#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast

I remember the first time I saw Tita Teng after she arrived from abroad. She had a very thin body that her skin almost clung to her bones. Yet, her belly was immensely bloated as if she was nine-month pregnant with twins.

My tita was diagnosed with an ovarian cancer last year. Three doctors in the Middle East already refused to operate on her because she had only one in four chances of surviving. She decided to come back here in the Philippines to continue her medications, and maybe, to spend more time with us.

I am especially close to her since she was the one who took care of me when I was young. I have many fond memories of her pampering me, doing everything to give me what I wanted, and supporting my decisions. Sadly, the tables had been turned, and she was then the one who needed care. It pained me to see a loved one in excruciating pain. And it was too difficult to accept that she had a very slim chance of surviving.

However, the grace of God was upon her. Her boss in the Middle East helped by giving her allowance for her operation. Then, she was finally accepted to be operated on in a prominent hospital in Manila. Through the help of some generous people around her, she was granted a 100 percent discount on her bill.

We thought it was all settled, but her doctor said she needed to stabilize her thyroid before getting an operation.

She asked for our prayers because she believed that the best vitamin she could ever receive or take is Vitamin P—“Prayer.”

And we indeed interceded for her. A text brigade was started to pray for her every three o’clock in the afternoon. She was also being prayed over after every Feast session by our Feast district builder.

We kept on praying for months, but the thyroid remained unstable. Her tumor kept on getting bigger, and she kept on getting thinner. As our prayers continued, her illness kept on getting worse.

Despite all these, I never saw the light of faith and hope leave tita’s face. And then I realized, my faith changed, too. In every smile she made, in every positive words she said, and in every hope she showed, my trust in God grew. Even in her affliction, Tita Teng remained my pillar of strength and my inspiration of faith.

After months of constantly praying, she was finally approved for operation. I remember her saying, “I was refused by three doctors, but my greatest doctor—God—said that He will heal me. He will never fail me. He will save me.”

And she was indeed saved and healed by God. Through Vitamin P, which we all supplied, and through God’s grace, my Tita Teng is now cancer-free!

God never ceases to amaze me with His miraculous deeds.  Just like what Tita Teng did, we only need to put our trust in Him and remember that He is always with us.

There is really nothing impossible to our all-possible God.

So whenever I face new challenges, I just pray, take a deep breath, and sing the song Trust by Hillsong Young & Free:

Jesus, I will trust You
I will trust You
I know You never fail
I will trust You… 


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