the talk, and worshipping God, I no longer felt emotionally, physically, financially, or mentally drained. After all my heartaches and suffering, I was redeemed.

And then that’s when I realized that when the world throws sadness and exhaustion at you, just keep going. —even if all you have is faith. I am very grateful because my outlook on life has changed since that day.

And then he quotes a message that I preached on that day, and he said that I said:

“We are all wounded but the wounds are necessary for God’s healing light to enter our beings. Without wounds, and failures, and defeats, there will be no opening for His brilliance to trickle in and invade our lives.

Sinabi ko talaga ito? —Did I really say this? Ang talino ko naman. I’m so intelligent…☺

My dear friends, those kinds of miracles– of how he looks at one moment at The Feast that changes his life forever– happens again, and again, and again.

You have come to the right place and it’s not actually the place—it’s actually the Person. The center of this place is Jesus. And I want you to believe that this is a place of miracles.

The writer of the letter that I read to you is someone who experienced a miracle here. He said that all his emotional pains, and struggles, and exhaustion, and the financial drain—all of those just changed.

Now, I bet not all of his problems disappeared, right? But what changed was his mindset — what changed was his outlook, what changed was his faith. He began to focus on God. And that’s what we’re trying to give you today.

And my dear friends, I want you to believe that you have come to the right place because you have come to the right Person. God will renew you.

God wants to renew you.

But I’ve realized– that before He renews you, He has to remove something.

Jesus said that before the seed becomes a tree and bears fruit, it has to die. It has to be planted and buried under the ground.

Before God renews you and gives you new life, there has to be a death that has to take place. That’s why there are wounds and that’s why there’s frustration.

That’s why there is pain that we go through in our life. But God is performing a surgery, cutting you up. He’s removing what needs to be removed – but when that thing is removed, there’s space for the new thing that God is going to do in your life.

Talk 3: God Wants to Renew You

LEP SUMERA: Good Morning, Everybody. Tell the person beside you, “Merry Christmas!” And to the other one, “Regalo ko, ha, — My gift, ha.” :)

So happy to be here.

Who’s hungry? Hallelujah! I hope you’re hungry for the Word because God has something prepared for you.

My name is Philip Sumera, I’m one of the Feast Builders of Feast Manila.

You may call me Kuya Lep. That’s how the young call me. And you look young. I want first to honor leaders of this Feast – Bro. Bo, Bro. Audee, Doc Didoy, and even all the Council members, the servants of The Feast—serving every Sunday.

I want to share this with you, guys: You know, they also have problems.

But when you see them serving, you don’t see the problems. They’re welcoming you with arms wide open and with smile… If there’s a servant near you today, can you give them a heart? And can we give Jesus a clap offering for all the leaders of this Feast?

And second, I also want to honor The Feast Worship team. Amazing guys.

I just want to honor you guys for bringing songs filled with so much hope, making us feel Jesus. Every time I’m driving, you are my background sound and you accompany me during my journey. Please continue to be a blessing to the world.

You are at a different level—not just to the highest level here, but to Heaven’s level. That’s how you bring Worship to us. Thank You, Jesus.

I want to begin with a story.

I have a family business– we’re one of the suppliers of uniforms in a school here in Manila.

One day, I was serving this customer, and I heard this mom, saying to her child, “Magpa-Pasko na. Ganyan ka pa rin. Hindi ka pa rin nagbabago. – It’s going to be Christmas already. You’re still the same. You haven’t changed!”

And that line hit me. Everybody, say, “Change”.

Change. This Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Pandemic has brought a lot of changes. So many changes. Now, part of our OOTD (Outfit of the Day) is our face mask. I’m sure some of you here have face masks in various colors. And you choose the color that matches your getup for the day.

Back then, we asked the person sitting beside us, “What’s your perfume?”

But today, we ask the person beside us, “What’s your alcohol? It smells good.”

There are a lot of changes. And changes bring new things. But sad to say, some of us, if there’s something new, we tend to be annoyed.

What should be our right reaction when there’s something new? We need to:

So, the question is:

I have a friend who lost her job because of the Pandemic. And she started baking. Because that’s what she loves — baking. She tried selling her products online and her effort worked. I’m one of her customers. Her pandesal tastes good.

And now, what changes have happened? The new things are now blessings.

Amid the Pandemic, I lost all my speaking engagements. But then I got the time to study. I began studying being a life coach. And now, I am enrolled in Don Bosco School of Theology, taking up my Master degree with fellow Feast Builders.

New things. Changes. Blessings. Can you see the pattern?

If there’s a change, you need to adapt and new things will happen, and there will be blessings. And this is applicable in all areas of our life—in our work, in our career, in our business, in our studies, in our ministry, in our finances, in our health, and even in our relationships.

When I say relationship, we need to have these new activities, new stuff, new things that you and your spouse are doing together.

Because, listen friends, if it ain’t new, it’s through. How many of you have challenges?

You know what? When you think about it, these challenges are also God’s way of renewing us.

What? Challenges, problems, hardships? Yes!

I enjoy challenges now—now that I have this new perspective. Whenever I encounter new challenges, I say, “Lord, praise, praise You for these challenges.”

Because now, whenever I see challenges, I don’t see them as problems. I see them as opportunities—opportunities for me to be better, opportunities for growth, opportunities to be a blessing, opportunities to be renewed.

Three Areas Where You Can Re-define Your Life

Let’s go now to our Scripture—Romans 12:2 (above).

God will renew you by changing the way you think. It starts with your thoughts.

Some of you, when Bro. Bo called me to preach today, you must have been like, “Ay, why not Bro. Audee? Sayang, sino ba yang preacher na ‘yan, laki ng tiyan? – “Why not Bro. Audee? Too bad. Whoever is that preacher with the big tummy?”

And you know what will happen? It starts with your thought: Hindi ka na makikinig.– You won’t listen anymore.

But when I was called, “Bro. Lep Sumera!”

When I entered, you’re like, “Ah, someone new! Pogi rin naman.— Also, handsome. Pwede. — Can be.”

You know what will happen? Action: You will be listening. Some of you, “Wow, galing — Wow, he’s good.”

Some are like, “Yes, true.”

It starts with your thoughts. And God will change you with the way you think.

Here are the Three Areas Where You Can Re-define Your Life:

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden to work it and take care of it.

— Genesis 3:17-19


I love this. I love this Word. It shows that man is working with God in the garden. They are together. And that made work enjoyable.

But work changed after the Fall of man. So, work became excruciating. “Ang hirap! Ayoko nang magtrabaho!

– So hard! I don’t like to work anymore!”

Happy Problem, Happy Hardship

I have a story for you.

I was talking to Bro. Bo backstage.

And I was sharing, back then, during the Pandemic, my family and I, we were so worried with regard our business. Our business closed. We didn’t know where to go. Again, we were suppliers of school uniforms. So, who needs uniforms during the Pandemic? (Because there were no classes, everyone studied from home.)

So, some just wore the top of their uniform, over their pajamas.

But there were still those who ordered uniforms, and we saw this as a blessing.

We’re grateful for that. We’re grateful

for the gift of online. We shifted to online, doing business online.

And now, in Jesus’ Name, the Pandemic is about to end– everybody is adjusting again. When before we worried that we didn’t have orders, now we are apprehensive that we might not meet the many demands for uniforms.

My Mom calls it “a happy problem.” I call it “happy hardship.”

I believe that God does not have a scarcity mindset—but a growth mindset.

There’s more. I believe there’s more, and we’re getting ready for more.

And what I love with my Mom, she always acknowledges this business as a blessing.

She always says, “It’s not only us who will level up. Our staff will level up.

Even our sub-contract partners, our little sewers, we will bring them up. Because God gave this business not only to us– we give it also to others. So, all of us will stand up. We will all be blessed.”

That’s why she loves this business so much. She really puts this business into her heart.

As the saying goes: “If you love what you. do, you will never work a day in your life.”

Start on Sunday

I have a question: It will be Monday tomorrow. Do you love your work? Others are like: “Wish it’s already Friday.”

I have a suggestion: Start your week on Sunday—not Monday. Because you start your week seeking God’s grace, seeking God’s help, seeking God’s comfort, seeking God’s provision and abundance.

Because by your strength alone, you won’t be able to bear the challenges of the week.

Like, “Lunes pa lang pagod na ako.”

“It’s just Monday and I’m already tired.”

But when you start with God, you acknowledge God. I’m telling you, “Bring it on!”

Bring it on: “Because I believe blessings are coming this week.” “I believe miracles are happening this week.” “I believe my promotion I’ve long been waiting for is going to happen this week.” “I believe my client will say yes to my proposal.”

Blessings are coming this week. You seek God first. You start with God. So, today start thinking that you’re working for God and with God.

Not for your boss.

Think: “God gave me this job. This is God’s blessing. Work for God and with God.”

Do this: Put your palm up, like you’re asking for something. I just want to pray for your hands:

Lord, I pray for the hands of everybody. May you bless them, Jesus. May you prosper these hands, oh Lord, God, and at the same time, Jesus, I pray these hands will be a blessing to others. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

This time, fold your hands together. Imagine that those are God’s hand.

He’s saying, “Anak, Child, let’s work on it together.”

Second Way To Re-define Your Life:


Let’s go back to Romans 12:2: Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world…

We are now living in a world filled with so many influencers. Wherever you look, on social media, there are a lot of influencers and they affect you– with the way you think, the way you act, and the way you speak.

Notice some people—they already have a Korean accent. The question is: Who is influencing you?

I have a story.

I know someone who went out with her troop, her barkada.

They were there partying, happy-happy. And then she saw this classmate suddenly started smoking.

Her reaction was, “Wow, how social (high classy) she is!

She approached the girl, and asked her, “May I try smoking? You look so cool.”

So, she started smoking too, feeling social.

And then there’s another friend who approached her and asked her, “Is that really you? Is that who you are?”

Again, there are a lot of influencers – influencing our life. Question: Is your friend BI—Bad Influencer?

Today is September 11, 2022. And may we not forget this day for this is the day we will press the Reset button. We ask God today to restore us to our original setting as He made us.

Because along the way, we have been influenced and we were derailed from God’s original plan.

Today, it’s going to be different. Today, it’s going to be beautiful. Today we will be restored. We will be renewed– to our true identity.

I want to remind you that you’re God’s beloved and you’re God’s powerful champion.

Third Way To Re-define Your Life:

Question: Who among you watch Korean Drama before sleeping? How many here love to exercise? How many

of you love midnight snacks? How many you love to push this News button. How many of you love to attend

The Feast every Sunday – you make it a point that you’re present. How many of you love tithing? Giving to God.

Friends, these are all habits. And I love the definition of Google. Google defines habit as an automatic reaction to a specific situation

I’ll give you an example: When you go to your room, and it’s dark, what do you do? You turn on the light. That’s a habit. Automatic reaction. When you were a kid, you had to be taught how to do it.

You learned. And now it’s a habit.

Another definition:

Repeated regularly. So, it starts as a small routine. Then it becomes a habit.

Then it becomes your lifestyle.

I have a friend, sad to say, who changed. Before, he didn’t drink alcohol.

But after work, his officemates influenced him to go with them to this certain bar and just drink two bottles. Sad to say, these two bottles became two bottles every day. After three weeks, two bottles became a bucket. After several months, no longer a bucket. —one case already. My friend is now addicted to alcohol.

Three lessons we can learn from this story:

1. Small matters.American author, journalist, and keynote speaker James Clear shared this in his book, Atomic Habits:

I will reveal to you: I am also a drummer. I had an alternative band. We did gigs in bars.

And I started learning to play the drums with a customized and imaginary drum set. I bought drum sticks – cheaper, compared to a drum set. I spread pillows and chairs. So, I started hitting the pillows while listening to songs.

Consistent small actions.

When you think about it, Jesus did not start discipling thousands.

I believe He could have. But He focused on the 12. Because small matters.

So, friends, please keep improving – even by just1%. Keep saving– even just P50. Keep doing good—even in small ways. Keep serving—even small service. For small matters.

2. Don’t settle for temporary

Our life goal is really to be happy. Yes, we have travel goals, we have relationship goals—but our ultimate goal is really to be happy. And when we talk about habits, there are four categories:

When we get the reward, it associates with our cravings, and it makes us happy. That’s why it becomes routine. Because we are happy with what we are doing.

I have a story. One day, I was working and I noticed this trail of ants in my working area. And I noticed the ants were going to the trash that I was not able to throw away the other day.

Listen friends: Sometimes, we’re like these ants. Why? Because we settle for trash. We settle for one-night stand. We settle for porn. We settle for pre-marital sex. We settle for gambling. We settle for scamming people. We settle for cheating. We settle for temporary happiness.

Listen: Don’t settle for trash. God did not design you to collect garbage.

Because true happiness is a life with God. Have an intimate relationship with Him. He is our reward. And He is enough.

3. Be careful where you expose

The year 2022 I started with COVID.

I don’t know where I got it, but I was exposed to the virus. And just like with COVID, you acquire habits with the people who surround you, and to the environment that you’re exposed to.

So, if you’re surrounded by gossips, the tendency is you become a gossip too. If you’re surrounded by worshippers, then you become you become a worshipper too. If you’re surrounded by negative or toxic people, one way or another, you become nega too.

So, friends, please learn to filter.

When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He said, “Go away, Satan!”

You don’t entertain the enemy. Go away. So you don’t expose yourself to bad habits.

This is a beautiful reminder from Philippians 4:8: Fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about these things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

So, question: How many of you admit that you need a transformation? Can you just admit it to the Lord?

Yes, Lord, I am raising my hand because I too need to change.That renewal —it starts with your wilingness to change.

Listen, friends. I said earlier, God starts with the way you think. Because your Thoughts trigger your Emotions. And your Emotions lead to your Actions.

Your Actions become your Habits. Your Habits become Your Identity.

I love the story of the leper who approaches Jesus and seeks healing– in Matthew 8:2: I invite everybody, if you need that healing today, to stand up and acknowledge God, that as you stand up you’re admitting, “Yes, Lord, I need that transformation. I need You, Lord, to change me. I am not perfect. Yes, Lord, I want to change. I want You to restore me. I want You to renew me.”

What I love about the leper is his humility and courage.

And now, it’s our turn. Let’s give God permission. Let’s allow Him to change us today.

Heal, Lord, our wrong mindset, our wrong perspective. Heal, Lord, this wrong identity. Heal, Lord, these wrong habits.

And the response of Jesus to the leper is His response to us today. Matthew 8:3: Imagine Jesus, reaching out to you today, touching you today, embracing you today.

And telling you, “I am willing. Be healed. I love you. And You are my child.”

Friends, God wants to renew you today. Today is going to be a special day. For I sense the Holy Spirit working in this place. I sense Mama Mary roaming around in this place.

And I sense Jesus…He is Present, embracing each one of us today. Be healed. Be restored. Be renewed. God wants to renew you.


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