#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast

Let’s just call him Mr. Prince Charming.

I met him in a free training on web development. We were seatmates and teammates, and I always assisted him in our project for that two-week course. Needless to say, we became good friends. As I got to know more of him, I noticed his humility and good heart. I could not help it, I started having a huge crush on him.

After the training, our communication continued through texts and emails. No courting happened though as our topics focused mainly on spirituality. Actually, he was also the one who inspired me to attend The Feast.

When I received my Novena to God’s Love as a first-time attendee, one of the prayers I wrote was to find a husband with the following traits:

— God-loving person
— hardworking
— patient
— understanding
— kind

Eventually, I inserted Mr. Prince Charming’s name in my novena booklet. Hehe.

God’s answer to my prayers came one Sunday during a Feast session.

The Mass was about to start, but a female friend of mine had not arrived yet. My head would turn to the entrance door from time to time, expecting her.

But my heart skipped a beat when instead of my female friend, it was Mr. Prince Charming who appeared!

He looked more handsome than the last time we met. He also had a better physique, almost ala-Derek Ramsey. I almost swooned!

After two years, I saw him again at The Feast, the very place where I started praying for him. What else could this mean?

I was about to sing praises of joy to heaven for answering one of my prayers, when I noticed he was with a girl. Not just any girl, but a girlfriend basing on their sweetness.


The magical scene turned into a heartbreaking reality.

I was feeling totally lost during the Mass as I was focused on them. I was seated near enough where I could see but far enough where they could not notice me. Silently, I prayed, “God, I am not ready to talk to him now. Seeing him is more than enough.”

Just a few minutes after that prayer, Mr. Prince Charming and his girlfriend left the venue.

I wanted to question God for not answering my prayers exactly the way I wanted it, but I was still thankful He saved me from that awkward moment. What more, He also consoled me through the talk that day:

“Why are some of our prayers NOT granted?”

“Because God wants us to receive what is best for us.”

I proved this to be true when I met my husband in a business seminar a year after that incident.

Looking back and looking at my husband, I am grateful to God for quickly answering my prayer about Mr. Prince Charming. Although the answer was a big and resounding “NO,” He still gave me a husband with all the traits I prayed for—God-loving, hardworking, patient, understanding, kind—along with other great qualities.

Truly, when God answers our prayers with a “no,” it is because He has something better in store for us. When He delays His answers, it is because He is preparing us for big blessings.

Do not lose heart.

Keep the faith.

God knows what is best for us. 


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