Special Talk

BO SANCHEZ: So good, so good. How many of you are being blessed today? How many of you believe that God is here and God is alive and God is touching, and God is healing, and God is blessing!

Give the Lord a big hand, Everybody!

A Simple Word

Today I want to preach a very simple Word:

If you watched Avatar— — American James Cameron’s epic science fiction about avatar, Sanskrit word meaning descen,t that is, of a deity to the earth– and I am presuming that some of you did because it’s one of the…not one… the biggest most watched movie of all time now— In the movie, the tribe of Na’vi (extraterrestial humanoids), they would greet each other by saying three words:

And we kind of like, layering upon the interpretation I have. It’s like I see you as an individual person. I see you as a human being. I see you as precious. I see you as valuable. And because I see you, we can have a relationship together.

So, humor me. I want you to turn to somebody beside you and maybe not just one but a few of them and tell them, “I see you.”

Now, wait, before you do that, don’t say I see you (briefly). You’ve got to pause between each word:

I… see… you…

And then what you’re saying is “I see you. I recognize you. You are important. You are valuable. And I see you means that we can have this relationship.”

So, go, go, go…

And how many of you can say this with me: that you see the Lord? Everybody say, “I see the Lord!”

Oh, yes, I see the Lord.

We need to thank some people who have blessed us so much. Right now, there are hundreds upon hundreds of people outside this room who cannot come in.

We just want to recognize them. There are two groups. The one here– we even have in the main building a number of people who are there– and there are projectors. We just want to give all of them a big hand. Thank you for staying and being part of this gathering. Thank you so much to those watching online as well. God bless you, guys. God be with you.

We want to thank the people who gathered us together for the past three days.

We want to thank our leaders.

Thank You!

You know, I really feel embarrassed when some people think I’m still the overall leader– like in the Prayer of Petitions they say, you know, “Bro. Boss,”– and then Cardinal Advincula greeting me.

I feel embarrassed because I’m no longer the leader. The responsibility and the pain and the burden are not on my shoulders anymore.

The responsibility is with other people. But they’re not getting recognized. Anyway, I know it’s just out of habit.

But I just want to tell you that I am like you now. I’m a member. And they put me here onstage because, you know, I’m a servant. And I serve. If they tell me to serve, I will serve.

But I want to recognize Alvin Barcelona, our leader here. And he is my leader. I want to recognize Didoy Lubaton who is like the admin guy who takes care, thank you, thank you for your service, guys.

Maraming-maraming salamat. God be with you. God bless you. Thank you. We want to thank Paolo Galia for directing this whole three-day Retreat. Shepherd’s Voice and Radio Television (SVRTV) Team, Maraming-maraming salamat.

I want to honor the servants who for the past three days — do you now that they come at 6:00 in the morning? All the servants. You know, we, I included, we come here a few minutes before or even exactly on the time of the program, we sit down. The servants, they come here at 6:00 in the morning, and what do they do? The whole time they don’t sit down. They’re standing up, just serving all us.

Thank you for your love. Thank you so much.

Hey, guys, I see you servants. I see you. I do. And God sees you.

He really does. Amen.


Everybody, say it again: “I have seen the Lord.”

I have seen Him in my life. May I give you one minute? Pick up a partner== Person A, Person B—and then take 30 seconds each, look back at your life—where had you seen the Lord work in your life. Were there a few incidents? But you have to pick just one—one moment where you saw the Lord. He worked in your life. He rescued you. He blessed you. You felt His Presence. You heard His voice.

You saw Him. You saw Him walk in your life.

Can you pick one moment? And in 30 seconds, take turns—Person A, Person B— choose one and then share. Go…

A Bible Quiz

Everybody say again, “I have seen the Lord!”

I can tell you story after story of how the Lord has been in my life and I’ve actually, really seen Him t work. And… But I need to pick one. So, I’ll share one of my favorite stories.

I was 14 years old—when my Mom came up to me and said, “Bo, my friend gave your name as contestant in this Bible Quiz. And it’s going to be on national television.”

She was so happy and giddy sharing it to me. At that time, I was already preaching.

And so, I said, “Mom, I didn’t study the Bible to join Bible quizzes.”

Then, you know moms—moms, raise your hands—you’ve got a way of making things happen. When you deal with mothers, you cannot say just one No.

You say, “No, no, no! No, Mom. No, no, no.”

But no matter how much you say No, things still happen. And so, because they have a tool in their tool kit, named in two words: Maternal Manipulation. That’s what mothers do.

And so, my Mom just smiled at me. “Mom, no, no, no, no, no, no,” I said again. And she just smiled.

Then, a few weeks later, I received a letter from the Bible Quiz organizers— I was supposed to report to the TV studio for the Bible Quiz.

And so, I went. I won in that first quiz. They told me to come back the second week. I won again. I went back the third week. I won again.

Two years – going back and forth to this TV studio. After two years, I was already 16 years old.

And it was the finals. I was competing with the best of the best, the brightest.

These kids, they memorized the Bible. Like memorize.

I didn’t. I would use the Bible to preach. So, I didn’t, and I remember that the score was tied. At the very end of the quiz, we were given a rectangular white cardboard and a Pentel pen

And the host said, “Fill in the blanks…”–and they could get any verse from the Bible– …Luke 1:35:

And the spirit of the Lord will come upon you and the                       of the most high will overshadow you.

Trip to Jerusalem

Do you know what happened when that question was asked?

My mind became blank. I did not know the answer.

and the                       of the most high will overshadow you. – Luke 1:35.

Seven seconds… start now…7… 6… 5…

I put my pen down. I said I don’t know the answer.

… 4… 3… 2… When that second to the last second came, a word leapt in my heart. And it was so strong, I almost jumped out of my seat. I grabbed the pen and I wrote down the word that came out: POWER!

And then the TV host said, “ The answer is … and the POWER of the most high will overshadow you.

I won that quiz. I won the finals My prize was a trip to Jerusalem!

Now, I want you to know that’s not the Trip to Jerusalem – where there are chairs and you’re supposed to go around… No. It was the real trip.

God navigated everything so that I would be in Jerusalem when I was 16 years old. Not knowing that 16 years later, I would lead my first Pilgrimage. And that for the next 30 years of my life, I would be leading Pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

That God somehow prepared me for this Ministry.

Now, if you look back at your life, you will find the same God walking in your midst, just engineering circumstances, preparing you for what you’re doing now.

Can you honestly tell me: “I have seen the Lord. I have heard the Lord.

I have felt the Lord in my life…?”


The Easter Truth

It’s amazing when you understand the Easter Truth== that Jesus is alive– is not just a historical event. Because we see a Jesus who is really alive in our life.

I want you to park that idea– that you have seen the Lord in your life.

I believe God’s specialty is Resurrection. God enters our life and He takes what is dead in you and He raises it up.

He turns tombs into wombs. That’s what God does.

That in your darkest moment, what God does is that He lets His light penetrate through that darkness and He blesses you abundantly.

This is the God that we worship.

I want you to think about the story…Let’s backtrack a bit…

It’s not yet Easter… He’s hanging on the Cross…and then there are two thieves– one at His right and one at the left. Familiar?

One says, “Hey, we deserve this…” –He is talking to the other thief… And he tells Jesus, “Remember me, please remember me…”

And this is what Jesus says to the good thief…

Now, why good thief? No, he does not like, before entering a house, he does not wipe his rubber shoes on the doormat, so that the floor will not get dirty…. No, that’s not good good.

But there’s something about him… that’s why people call him good.

This is what Jesus says to the thief: “…today you will be with me in paradise.”

Now, I know what you’re doing… You know what your mind is doing? You’re translating… And you’re translating the word paradise to heaven.

Yes or no? Admit it. Admit it…

So, this is what you’re hearing, this is what you’re reading:

Jesus told the good thief: “…today you will be with me in heaven.”

Yes or no?… Yes… Okay… You’re not wrong. It’s okay to do that.

But you don’t capture the original meaning of what Jesus was saying completely.


Because the word paradise – in Greek—means paradeisos.

And what does that mean? Drum roll, please…

Paradeisos means… You see, there was a Greek Bible—Septaguint— where people who knew Hebrew and Greek, every time they saw this word, they put paradise.

So, what does paradeisos mean? One more time, drum roll, please…

It’s the title of our Holy Week Retreat: Garden.


Back to Eden

Jesus was telling the thief:

“I assure you, today, you will be with me in the garden.”

And Jews, when they hear the word garden, there is only one garden in their mind. It’s like a glowing hyperlink: Click, move, boom, back to Page 2 of the Bible: Garden of Eden.

Are you listening to me? Are you getting excited? What’s this? Why is Jesus telling the guy Garden of Eden?– I’m going to see you in the Garden.

It’s not just Heaven.

I’ll tell you why:

The Garden of Eden is not just in Heaven. It’s also on Earth.

It’s the overlap. It is the portal. It is the Station No. 934th in Harry Potter.

It is the closet in Narnia. It’s that point where Heaven and Earth meet. It’s not just the past in Genesis.

The Garden Now

By the way, in the last book of the Bible– Revelations— the last two chapters, the Garden appears, where there is a river, and there’s a Tree of Life…

So, the Garden of Eden in the past is the Garden of Eden in the future, or is the now. I’m telling you, in different parts of the Bible, there are little pockets of Eden that burst out –

Jacob on the stairway, Bethel… Burning Bush, Moses, burning mountain in the wilderness… Isaiah and the Angel… Ezekiel in the refugee camp in Babylon… with the bones… Oh, man… and the Transfiguration…Peter, James, John…

Jesus shining in His whole glory…

My dear friends, there are moments in your life when Eden bursts. Eden– it’s not a past. It’s not a future. It’s not a heaven. It’s not an earth.

Because the Garden is not a place. The Garden is a Person.

Jesus, He tells the thief: Hey, I assure you, today, you will be in paradise.”

Did He say that? No, no, no.

He said: “… today, you will be with Me in paradise.”

The Garden is not a garden without the Gardener. The Garden becomes the garden because God is there.

Where Adam and Eve, they walk in the cool of day with God beside them and they chitchat, and they laugh, and they commune, and they fellowship.

This is the Garden.

Do you know that when Adam and Eve rebelled against God, God had a mission and you see it all throughout the Bible – from Genesis 3, onwards.

God had one mission: to bring people back to the Garden. That’s all He was doing– trying to bring people back to the Garden: You don’t want to go?

I’ll still wait. And I’ll still find a way. And I’ll still find a way. And I’ll try again to bring you back to the Garden.

The Test

When Jesus was on the Cross, the thief, he symbolized Adam.

And Jesus said: “It’s time. It’s been too long You’ve been away for too long.

Today, I assure you, you will be with Me in the Garden—in the Garden.” This is incredible. You know, this thief, he messes up with pure theology.

A lot of people think that to be saved, you have to be baptized, you have to say the sinner’s prayer, you have to go to church, you have to tithe, you have to serve in a ministry.

This thief did not do a single one. He was never baptized. He never said the proper sinner’s prayer. He never went to church. He was not a good guy.

But he did the one thing that Adam did not do.

Remember Alvin’s talk? He said probably, the real test was not whether they would eat the fruit.

Probably, when God came looking for Adam, Adam

Instead of saying, “The woman, You put on the garden… that’s why I fell.” Instead of Adam doing that, maybe the test was whether he would say,

“Oops, I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry, God.”

And remember what Alvin said? Maybe the Bible will be very short — just until Genesis 3… It ends there, right?

But that’s what the thief did.

The thief said, “I deserve this… Jesus, remember me…”

Jesus, remember me…

…was near a garden… May garden pala! There was a garden there… You know, the Bible is meditation literature.

You know you’ve read this many times, you’ve heard it from the Gospel many times. Hardly you note: there was a garden at the place of Crucifixion.

Again, glowing hyperlink.. Click…Boom… Page 2 of the Bible.

Okay, okay. I need to see the similarities between the Garden of Easter and the Garden of Eden.

My dear friends, what happened here?

You see, you don’t read the Bible. You meditate the Bible.

The Biblical authors, they wrote the Bible not to be read once– but to be read thousands of times.

The Difference Between The Garden of Eden and the Garden of Easter

 So, let’s read that verse again:

I want you to think about this:

St. Paul, he meditated the Bible. And so, in 1 Corinthians 15, Paul calls Jesus the Second Adam.

Because this is the difference:

In the Garden of Eden, the First Adam did not trust God. And was brought down. In the Garden of Easter, the Second Adam, he trusted God, and was lifted up.

Now, think about that: Adam and Eve, they wanted to go up. Why?

They were already like God. – That’s what Genesis 1:27 says. But that was not enough for them. They wanted to be God. So, Adam and Eve, wanted to go up.

You know what Jesus wanted to do? The Second Adam? He wanted to go down. He was already God. But what He did was He went down to serve us.

Why We Don’t Hear God

In Philippians 2: 8—one of my favorite passages in all of the New Testament, I want to read with you:

My dear friends, do you want to go up? Yes… Go down…

That’s what the Gospel is. You want to go up? You want to be promoted? Go down.

That’s the Gospel. That’s why we don’t hear, we don’t understand this– and trust that in due time, God will lift you up.

That’s the Garden of Eden. That’s the lesson of the Garden.

The New Gardener

Now, in John 20, we continue the story. Mary was standing outside the tomb…crying…

Raise your hand if sometimes, God is there, you don’t recognize Him. Sometimes, He is already speaking to you but you’re stubborn and you don’t hear Him. How many times, you know that God is there, but in your disobedience, you say, “No, I don’t recognize Him.”

That’s what happened.

“Woman, why are you crying,” Jesus asked. “Who are you looking for?”

She thought He was the gardener. Glowing hyperlink, Glowing hyperlink… I am so excited…

You know, she mistook Jesus for the gardener— but was it a mistake?

The Gospel writer was winking at you 30,000 times… In that word, he is saying, Jesus is the New Gardener. Garden of Eden is under new management!

The First Gardener, Adam was appointed by God – because in Genesis 2:15, it says the Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it…

…but he fumbled, he fell, he didn’t do a good job… Well, guess what?

A New Gardener is in town. He’s going to make all things right.

And this Gardener is here in your life today.

And you know why He is going to do all things right?

How To Recognize Jesus

While the First Gardener wanted to go up, this New Gardener will go down.

And He will humble Himself. And He will serve you.

And He will be a King of a Kingdom of servants.

That’s the Kingdom of God.

Now, think about this:

She recognized Him, finally, because 10 chapters before, Jesus said these words:

And so, when Jesus called Mary—by name—Mary!, Mary recognized Him. My dear friends, raise your hands if in your life, you recognize His voice.

Has God been speaking to you? Had God spoken to you in the past?

People ask me that question a lot: “Bro. Bo, how do you know if God is speaking to you?”

It’s a common question I receive.

Full disclosure: I have. I have heard God—many times in my life. And it’s not an audible voice—it’s not something, you know, with thunder and lightning. No.

It’s something normal.

How To Hear God

This is how I answer that question:

When I got married, I made catastrophic mistake in interpreting my wife’s voice inflections, facial signals, hand gestures…

I remember in the first year of our marriage, I had a two-week mission trip. So, I was away from home.

When I arrived home, I had to go to an Elders’ Meeting right away.

So, I said to Marowe, “Hi, Sweetheart. I missed you… Sweetheart, I have to go – Elders’ Meeting. I was told very important. I have to be there. Is it okay?” And she told me, “Ikaw bahala.”

So, I went to the meeting.

After the Elders’Meeting, I came home. You know, it was summertime.

When I entered the house, it was very cold—North Pole! And my wife was not speaking to me. And I knew then there was something wrong.

I said, Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

She looked at me – Snow Queen: “What do you think?” I kind of like figured it out already.

I said, “Is it because I went to the Elders’ Meeting just after my trip?…

But Sweetheart, you said, “Ikaw bahala… So, ako ang bahala…”

Husbands, raise your hands. Is this familiar? We make those mistakes because we do not know how to interpret… We do not recognize her voice. We don’t…

What happens is this: Now, 25 years later, I am a Marowe expert. I mean, I still make mistakes, but you know, I know what it means: Of course, Ikaw bahala means Ikaw bahala sa buhay mo. Kung gagawin mo yung pinaplano mo.—Suit yourself—you do what you want to do.

Now, I’m expert, right? 25 years later…

In the same way, to recognize God’s voice, it takes relationship. And it takes a long time for you to discern: Okay, this is what God wants… This is not what God wants…

Don’t cling to me…

Mary wanted Jesus to be the physical Jesus she was relating to for the past three years. But Jesus is no longer the physical Jesus. He is the Risen Jesus.

And in your life, your relationship with God will morph and transform – because you are getting to know more and more and more about who God is. The more you get to know about God, the more your image of God changes, your relationship with God changes.

This is how the story ends…

This is how the story must end. Because this is a call from God to everyone of us: To go out into the world and to tell them about Jesus.

But you cannot go out into the world and tell them about someone you read about in history books. You’ve got to go out to the world—this disbelieving world, this world of skepticism, this world filled with doubts, this world surrounded with so much noise—you’ve got to cut through the confusion and tell them:

I have seen the Lord—in my life.

I See You

The world is going to be filled more and more by noises. And I am telling you, Artificial Intelligence is there. Artificial Intelligence now writes books and produces videos and creates all sorts of things— PowerPoint Presentations and what have you. It will continue to produce words.

But AI cannot do one thing: AI cannot say,

I have seen the Lord.

AI cannot say, when I was down, God lifted me up.

When I was broken, God came and mended me.

When I was lost and confused, God came and held my hand and led me out of the darkness. When I was sick, God came and strengthened my bones and lifted my body and healed my soul.

Friends, only you and me can say that. There is a difference between a fan and a follower. Are you a fan? Or are you a follower?

A follower has a relationship.

My dear friends, put your hand over your chest. Look at me.

You know what God is telling you right now? You know the reason Jesus is telling you right now?

I see you. I see you as a person. I see your weaknesses. I see your hurts. I see your warts. I see your wounds. I see your past. I see your present. I see your future. I see you as my precious one. I see your beauty. I see your glory. I see how beautiful you are. I see you. And that’s why we can have a relationship. And you will see me – in your life, every day, telling you, today you will be with me in the Garden. And tomorrow, I will tell you– this is what God will tell you tomorrow: Today, you will be with me in the Garden. And the next day, God will say the same thing: Today, you will be with me in the Garden.

When is that?

When you pray. Every time you pray, you’re in the Garden. Every single time you pray. Whether you feel it, whether you’re bored, it doesn’t matter. If you’re with the Gardener, you’re in the Garden.

Let’s raise our hands and just say this after me:

Lord, Thank You for seeing me. And Lord, I see you. I see you in my life.

You’ve spoken. You’ve touched. You’ve healed. You’ve blessed me so many times. And so here I am. I walk into the Garden of Eden to fellowship with You.

Lord, I pray that right now, You would embrace every person. You would just hug each person. Please. I know You’re doing it. And I know You’re just loving them. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Thank You so much, Father.

Leaders’ Prayers

Our leaders are praying for you, for each area of your life. Just always remember where you are. You’re having fellowship with God in the Garden You’re there. God is there beside you.

Allow Him—just allow Him to love you. Allow Him to love you.

Allow Him to love you. Amen.

RYAN CAPULONG: Heavenly Father, You see us as people in need of healing. Lord, look with favor, kindness, mercy, and love upon Your Easter people. Send forth Your healing grace to heal every physical, emotional, and mental ailment.

Lord, we ask You, restore our body, restore our mind, restore our heart, restore our spirit. That we may continue to serve You. And as You are healing us right now, please heal all the people, the families, the relatives, the friends, the acquaintances, the loved ones we are praying for. These we ask in the mighty Name of our Resurrected Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.


LEP SUMERA: Lord, I lift unto you all the young people present. I pray, O Lord God, that with your guiding Presence, walk with them, journey with them, every step of the way. Lord, please remind them that they are not alone, and they will never be alone because You are there. Remind the young people, O Lord God, that you have beautiful plans for them. Though there are times that they feel they are unworthy, with all these challenges, with all these burdens that they are carrying, Lord, please continue to be that Voice telling them that they’re Your beloved. That You love them so much, that You’re already doing something with all these challenges that they’re going through. Bless, Lord, their families, bless their dreams, bless, Lord, their studies, bless every relationship that they have, O Jesus. The future is bright, Jesus. And we’re grateful, Lord, for these young people, for indeed they are the next generation of this Community. They are the next generation that will be with this country, cater to this country, even save this country, O, Lord, God. And that’s what we are declaring in Your Mighty Name. Amen.

JB RODRIGUEZ: Almighty Father, I lift up to You every person here that You may bless them with good financial stewardship. Some of the people here, O Lord, are breadwinners for their families, even for their extended families. And some even for their parents,

O God. Bless the work of their hands that they may align with your provision.

Almighty Father, I pray for freedom, for some of the people here who are buried in debt and financial woes, O God. We claim in faith that You will bless them with a heart that trust You at the same time that they are working hard to make ends meet for their families,

O Jesus.

I pray for breakthroughs upon breakthroughs in the work that they doing– promotions, O Lord, more clients for their businesses. Align their heart so that they may serve first and add value. And we know, Father, that money will follow because of Your goodness.

And lastly, Lord, I pray that you bless their heart with a good night’s sleep every night, not thinking about money because they trust in the Father who provides for them each and every day. And we claim abundance for them—more than enough for what they need so that they can be blessings to other people.

This we ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

JC LIBIRAN: Thank You, Lord. As You see each family and we’re lifting up to You each member of our family. Maybe the ones who are with us tight now, those who are left at home. We’re praying that you bring reconciliation. You bring back joy. You bring back the happiness. You bring back peace, healing, forgiveness in our families. There may be those we have neglected. There may be silent wars among us. This is an opportunity for us to reconnect. We ask that we will overflow once again with Your love, with Your grace. We ask for Your protection. Provide for each family here and prosper each family, Lord.

We know, Lord, that we are going through challenging times. But, Lord, the Good News is we’re still here. And that’s why we are just so grateful. There’s still hope for our families. It’s never too late. Thank You, Lord. We receive Your love today. And we are going to share this to our family each and every day. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

TONY VALENZUELA: Heavenly Father, at this very moment, we pray for our heart of faith, for those who are struggling in the faith, for those who do not see You as You see them right now.

Father, for all those who are having doubts, uncertainties, anxieties when it comes to understanding You, to knowing You, to loving You, for seeing You, for Who You are in their life. Lord God, I pray that it is not just a cerebral understanding. For oftentimes, when it comes to trusting You fully, we do not understand everything. But we pray for believing and trusting in You fully from the heart.

Lord God, for all of our friends and loved ones who we know are also struggling in the faith, meet them where they are. Lord Jesus, meet them as they are—as is, where is. Because we know when it comes to faith, O Lord God, You’re always there for us. You will never fail us. You will never abandon us. You will never forsake us.

And for those here right now, and those watching– maybe they’re going through still their Good Friday– Lord, empower their faith that they too may experience Easter Sunday sooner than expected. This we pray in Your Most Holy and Mighty Name. Amen.

DIDOY LUBATON: May we all put our hands to our heart.

Lord, if it’s not too much to ask, we pray for our personal self. We too, Lord. See us, see me. And as we have Your gaze, we open our heart, our life to You. We reveal our all to You. Our hopes and our dreams, but also our fears and our sins. Turn our mourning into dancing.

Lord, some of us may have self-doubt—replace it with self-acceptance. For every fear, You conquer it with Your perfect love. Help us and remind us, Lord, that when we take care of our self, we honor You.

Tend to the garden of our heart. Tend to the garden of our life.

And if You will it, Lord, use us for Your greater glory. We receive Your love, we keep it. And thank You for welcoming us home to Your Garden every day. We can take care of our self because You take care of us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

AUDEE VILLARAZA: God, we think about Your Church today. We pray for all the Church leaders that You have put in a position of influence and a position of power. We pray that You always guide them in Your ways. We pray for those people who might have walked away from Your Church, who have strayed away. And we thank You that You are a Shepherd who looks even for just that one lost sheep. We pray for those people who were hurt by Church — people who have been abused.

We pray for justice, and also for Your mercy.

We pray that You remind all of us today that

Church is not a building—but a group of people. When someone cares enough to listen, or to pray, or to fellowship, and to do Life, Church happens. And we thank You for blessing us with this Community.

We pray, Lord, for The Feast, this Family. It’s not perfect. But You’re here.

And You’re changing lives– one by one. We pray for all the leaders that you have called by name. That You humble us, You direct our steps, and You give us the wisdom so that we can guide Your flock to the right direction.

Thank You, Jesus, that You will use Your Church to give healing, to give mercy, generosity, purpose, and above all, to love Your people.

In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

ALVIN BARCELONA: Ama namin sa langit, Panginoong Hesus, itinataas namin ang aming mahal na bayan, ang Bayang Pilipinas. — We lift up our country, the Philippines, as we extend this prayer to the whole world.

You said in 2 Chronicles 7:14: If Your people humble themselves, seek Your face, pray and turn from their wicked ways, You will hear from Heaven—yes, forgive our sins, and heal our land.

We pray, dear Lord, that You grant us peace— Your peace . Grant us justice—Your justice. And grant us abundance and prosperity, filled with hope and love that can only come from You. We believe, dear Lord, that You have a continuing plan, beautiful plan for our country,

for the world. Turn this again into Your one huge Garden. Yes, with our New One True Gardener, Jesus, our Lord, our Risen Savior– in His mighty Name. Amen.

BO SANCHEZ: Father in Heaven, today, we receive Your love – and that Your love is here.

And we thank You that we can continue every single day to live in the Garden.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.


Published by THE FEAST (April 16, 2023)


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