WE’RE going to give you– I know we said this last Sunday that that we’re going to give you a special new series about the political arena, the elections coming up in the month of May. But we are going to park that for just one Sunday. And we’re going to talk about something special today. So, with that, we invite all of you, especially if it’s your first time, this is a beautiful way to declare God’s abundance over your life.

Join me in doing this, as we signify the symbol of our faith. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Everybody, just lift your hands out, stretch your arms, stretch your faith, and stretch your voice. And say this with me:

Everybody, lift one hand, and if you’re online, please stand up to give honor

and reverence to God’s Word, as we sing: Thy Word, is a lamp unto my feet,

And a light unto my path.

We invite the Holy Spirit to come and descend upon us.

Friends, this is your Upper Room right now. And I believe God is going to speak a message to your life.

‘I Am the Vine’

We’re going to take a reading from John 15:5. It’s very famous and some of you have already known this:

A lot of people ask the question: How do you sustain your connection, your relationship, with God? This is the answer:

Jesus says, I am the vine and you are the branches.

So, what is the answer to that question? How do you sustain your relationship? You stay connected.

Okay, it’s easier said than done… Because anybody who’s been in a retreat or a spiritual event, know this… that after you’ve attended a retreat or maybe after you’ve attended The Feast, you come home, you’re spiritually high. You know, you’re walking on Cloud 9 and you feel like your untouchable. Everything that you do is good. You feel like you’re on your way to sainthood.

And then the second week comes, and then third week comes, and then Life happens. You know, work happens. Our children happen. Neflix happens.

And you’ve got all these distractions. You’ve got all these noises in your environment. So, what happens is that you slowly backslide to your old ways, to your old habits. You know, you go back to who you are.

So, how do we really sustain this connection with Jesus? Okay, I love that Jesus used this analogy using plants. Shout out to all plantitos and plantitas, and plantlolos and plantlolas!

We Need Structure

Jesus used Botany which is the science, the study of plants, to give this analogy. He says, I am the vine, and you are the branches.

Let me show you this picture. This is a picture of a vine. It’s a good-looking healthy, luscious growing vine, don’t you agree?

What makes a vine healthy? Anybody?

“Water.” Yes, you feed it with water. What else?

“Sunlight.” Okay. What else?

“Fertilizer.” There you go. Or maybe some of you prune it and the plant grows.

But in this particular photo—and this is what happens with every vine– there is that one specific thing that makes this vine healthy. Do you see it?

It’s called the trellis. The trellis is the structure that enables the vine to crawl up—towards what? The sky! To get the sunlight.

Let me preach this to you: In your spiritual life, you need the same thing. You need what I call

What is that structure? Some people call it habits. Some people call it lifestyle. Some people call it patterns.

Without the structure in your in place, it will have very little effect in the success of your spiritual life. What are the habits that you need to do?

Pray as much as you can seek God’s Word as much as you can. Attend The Feast weekly. Go to Confession regularly. Go to God as much as you can.

Praise to the SON-Light

You need that structure to support your spiritual life so that you can slowly crawl up and get the SONlight. S-O-N: the SON Light. The Light of the SON. That’s what you need to sustain your relationship with God. You need a structure.

And hey, I want to honor you for being here and for those online — for putting God first. Clap your hands for one another. Thank you for being with us. Because that’s part of the habit that I’m talking about. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. So, guess what… For some of you, this may be Day 1. So, you’ve got 20 more days before you make that good habit. So, make that habit every day—and then slowly watch how you blossom into a beautiful branch– as you stay connected with Jesus.

Let us pray. Bow, and I want you to feel the Presence of God in this place…

Father, touch every heart, every mind, every spirit in this place longing for Your Word. The truth is, Lord, we come from different backgrounds, different experiences. Some of us are tired right now. Some of us are depressed. Some of us are looking for encouragement. And we just ask that the Holy Spirit would descend and touch us, Lord, from the inside out. Let Him emanate in this beautiful place– whether here in the actual venue or there, virtually, we believe You are with us.

Thank You, Jesus. We give You the honor, we give You the praise. Amen.

One more time, Everybody:

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet And a light unto my path.

Be Still

I WANT to give you our big message for today and I want you to preach this to the two good-looking persons beside you. I want you to tell them right now:

God wants to sit with you.

How many of you want that? That God would actually come down and then sit with you. I know the person beside you doesn’t look like God. But God can come in the form of many persons. God can come in the form of a broken person. A person who’s lost. A person who’s not from your family. God can come and use people. So, that’s what I’m believing today—that God is going to sit with you.

I want to do something new today. I want to go down and ask some of you a very important question and I want to build the foundation of this talk by asking you this very simple question…

So, first, Bro. Bo,

I want to know whose life inspires you?

Bro. Bo: “The woman beside me.”

How about you, Sis. Marowe?

Whose life inspires you?

Sis. Marowe: “Secret.”

Who inspires you?

Bro. Gilord: “Of course, my wife.”         Sis Faith: “My husband.”

Sis. Kat: “My Nanay.” Bro. Bene: “Tim Mackie” (Writer and creative director for BibleProject)

What I wanted to show is that when we have people who inspire us, isn’t it true: Like they really inspire you. Maybe somebody that you don’t know— they’re not the person sitting beside you, they’re not your husband, they’re not your wife, not your mom, not your dad.

But this person is somebody you look at from afar and you want to get to know who they are because you admire the for what they’ve done and their successes.

Isn’t it true? That when you have somebody who inspires you, you want to get to learn about them. You want to know their habits, their successes, but also their failures.

Source of Good Habits

When I was young, I used to admire—how many of you here play basketball? Basketball guys—you probably know them—except for the millennials.

Have you ever heard of the player named John Stockton? John Stockton was a player of the Utah Jazz. He had this fantastic teamwork with Karl Malone and they called it Stockton tuMalone! Stockton would pass the ball to Malone perfectly—the perfect bounce—and they would win games together. And so, I admire John because he’s also small like me. I mean in terms of the League, he’s very small. He’s a point guard and so, I admired him. I copied his every move. I copied how he would dribble the ball, how he would shoot the ball, how he would pass the ball.

And so, in a way, that’s what we do when we have somebody who inspires us: we like to imitate them. See, that’s what smart people do. They imitate the good habits of the person they admire. And I like to say good habits. Why? Because we all know that people also have bad habits. People also do bad things. So, you want to copy the good habits.

How do you know, Bro. Audee, if it’s good habit? Well, it needs to be rooted in good values. That’s No. 1

No. 2, good habits oftentimes never harm the person and never harm other people. So, copy the good habits, all right?

But you know what? In a way, the Bible actually works the same way. The Bible works in the sense that when you read the Bible– maybe some of you have never noticed this–that you’re actually reading– yes, the Bible is full of wisdom, it’s full of inspiration and revelation—but you’re actually reading the Bible as a biography—in the sense that it talks about the life of characters in the book.

The Bible talks about the life of Jesus—what Jesus did, where Jesus went, what Jesus ate, who Jesus befriended. It’s a biography. And so, if you follow the life of Jesus, if you want to be inspired by the life of Jesus, what you need to do is look at the Bible also as a biography wherein it shows the habits, the lifestyle, the patterns by which Jesus did when He was here on Earth.

Silence: One Powerful Habit

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to talk about this one powerful habit that I believe is perfect for our Lenten Season.

It’s a spiritual superpower.

It’s called silence.

We’re going to talk about silence and let me give you the context of silence. Just a little background. Silence, in the Greek language, comes from the word eremos. Eremos has only one meaning but it can be described in many ways.

Like, eremos can mean lonely place. Eremos can mean desolate place.

Eremos can mean solitary place, quiet place.

And one of my most favorite descriptions of all time, which Bro. Bo coined recently, eremos is a surrendered place.

You know, if there’s anybody who loved the eremos, more than anybody else I know of, it would definitely have to be Jesus. Jesus loved the silence.

How many of you love silence? I know that the parents will raise their hands right now.

Jesus loved the silence and He loved going into the silence. He loved breathing in the silence. He used silence as a weapon to protect Himself against those who persecuted Him.

Remember when we studied a few weeks ago, a few Sundays ago, what Pilate did and the other Jews when they persecuted Jesus? What does the Bible say? That Jesus remained silent.

But I want to say this to you. Some of you might be thinking, “But you know, silence, Bro. Audee, is a weakness. Silent people are weak people.”

Have you ever heard that? That silent people are insecure people? That’s why they don’t talk. Let me correct that mistake. That’s not true. You ever heard of the phrase that says Silent waters run deep?

Silence Is Not Weakness

Jesus used silence every single time. Remember the time when Jesus went to the desert and then He was tempted by the Devil?

In Matthew 4:1, it says:

In the wilderness, it’s when you are at your weakest. It’s when you are most tempted. Why? Because you’re alone. See, that’s how the Devil wants to fight you: mano-y-mano, in isolation, one-on-one. Because the Devil knows that when he fights you with another person, there’s a chance that he might lose

Maybe, that’s why St. Mark says in his Gospel:

You know what Jesus did? He began sending them out two-by-two…

I wonder if Jesus already knew that we would have the tendency that when He would give us a command, you know, we would say, Bukas na lang, Lord. Tulog muna ako.

We would have so many excuses. But then Jesus says He sent them out two-by-two. So that if you get lost, if you get lazy, you’d have another person to guide you back.

So, when I used to preach about this verse, I would often say that wilderness is that place where you are at your weakest. Until…I read that word… and it says, in Matthew 4:1:

Silence Is Strength

Jesus was what? Led by the Spirit into the wilderness. What in the world is the Spirit doing, leading Jesus into this weak, weak place, into this lonely place, into this quiet place?

I used to think that it was a place of weakness because the Spirit led Jesus there to be tempted… Until I realized that, hey, isn’t it true that Jesus loved going to the wilderness? He was going back again and again to the eremos. He went to the mountain to pray. He withdrew from the crowd and went into the lonely place.

As we read in the book of Luke, Jesus went back to the eremos no less than nine times. That says something about Jesus: that He loved going to the quiet place. And I realized this: maybe, the silence is not a place of weakness. Maybe it’s a place of strength. Because that’s the place where Jesus kept silent– and He connected with His Father. He was drawing His strength from this place where He was connecting with God.

I wonder how many people here do not like the silence — because it’s in the moment of silence when you hear the chatter in your mind—talking, condemning, complaining.

A lot of persons sometimes don’t like silence. How many of you don’t like this: awkward gaps in the conversation— that awkward silence. You don’t like that, do you? When an angel passes by, and you could hear a pin drop on the floor, and you’re on your first date! You don’t like that.

I remember when I first met Bro. Bo, and I talked to him. You know, he sat down with me. And I was intimidated by this guy, you know– towering figure, and you see him from afar preach, preaching away, preaching with fire.

And then, I’m sitting with him, and somehow you expect —he’s a preacher– he’s going to talk me down!

I sit down and he asks me, “How are you?”

And I start talking about my life, and it got to a point where I told him my entire life—30 years of living in this world. And then, somehow, you’d expect him to give you the wisdom of the world.

And then, he says, “Wow, that’s great.”

That’s it.

Awkward Silence

Bro. Bo, he’s looking at you and somehow, I am like, “What am I going to do? What am I going to say? I already said my life story, Bro. Bo.”

So, you come up with random trivia: “Bro. Bo, did you know that there are 206 bones in the human body? Did you know that the largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter, and the closest one to the sun is Mercury?”

Okay, I didn’t say that. I’m just inventing it. I wish I would have said that but you come up with random things to say because you don’t like that gap in the conversation– that awkward silence. And I am preaching this especially to the women. Happy International Women’s Day or Month! We want to honor you right now, and I want to preach this to you because I believe that women are what I call the multitasking masters of the universe. How many of you agree with me? Look at the woman beside you. Come on guys. That woman is gifted. She is special. Do you agree? That women can do 20 things all at the same time without breaking a sweat, and without losing her focus.

One time—this is a true story—my wife Kristel (here with our kids Ellie and Ethan), she was nursing our Ellie, our baby girl, and the TV was on. But my wife was on the phone–I don’t know, doing Facebook, adding (what she ordered online) to the “cart”… whatever…

So, I did what any normal person would do, especially if you’re the one paying the bill, you turn off the TV— the one that’s not being used.

And my wife was like, “Why switch off the TV?”

And I’m like, “Ah, you’re not watching”

And she says, “Yeah, I was.”

How in the world can you do all these things all at the same time?

You know, that’s a future Olympic event. The woman who can do the most chores without breaking her focus, she wins the gold.

Women are talented. But you know, we don’t like silence. And so, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Okay?

I want to give you four blessings that you can get whenever you visit the eremos.

The first is Clarity.

We live in a noisy world, with lots of distractions. As you’re sitting there listening to me, your mind has probably wandered off a dozen times thinking about random concerns.

Right now, I’m distracted, walking right here. Some of you are sitting there thinking of a million things. Why in the world does this guy keep on walking? When is this guy going to finish his point? What am I going to add to cart right after? What is my crush doing?

You’re bombarded by these thoughts.

If only more people would realize the power of silence. When you quiet your mind, your mind and heart are crystal clear. You know what silence does?

First, silence clears your heart. Too many times, we so go through life on the fast lane that we don’t even bother asking anymore:

I imagine the saddest that can happen to anyone is when you wake up one day in a career or a relationship you’ve spent your whole life on– only to realize that you’re not even happy.

That’s the blessing of silence. Silence allows us to stop and then listen to the true state of our heart. Silence clears our heart and helps us assess where we are and where we want to go.

Second, silence clears your mind. Try this out:

The next time you have an argument or a disagreement with someone, step away first. Be silent for a moment (preferably not in front of the one you’re arguing with or you’ll get into more trouble). You’ll notice that in that silence, your mind becomes clearer.

If you are arguing with a child, here’s what you do: I want you to step away, even for just a few moments and then come into silence. I mean don’t disappear.

When you’re tired, take a silence break. When you’re panicking, take a silence break. When you’re anxious, take a silence break. And then watch how in that silence, God calms and clears your mind.

The second blessing you get from the eremos is Security.

The busier and more demanding life got for Jesus, the more He withdrew to His quiet place. Because it’s there in the silence where God speaks the loudest. That’s the same thing you do. That when you get busier, when people demand from you, what do you do? Do you go to silence just like Jesus did? Why is that important? Because it’s oftentimes in the silence when God speaks the loudest.

That’s what Elijah experienced. He was hiding in a cave, fearful and anxious because Jezebel was out to kill him. In 1 Kings, it says that as Elijah stood there (on the mountain), the Lord passed by, and a mighty windstorm hit the mountain. It was such a terrible blast that the rocks were torn loose, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 And after the earthquake there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper. (1 Kings 19:11-12 NLT)

God Is in the Whisper

God was not in the noise but in the whisper. Oftentimes, it’s in the silence where God gives us His comfort and reassurance.

You want to know why God is in the whisper? Why it feels like sometimes God is whispering to you? Because it means that God is that close enough to you, that He can whisper it to your ear. Sometimes, all He needs to do is just whisper it to you, and it’s in the whisper that God likes to reassure you and comfort you, and tell you that, “Hey, all is well. You’re going to be fine.”

You might be sick right now. You might be paying some bills right now. But all is well. It’s in the silence that God will tell you all is well.

The third blessing you receive from going to the eremos is Identity.

What Jesus did on the Cross for you and me was not easy. How bad was the Crucifixion? It was so bad that the English word, “excruciating” was derived from the Roman phrase, “out of the cross.”

How did Jesus withstand the pain of the Cross? By knowing His identity. He knew who

He was and what He was called to do. Jesus came out of the eremos with more clarity about His identity and calling. When you go to your eremos, again and again, let me tell you this: you will have a clear vision of who God made you to be and what He’s called you to do. You will get your identity in Christ.

Last but not least blessing we get from the eremos is Intimacy.

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, we have realized that the greatest treasure we have in this world is not material. It’s not our house, not our possessions, not our gadgets, not our accomplishments, our titles. It’s not even your positions. These are all essential, but they’re not the most essential.

If there’s somebody beside you whom you love, tell that person, “You are my treasure.”

If you’re single, I hope you get a date because of that line.

Our greatest treasures are our relationships. Relationship is the reason we get out of bed every day. It’s the reason we make sacrifices. It’s the reason we are inspired to live. What’s the best way to nourish your relationships?

To a child, love is spelled in four letters: T-I-M-E.

You want your relationships to flourish? Give time to the people who matter to you. Time is the most expensive currency you can ever give. Why? Because it’s limited. Last time I checked, you have only 24 hours a day.

No one has 25 hours a day (except for Goodah).

All of us have valuable time and so, time is your greatest treasure you can give to people. And best of all, there is nothing more nourishing, more satisfying, more life-giving, than when you spend quality time with the Lord.

God wants to be intimate with you.

I’m a parent. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than when your children would love to spend time with you. Nothing more satisfying than when your spouse loves to spend time with you.

Surrender Place

Last Sunday, Fr. Bob Conaghy shared with you a new habit that we started together. From Monday to Friday at 6 a.m., we gather with other people through Zoom or Facebook and we meditate together. It’s called Summons to Your Surrender Place. We spend 30 minutes in silence. Fr. Bob calls it, “wasting time with the Lord.” The goal was to be silent without trying to produce anything.

And God is a parent. God loves it whenever you spend time with Him in silence– you know, just drinking His Presence, and just loving every minute that you spend with the Lord.

Touch your neighbor and say, “God wants to be intimate with you.”

I love that. I was excited to start it with everyone last week. I figured it was perfect for me because I’m an accidental morning person. I say “accidental” because it’s not intentional. After having two kids, I feel my body clock has forced me to be up early in the morning.

But that morning, I was feeling very anxious. Simply because I realized that I might be awake early enough to join, but I didn’t have the privilege of being alone. Ellie would be with me. I live in a small condo. How can I go to my surrendered place when I don’t even have a surrendered place? It feels like our kids own our whole house, and Kristel and I are just borrowing space from them.

But as I was listening to Fr. Bob give the intro, he said a phrase that blew my anxiety away. He said, “go to your inner room…” 

Inner Room

I realized I might not have an upper room, but I have an inner room. If you can resonate with me and how I felt, I want you to know that we all have a place in our mind where we can enter and be away from it all.

So, I knew exactly what to do. I put Ellie on a baby carrier, I put on my earphones (switched on the noise cancellation headset), and then I stepped out of our condo, and then I stepped into silence.

It was pure peace. On the outside, I was functional, but deep within, I was at rest. After that exercise, I felt completely alive. I felt completely loved.

I felt completely blessed.

So, if you can resonate with the same situation where you feel like there are so many distractions in your place, your patterns keep knocking on you, keep getting your attention, I want to preach this to you: that you’ve got a place where you can enter into and spend time with the Lord there. It’s a place called your inner room.

Imagine if we can deliberately create an environment for attention and connection to God and then enter into that place every day– we would have the clarity, the security, the identity, and the intimacy that Jesus experienced. To have peace in a moment of war. To have joy in a moment of sorrow. To have complete clarity in a moment of confusion. You can have those when you are with Jesus.

And above all, you’re going to experience intimacy with your God.

What a wonderful life it would be.

Let’s pray:

Father, we are here together with You. We feel Your Presence in this place, and we thank You that You are here with us. We want to be intimate with You, Lord. We want to dine with You, and laugh with You, and cry with You, and be with You.

Thank You for being our Friend, and our Companion in this quiet place. Thank You, Jesus. This is how we want to spend our Sabbath, our Sunday: to be with You, to be in Your arms, to be embraced by You. Fill us with Your love.Fill us with Your Presence, and heal us with Your love, with Your mercy, and Your compassion. Thank You, Jesus. We don’t want to be anywhere else right now, other than this place as we Worship You, as we love You back.

I’M going to give you some instructions right now. This is not a talk but a few instructions. How many of you want to grow closer to God? If you could just raise your hands and say, “I want to grow closer to God.” That’s the mission, that’s the purpose of life.

I’m going to sell you the idea… I want you to think about doing a Kakaibang Bisita Iglesia.

How many of you are familiar with Bisita Iglesia, in the first place? This started not too long ago—in 1560. It happened. Catholics started visiting Catholic churches—seven of them– during Lent.

Now, a long time ago, that was difficult to do. There were very few churches during that time. And so, they were pilgrimages. Wala namang Grab noon, so, talagang maglalakad sila ng pagkalayo-layo to be able to visit a Catholic Church. Now, what happened later on, as years went by, it became easier and easier. Now, it’s so easy. You can do it only on Holy Thursday. And you visit seven churches.

What I want to introduce to you… I’ve got two reasons we’re going to do this.

Number 1: For Lent. I want you to enter more fully into the Lenten Season. And this is going to do it. This will really do it: Kakaibang Bisita Iglesia.

Number 2: The second reason I want you to do this is you set up your heart to receive the Word of God for our upcoming Feast series called Citizen.

In the next few Sundays, we’re going to be talking about how to build the nation.

And it will be perfect for Lent.

The idea of the Kakaibang Bisita Iglesia is to actually recognize the Presence of God in the people around us.

I will be very amazed if you will do all seven—if you can do just one or two, it will be amazing already. Now, I’m going to try to do all seven, and that’s going to be fantastic.

In Isaiah 58:1-12, it talks about true fasting.

During Lent, we fast (from eating). But the prophet Isaiah says there is a true fasting and true fasting means really being able to love the poor. But how can you love the poor if you do not first recognize who are the poor?

Now, people I talk to, they say, “Bro. Bo, ako, poor.”

But guess what? I believe—and you need to recognize this– there are people who are poorer than you. Say, yes or no. And if you understand that, I want you to look at your circle, people you meet every day. You even say “Hi” to them. You’re a kind person.

Security guard—”Hi!” Janitress—”Hi!” Helper in the neighbor —”Hi!”

But what I want you to do through Bisita No. 1 is actually go beyond “Hi!” Maybe, to prepare a sandwich, as Fr. Bob would say. And then pray to God for the right timing to actually go to that person and to sit down with that person, give that sandwich, and instead of just saying, “H!” you listen to their story. You listen to their pain. You listen to their dreams. You listen to what’s happening in their life.

What are you doing? You’re visiting—Bisita Iglesia. But the Iglesia is that person you’re visiting. You’re visiting that person and recognizing the Presence of God in that person.

Go to a ministry for the poor. An existing Ministry. You’re visiting the Presence of God in the poor in that Ministry.

So, it could be an orphan in an orphanage. Could be a prisoner in our own Prison Ministry—a very active one.

Could be visiting an elderly in our Anawim. Or a pregnant woman or a baby in Grace To Be Born. Or a child in Jeremiah. Or a street kid in He Cares Foundation.

Do not think of donating—yet. The first gift you want to give is the gift of your presence.

Walk through a slum area. There are 4.2 million who go hungry in the Philippines.

I want you to go to the slums and meet some of them.

I want you to puncture the bubble that you are in, and actually go to places that you have never been. And I recommend that you go with your friends.

I would recommend that you go to the slum area, knowing that there is someone there who lives there, somebody who can vouch for you, who can be with you throughout the time of your visit. I would also ask you to talk to your Feast leaders because they would probably be organizing a certain time when you would visit the slum area.

Again, what you do is you ask God, “God, give me an opportunity to chat with someone and visit Your Presence in that person.”

And what you’re doing is visiting the Presence of God in the least of your brethren.

Serve through politics. You actually do this as a service to God—where you study the candidates not only for President, but also Vice President, and Senator, and Congressman, and Governor, and Mayor, and whoever else is vying for a position in government. Who are the candidates who are there. Who are the people that have the capacity, the competence, and the character. And then what you do is you visit the Presence of God with people who disagree with you. And you actually listen to them, ask them, “Who are you voting? Why are you voting for that person? Listen respectfully.

And then you also share your own discernment.

Very difficult—for some. To actually recognize the Presence of God in someone who has very different political views. Agree, disagree?

But that’s what you’re doing this Lent.

Visit a church. Go to Mass. Receive Jesus in Communion. Go to Confession.

Spend a few minutes before the Blessed Sacrament.

I would recommend that you do this with Feaster friends—Light Group (LG), Feast Light co-members. And what you do, you can actually combine this with Bisita No. 6 and Bisita No. 7.

Take a mini-retreat. What Audee was talking about a while ago. Spend some time of silence with the Lord. Your appointment with God could actually be just an hour—or two. If you have a day-off with the Lord, that would be perfect.

Again, do it with your LG. Organize it.

Say, “Hey let’s take a mini-retreat together.”

Spend some time with the Lord.

Reflect with friends. And what you do is read again Isaiah 58:1-12, and then you listen to the Lord. “Lord, how do you want me to do true fasting.?”

And if you have some ideas, write them down, and then share in your LG meetings, share with your Feaster friends, and talk about them.

And then pray together: “Lord, how?” Tapos, magtulungan tayo. Help one another to be able to obey the Lord during this time.

My prayer: Kakaibang Bisita Iglesia will change your life. It will transform you. By the end of Lent, you will say to yourself, “Nagbago ang buhay ko.”

We will be posting this on social media. And I want you to talk about it with your LG, Feast Light—and make it happen.

God bless you.


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