Restart Your Life

TODAY, we talk about Noah’s Ark.

Warning: This is deep.

Oh, believe me, Noah’s Ark is not just a cute children’s bedtime story where an old guy was able to carry a pair of elephants, giraffes, and monkeys in his wooden boat. (Did He also bring a pair of termites? Hope not.)

Noah’s Ark is a profound theological story of why God allows evil to run its course — so that we can restart our life. It’s also a powerful story of how God still
sees good in us that’s worth rescuing.

I pray for you today. Download these life-transforming truths into your heart, so that you can restart your life.

Welcome to Rain and Rescue, Talk 2 of our Feast series titled Ascend.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Joyful Christmas!
LAST Sunday, November 29, 2020, was the beginning of the season of Advent.

The word advent means coming. For Christians, it means the Coming of Christ our Savior, which happens on December 25, the Christmas Day.

This 2020, the four weeks between November 29 to December 25, is our Advent Season—a time of preparing for the coming of Jesus. Among us Catholics, we have the Advent Wreath custom—daily prayers to cleanse each one’s heart, ready to accept Jesus as He comes on His birthday.

At home, the Advent Prayer is done usually before dinner– the head of the family blesses the Advent Wreath on Saturday, and Day 1 of the prayers starts
on Sunday. In church, the priest blesses the Advent Wreath before the start of the Mass.

The elements of the Advent Wreath have various meanings and reminders: Circular shape — God is eternal, He lives forever, and His love for us also forever. Evergreens–God never changes, His Love is constant and steadfast. Red balls or berries—The Blood of Jesus poured out on Calvary to save us.

Candles, one lighted each week — Jesus Christ is the Light of World; 3 violet candles —sorrow, repentance for sins, so one’s heart and soul may be cleansed; 1 pink candle— joy over the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

Not a few feel that this 2020 Christmas would not be joyful, not at all merry, no thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the super typhoons.

This issue shares inspiring talks and Acts of Love— our declaration that we in our Light of Jesus Family and The Feast know, we trust, that with God, we shall overcome our ordeal. Read on…

All for God’s Glory
Randy Borromeo


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