DAY 4: Talk 1 – The Resurrection

Talk 1 | The Resurrection

Fr. Reginald Malicdem,
Rector of the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Manila Metropolitan Cathedral):

Easter greetings from the Manila Cathedral!

This is the second Easter Sunday that we celebrate during the time of the COVID Pandemic. But we know in the midst of this Pandemic, even if the end of this crisis seems to be still far from sight, we still have to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord…

The story of Jesus did not end when He was buried in the tomb. On the third day, He rose. There is always a third day. There is always a Resurrection.

This was also the experience of the Israelites as we read in the Old Testament. When they left Egypt, they thought that because they were already free, life would already be comfortable. Life would be easy, and soon they would enter and occupy the land promised to them by God. But what they thought would be an easy and short trip, we all know now, lasted for 40 difficult years… Many did not even make it to the Promised Land.

If you are experiencing a Good Friday now, if you are betrayed by friends, if you have been abandoned by the people you trust, if you are sick, if problems come one after the other, if you feel sorrow over the death of a loved one…

If you feel that you are buried in a bad habit, if you feel you are buried in guilt, in sin, if you feel you are buried in a dark past, if you feel you are buried in the judgment and biases of people against you, if you feel hopeless in the midst of this Pandemic, if you feel the future is bleak…

Believe that there is a Promised Land. Believe that there is a Third Day. Believe that there is a new Life awaiting you. Believe that there is a Resurrection.


Samantha Pangkey:
Let your dreams, once dead, be given light by the Almighty God. Your fears, disappointments, have been nailed on the Cross.
The impossible can happen when you truly keep the faith in God.


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