BO SANCHEZ: Last week, I received a very interesting letter. I want to read to you that letter – very important. I found it very interesting because it comes from a woman – I am going to change her name for her privacy. Let’s call her Sylvia.

And this   is her letter:

Hello, Bro. Bo:

I hope all is well with you and your family. I thank God because you exist.

People like me have someone to turn to…

You know, I receive thousands of letters – believe you me—thousands of them, and most of them are from people with problems. And they have problems in their relationships, problems with their finances, problems with their careers.

But this was very different:

My name is – let’s call her Sylvia—I’m 40 years old. I’m living with my parents—both (in their) 70s. I’m happy with my life. I have a good career, good health, good family. But there are days I’m thinking about how I would die.

I ask God most of the time:” Lord, kalian ako mamamatay? I’m planning to donate my organs… Kailan po kaya, Lord?”

There are mornings I would say, “Lord, thank You for the gift of life. Medyo matagal-tagal na po ako sa mundo. Kailan po ako aalis? Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin? Ano po ba ang mission ko? Why I’m still here? Honestly, para po akong walang nakikitang purpose sa buhay ko. I have no reason to live.

I keep on asking God, “Please take me.”

Grabe, ‘no? Nakakatakot yung dasal na ‘yun. – That prayer is scary. Halos araw-araw daw – she says almost every day, she prays, “Lord, take me!” Nakakatindig balahibo. – Gives me goosebumps. Eto pa– More:

Nakukulitan po kaya sa akin si God?—Is God annoyed with me? Okay lang po ba na hilingin ko yun sa Kanya?—Is my petition okay with Him? Paano ko ba malalaman kung ano ‘yung plan ni God sa akin?—How will I know His plan for me? Kung ano ang gusto Niyang gawin ko po.

Salamat po, Bro. Bo. God bless you.—Sylvia

Her One Problem: No Purpose

Can you see that? She has no problems.

She has no problems with her family— she said she has a good family. She has no problems with her physical health— she said she’s healthy. She has. No problems with her career—she said she has a good job.

She has no problems except one problem: No purpose. And because of that one problem– no purpose—almost every day, she’s saying, “Lord, take me. Pwede na akong mamatay.” My dear friends, this is how I answered her:

I gave her a history lesson on Science. That once upon a time, there was this guy, his name was Ptolemy. The spelling was not with the T first, but with a P, and then t.

Ptolemy was a scientist and he told everybody that according to his scientific study, that the Earth was in the center of the Universe. And that, correctly, he said the Moon was revolving around the Earth. But also—and this is where he got wrong—the Sun was revolving around the Earth. No, of course. Logically, ever since the beginning of time, it’s almost like, totoo naman, e. – it seems true.

Because the Sun rises in the East in the morning, and then it sets in the West. And so, reasonably, yes, the Sun revolves around the Earth.

Centuries later, there was a man by the name of Copernicus. And he said, “I’m sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but we’re not the center of the Universe. We’re not. The Earth revolves around something far, far bigger. It’s the Sun. And so, of course, many resisted the idea. For so many years, they could not understand what this crazy guy was saying.

Later on, there were other people like Galileo and others who said, “Yes, we’re not the center of the Universe.”

And suddenly, you know, at a certain point everybody started saying, “Ay mali pala tayo. —We’re not the center of the Universe.”

When You’re the Center, You’re Not Enough

Now, why did I tell you that history lesson? Why did I tell Sylvia?

Because—I said to Sylvia, “The reason you feel this way is. deep in your heart, you already know, if you are the center of your world, this is what’s going to happen: you’re going to be pining for something. You’re going to be looking for something, you’re going to be looking for a reason that is far bigger than yourself.

Here’s the reason: If you are the center of your world—and I am preaching this to everybody—my word for you and God’s Word for you – if you are the center of your life, if you are the center of your attention, if you are the center of your interest, if you are the center of your interest, if you are the center of your emotions, if you are the center of your day, if you are the center of your life, I’m telling you now: You will realize that you are not enough.

You’re not enough to be the center. You’re not enough to be the reason.

You’re going to be looking, and pining—hungry and thirsty—for a reason to wake up in the morning and that reason must be bigger, bigger than yourself. And that’s the Good News.

I told this to Sylvia, “Sylvia, this is the Good News. There is Someone there.

And if you can revolve around Him… and that’s what you were doing. Magandang maganda yung sinasabi mo. You’re saying, “may mission kaya ako?

Ano kaya ang mission ko?”

I taught her. I said, Sylvia, here’s the prayer that I want you to pray every day:

Lord, I want to center my life around you. I know you made me. You have a purpose for my life. And so, help me.”

You see, when you revolve around the Sun, when you revolve around God, the prayer is this: “I want to be like You. I want to think like You. I want to love like You. I want to serve like You. I want to feel like You.”

God’s Bigger Plan

And then I told Sylvia my story:

I said when I was 12 years old, I came to know Jesus, fell in love with Him, revolved my life around Him. When I was 13 years old,

I did not only get to know Jesus, but I got to know the friends of Jesus, started reading the books of the saints, stumbled upon St. Francis of Assisi, started learning about his life and was moved by that life.

And so, when I was 13 years old, I was walking on the street, and then I saw a poor person—actually, a poor family– outside a church. And I began to feel their pain. I did not know why. Then, I realized that maybe this was the pain that God feels. You see, God is so big that He’s big enough not to revolve around Himself. And He is a God who revolves around us that He dies, and He feels your pain.

So, I told Sylvia—and this is how I’m going to end my little message to you: “Pray this prayer, Sylvia, every day: Lord, may I feel the pain that You feel for others.”

And when you discover and feel the pain of the people around you, and feel their suffering, then you wake up in the morning and you say, “Lord, I’m going to serve. I’m going to help. I’m going to care. I’m going to love.”

And you know, you keep on praying that every day and God is going to lead you and guide you, and He will tell you what to do. His will. He really will.

I really believe this: That Sylvia– she said she was living with her parents who were in their 70s—she does not only know it but that’s part of her mission.

And that she’s caring for her parents. But then I know that God has a bigger plan for her. And that she would want to live until her 80s and her 90s – when she discovers that there is a bigger purpose for her life. And that God calls her.

There’s a Purpose for Being Blessed

You see, one of the things I really believe in is this: Gratitude. Put your hand on your chest. Everybody say, “I’m super-blessed. I’m so blessed. I’m crazy-blessed.”

That is what Sylvia had to realize. She was so blessed.

Yes? Yes! And it’s for a purpose. It’s not for her only. Yes. And my message to you is this: You are not enough—if you are the center of your life. You’re going to be miserable. No. You’re super blessed right now. And if you understand that, then you will realize that you’re there for others.

When I saw that poor family— at the age of 13—you know, as the decades went by, we started putting up Anawim, and we started putting up all our Mercy ministries– because there’s a purpose for being blessed.

We’re launching our devotionals Didache and Companion for 2023.

I love what Audee said: If you can pray and spend time with God at least four times a week, why don’t you do it every day and use these devotionals so that you can spend time reading God’s Word and be nourished by His Love.

Okay. Let’s call now, our preacher, this dear man, this great guy. All right, let’s call the man, JC Libiran—and it’s his birthday. Happy Birthday!

JC LIBIRAN: Let’s give a big hand for Bro. Bo! Bro. Bo has been a blessing in my life– and most especially for all of us. Yes? Yes! He always gives the opportunity for people to be just empowered.

And, of course, we are blessed to have Audee. No wonder his name is Audee– very audible the message of God’s Love not just in his preaching but in his leadership. So, once again, we’re in great hands here in Feast Bay Area. Let’s just give them a round of applause.

And yes, it’s my birthday today! It’s so great to celebrate it with all of you as I share with you the message– most especially if some of you are really challenged nowadays– this message on Thrive is very relevant.

Just before I drop into the message, I just want to let you know that I had a simple celebration. After being in Baguio, Mirador, having my retreat, I had this celebration with my family. It was raining cats and dogs—bad weather—but really, nothing beats being in the company of your family.

Are you with your loved ones right now? Especially here, at The Feast, we feel that we are loved. And I believe nothing can compare to the gift of our relationships. That’s why I celebrate with you as well, again, the September celebrators. I believe even Lolo Joe Marie—Jose Mari Chan, even greeted us already.

It was a great topic that we jump started last week with Boss Rex Mendoza. And yes, today’s message is Don’t sit on it. But if we’re going to connect it back with the message of Boss Rex, for us to thrive—not just survive– we have to combine these: talent, platform of opportunity, plus effort.

And we believe all of those, we have. It’s just a reminder for us on why we want to thrive. And that’s why it’s really good that Bro. Bo, in his Truly

Rich Club, reminds us about the purpose of why we want to thrive, why we want to become truly rich, why we want to become wealthy. And what is that? The ultimate purpose of wealth is to bless others.

The mere fact that you’re here is a blessing. You see, your mere presence is a blessing already. But how much more if we get to use the giftedness, the talent, the genius that God has given us?

And that’s why, I know that this story is very familiar to us: The Parable of the Talents.

This is taken from Matthew 25: 14-30 (above).

This may be like a long read, but I want you to listen to it with an open mind and open heart – as if God is speaking to you. And asking ourselves, reflecting on

“Who am I– among these characters, particularly among the servants?”

And a quick note here is this is a reminder for us: That each one of us has been given unique talent and giftedness. It’s not a point of comparison but it’s just us just accepting that God has given us. Now, just to illustrate this: A talent is just like these gold bars.

Let’s say, one talent is similar to a 50-pound gold bar— how heavy it is. Meaning to say, even if it’s 5, 2, or 1, it’s still heavy.

And that’s how God entrusts us (with His gifts).

Let’s continue:

How many here want to see your investment grow, you want to see that it flourishes, it thrives?

But this is where we take a pause.

The servant who received the one bag of silver dug a hole in the ground and hid the master’s money.

So, imagine that. You were given something that is of value but you didn’t do something about it.

So, I want you to feel that emotion of the servants that they were able to really take care, and really grow what was given to them.

But notice there will be a shift of emotions in the next verses.

How many here want to hear the Lord saying that to you: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

But here comes the plot twist:

It seems it gives us really those two kinds of truths. But here, my dear friends, we want to zero in about the word stewardship.

Stewardship means that you have been given a gift and how you make use of that, how you nurture, how you use that to bless others is your way to give back to the Master or to our Lord. And that’s what Genesis 1:28 (above) says.

Meaning to say, my dear friends, God has given us so much. And whatever He has given us, it’s not meant to be kept. It’s meant to be shared.

No wonder why Bro. Bo was sharing that we are blessed– but we are also a blessing. You are also a blessing.

You know, reflecting this in my life—39 years– and I just heard from Fr. Bob, it’s not 39 years old, JC, you say, “I’m turning. 40.”

I’m turning 40 next year. And I am asking myself, “Have I been a good steward?”

Looking into what I do in my life, wearing different hats– my roles

as a husband, as a father, as a family man, and also being part of our Feast.

I serve every Sunday, in the afternoon session, with Bro. Alvin Barcelona and Bro. Tony Valenzuela.

You know, with all of these roles,

I am asking myself, “Have I been a good steward?”

And I want to throw that question to you: Have you been a good steward in your life?

That’s why our message in this talk:

Don’t sit on it.

You have been given with so much, don’t just sit on it. Make use of it.

I want to challenge you: Don’t just sit on the time that God has given you.

We are all equal when it comes to time. Why? We have 365 days in a year, 12 months, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 86,400 seconds given to us.

Now the question is this: Friend, how are you using the time given to you?

Yes, we can be into a lot of scrolling on line, watching a lot of online streaming– but let’s ask ourselves, “Am I really using my time for God’s purpose? Am I really using the time that was given to me for a greater purpose?”

We challenge you now: Don’t just sit on the treasures—resources, money that God has given you. Whatever it is that you have, ask yourself: “How am I sharing this treasure to others?”

My friends, every time we challenge you to reach out and to give your Love Offering, it’s not just an activity that we do here at The Feast.

It’s actually challenging ourselves that, “Lord, You have been good to me.

You have blessed me. I don’t just want to keep the blessing; I want to be a blessing as well to other. people.”

And that’s why every time you reach into your pocket, every time you give, we know that your giving goes a long way. You’re able to bless our Mercy ministries, you’re able to continue whatever we are doing here at The Feast.

You see, when it comes to treasure, money is not the most important thing in the world. But it affects the most important matters in our life and that’s why it’s a challenge for us to thrive—not just survive. Hindi lang yung makakain lang ako ng tatlong beses isang araw. It’s not just being able to eat three times a day. We challenge you now to not just think for yourself and your family but also think of others – people who are in need, the lost, the last, and the least.

Now, here’s what I want you to focus on—since we’re talking about the Parable of the Talents: Don’t just sit on your talent.

The question is this: How are you. maximizing the talent that God has given you?

And I love this quote from people I look up to, Tony Robbins and Warren Buffet: “We are all equal souls in the Planet but we’re not equal in the marketplace. Choose to grow and upskill beyond any crisis.”

Friends, let me ask you this: What is your talent? What is your gift? What is that genius that God has given you? Think about that for a moment.

I’m going to give you an example. My talent is communication—as simple as that—both in writing and speaking.

Instead of you being shy about your talent, embrace it—embrace it wholeheartedly because that is what God has given you.

I remember this story – The Animal School story. In the animal kingdom, they thought of coming up with a curriculum that all of the animals will take. Some said it’s in flying. Another said, in swimming. Another said, in running. Imagine, of course, if you’re a bird, you’ll be able to really fly well. But come to think of it, a rhino cannot fly well, an ostrich cannot swim well.

So, the moral of that story: It reminds us to embrace the gifts that God has given us.

Don’t be a second-rate, trying-hard copycat.

You embrace the gift that God has given you. Because everyone is a genius. But you see, it’s not just us saying, “I’m a genius.”

It’s actually recognizing that you have a Genius– and that Genius has a name.

And His name is Jesus.

I want you to imagine that what if each one of us would just use that God-given talent and we just share it. We’re not just attending here every Sunday but we get to serve not just here but even outside. Imagine Church coming alive. And this is like the people in the Feast Conference– Kerygma Conference during that time.

Imagine if each one of us will just use our talents and we share them to the world. Then, my dear friends, we can really say we can shine the Light of Jesus.

It’s a reminder for us that during times that we forget our talents, just remember your trail of blessings. And, Coach JC what’s trail of blessings?

It’s reminding yourself of what you have in your life, in your journey; that you have been blessed and that you have been a blessing.

What are people grateful for you? You go back to that. Because again, we tend to forget.

Now, I can share about a lot of people celebrating their gifts. One of them is celebrating the giftedness of Elaine Samonte.

She is the person behind Kwentong Papel. She’s an architect but she got into paper artistry. And these are her works.

I’ve seen her growth. Because actually, I am a brother-in-law. So, I got to see how she started, how she was struggling. But through time, she was able to not just discover her talent but develop and deliver it. And now, she is able to monetize it and bless other people as well.

She’s just one.

We’re also blessed to have in our Committee at The Feast, The Feast Worship.

They are having a concert celebrating after two years being in hiatus. But they were able to continue to create songs. We’re just excited to watch their concert.

See, these are people coming alive, sharing their talents, and now they are able to share this to our Church. We are being blessed by this.

My advocacy is called The Inspired Pinoy Movement and what I do is I help aspiring creative entrepreneurs, content creators, and lifelong learners to discover their genius, monetize it, and become a force for good. Over the opportunities that I was able to interview each person, individual, and I got to discover – and most of it documented on InspirePreneur podcast– how were they able to discover their genius, their talents. They were able to develop it and they were able to deliver it to people.

These are some case studies, telling you, my friends, that it’s possible to really not just be blessed but to become a blessing as well.

So, I’m going to ask you again, as a Marvel fan: What is your superpower?

What is that God-given talent that God has given you?

There are actually four simple ways to unleash your superpower: Discover, Develop, Deliver,

Devote yourself to that talent.

You know, as I connect it back to our story,

I see myself just like in that person’s shoes—that servant who hid his talent.

I just remember that I wrote a book – 2019—but since the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Pandemic hit,

I forgot about this book, Wholehearted:21 Ways To Live a Courageous Life.

Maybe the reason I was not promoting it well was that I was questioning myself – that I am not enough. That this is nothing, this won’t bless people.

I share this with you with openness and vulnerability that maybe, you belittle yourself and you’ve forgotten that gift inside of you. It’s a reminder for us in Matthew 25:29 (above).

My dear brothers and sisters, my dear friends, your mere life is a blessing.

You’re here. You’re alive. You ask yourself now: What am I doing with my life? With the time, with the treasure, with the talent that God has given me.

You know what, four months ago, it was a shocker for me because I survived a car accident. Not getting into the details, but I’m just so blessed that I’m here. And I remember that I. was checking not just the damages but I was checking my friend Randel—he was also a Feast Builder—and also the person we bumped into. We were checking them—and we were alive.

And I don’t know if you get to see that—we were even taking selfies—because we were just celebrating life. That night, when we got home, I hugged my wife and our daughter Anna.

And I was just grateful to God: “Lord, thank You for this chance again that You’ve given me.”

That’s why I want to give you that permission that you don’t have to wait for your birthday or many special events for you. to give yourself to celebrate. Today is an opportunity to celebrate.

Les Brown, American politician and motivational speaker said this:

The Good News is, my friends, we’re still alive. That’s. why—in closing—

I love this, particularly when we look into the two servants, they were able to hear those words in Matthew 25:21 (above).

And again, for a moment I want you to think: That this is not just an ancient story but these are words that we claim from our Lord. And we pray and we wish that we can also hear these words: Come, share your Master’s joy.

It’s a reminder for us that Jesus also experienced during the Transfiguration, when God said: “This is My Son with whom I am well pleased.”

And that’s why when Jesus died on the cross, He was able to enter into the Master’s joy. That’s why, my dear friends, this is not just about talents. This talk is not just about our gifts, our geniuses. This talk is about Jesus. Don’t bury Jesus.

Center on Him. Grow your life with Him. That’s our invitation to you. Because when we have Jesus in our life, then we have everything.

So, I invite you now, let’s come before our God, as we enter into His joy, as we enter into His Presence. Let’s come and worship the Lord. Allow Him to bless you today. Allow Him to heal You today. Allow the Lord to anoint you today to become the best person of yourself.


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