Restart Your Life

TODAY, we talk about Noah’s Ark.

Warning: This is deep.

Oh, believe me, Noah’s Ark is not just a cute children’s bedtime story where an old guy was able to carry a pair of elephants, giraffes, and monkeys in his wooden boat. (Did He also bring a pair of termites? Hope not.)

Noah’s Ark is a profound theological story of why God allows evil to run its course — so that we can restart our life. It’s also a powerful story of how God still sees good in us that’s worth rescuing.

I pray for you today. Download these life-transforming truths into your heart, so that you can restart your life.

Welcome to Rain and Rescue, Talk 2 of our Feast series Ascend.

IN this entire series, we’re talking about the role of mountaintops in the Biblical story. Powerful God Encounters happened on mountaintops.

And today, I’m praying that God encounters you at The Feast.

The mountain was the Divine Dream.
That’s why when we were children, our first drawing always consisted of a bahay kubo, a nipa hut…

At the background you see mountains, and then what stands between them is a little sun…

I drew this myself … I updated the drawing a little for the millennials —I added a satellite disc and a cell site tower so you can post your Tiktok videos. Ha-ha…

But this is the basic picture of the Garden of Eden…The ideal place where God and man, and all of creation, live together in beautiful harmony.

Imagine: Adam and Eve walking with the Living God on this cosmic mountain, doing an HHSSP (“Holding Hands pa sway-sway pa”).

But sadly, that perfection didn’t last. A few verses later, they fail to trust God. They do something behind His back. They take matters into their own hands. So, they’re sent out of the garden mountain, and things go downhill from there…


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