Talk 4:

Blessed To Be a Blessing

BO SANCHEZ: Everybody say, “I’m blessed to be a blessing.”

Just in case there are some here– and I know that there are — who do not know my backstory, here’s a summary:

I’ve been a missionary for 43 years. I’m ancient. But within those 43 years, the first 18 years were the years when I had a distorted theology of money. I did not like money during that era of my life. I was allergic to it. In my mind, I saw money as evil. Business was bad and I remember one day, during that time, there was this one person who came up to me, handed me a thick envelope. I opened it— P50,000. This was during a time when P50,000 was P50,000.

And I remember he told me, “Bro. Bo, this is not for Ministry. I want to give this to you. I felt God wanted me to give this to you for your needs.”

I said, “Thank you very much.”

Two hours later, I was giving that envelope to a friend that I knew had a desperate need. Two hours after. I did not want money to be in my hands longer than two hours. It’s like, I didn’t like it. But during those 18 years, I remember, my heart was torn almost every day because I would see people with financial needs.

Grinding Pain

Some of those who were in a dire situation were my fellow missionaries.

They would tell me, “You know, Bro. Bo. Wala kaming pang-tuition para sa aming mga anak. – We have no money for tuition fee of our children”

You know, they were married, they have kids.

One of them told me, “Yung Nanay ko nasa ospital. – My mother is in a hospital. We have no money to bring her out.”

You know, again and again, these were what people would tell me… And you know what… Ah, how I would compare it? Like my heart was going through a blender, a grinder. Every single day, I would feel their pain.

And you know, when you feel pain– this massive– you would think crazy thoughts. And I started entertaining “heretical” thoughts—at least during that time: What if I earned as much as I can so that I could give as much as I can.

Those were days when I started thinking: What if the ultimate purpose of money was to love people?

You know, today, people who have been attending The Feast, you’ve heard me say that again and again.

But during that time, whoa, they were like, “Gosh, is this coming from the Lord?”

I had so many doubts. But then as the years went by, I began to change my beliefs. When you change your beliefs, you know what happens? Usually, your behavior changes. When your beliefs change, your behavior changes.

And then my life began to change. And my finances began to change, and I began to grow in financial abundance. And so, I started the Truly Rich Club. And for the past 16 years, we’ve been helping thousands upon thousands of people grow in their finances.

I just want to share this with you. I want to make this very clear: I believe money is a blessing But blessing is so much bigger than money. And I believe that our biggest blessing is life with a blesser. That you have a life and a relationship with the One who is the source of every blessing– life, joy, peace, and love.

When I say that, what do I mean? I have met people who have a lot of money but they’re very poor. Have you met people like that? These are people who one day woke up to realize that all their wealth stole from them their joy, their peace, their marriage, their family, their kids, their health.

That’s what happens. When money becomes their only blessing.

No. Money is a blessing. But the blessing that God wants to give you is so much bigger. Blessing means a life with Him. Do you want that?

When you look at blessing, at its very core, and you study it– you analyze, you look at its DNA– what you realize is that God designed a blessing to be scattered.

Here’s an analogy…:

In August 2020, there was this massive explosion in Lebanon. It was so massive, it was like— hundreds of people died, thousands of people were injured. What kind of bomb did they use? People were thinking, you know, nuclear bomb?

But there was no bomb. They found out that there was this warehouse in the port and it was filled with chemicals used in fertilizers. It’s been there for six years—sitting in a warehouse– and then finally, Boom!—exploded.

Friends, think about it: Fertilizer. Fertilizer, you spread it and scatter it on a field, it will create a wonderful harvest. But you store it, and you keep it… Guess what: it becomes dangerous and it destroys.

That’s what happens to a blessing. A blessing is designed to be scattered. But if you keep it and make it a selfish project, what happens is it becomes dangerous to you and to the people around you.

Put your hand on your chest and say, “I’m blessed to be a blessing.”

Why am I sharing the Lebanon story with you? Because today we continue our Genesis series, and we are in Talk 4.

Let’s backtrack a bit… For the past three talks, we were talking about how God wanted to partner with humans. But humans said, “No.”

God was giving them the tree of blessing, and what they did was instead of partnering with God, they began to partner with this deceptive creature that was giving them another tree – the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which was a symbol of taking the blessing on their terms, for themselves, apart from God.

God was giving the blessing but they said, “No, we’re going to take the blessing on our terms, for ourselves, apart from God.

So, this is what’s God’s plan. God’s plan was: humans multiply and fill the Earth with abundance.

And the man said, “I’m going to multiply and I’m going to do it without You.” So, what happens is they fill the Earth with violence.

That was the world of the Tower of Babel.

I want you to be honest with me. Do you have even a slight recall of this story called the Tower of Babel? Like, “Yeah, kind of like heard about that in school.”

Okay, let’s read:

Why Babel?

Just to give you a little background: Why Babel? Where does it come from?Here it is: Babel is Babylon.

If you’ve been attending The Feast for quite a while, you kind of like say, “Babylon, Babylon. You know, that name keeps on coming up…”

Absolutely. In the mind of the biblical authors, Babylon is the ultimate bad boy. Why? Because the book of Genesis and the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible — were written during the Babylonian exile.

In the year 597 BC – 2,500 years ago—the Babylonian soldiers conquered Jerusalem. And they basically destroyed everything there. And then they put in chains all healthy Jews and then they marched them for 2,000 miles to Babylon. And the Jews lived in the land of their oppressors as slaves for 70 years.

I want you to know, when you think about it, for the Jews at that particular time, who could be worse? Who could be the symbol of the worst evil than Babylon?

So, they write the story of a group of people who, yeah, Tower of Babel!

And this is the funny thing: If you use modern eyes, you read the text, and you say, “Si Lord, insecure.”

At that time, the people were organizing, they wanted to build a city. Oh, ang ganda di ba? Beautiful, right?

But you think, “Si Lord naman, na-threaten. –God is threatened.”

That’s modern-eyes seeing and modern-mind thinking. This is a text that’s 2,000, almost 3,000 years old. Please do not use modern eyes and modern thinking when you read it. Think of the people there and why they wrote it.

And Here’s the Inspiration…

Let’s read:

Verse 1: At one time, all the people of the world spoke the same language and used the same words.

This is Chapter 11. You know what Chapter 10 said? That people were already speaking different languages. In Verse 20, Verse 30 of Chapter 10, people were already speaking in different tongues.

And then, all of a sudden, in Chapter 11, Verse 1, they were speaking in only one language. Huh?

Again, if you’re reading with modern eyes, you don’t get this. But here’s the thing: Do not read the Bible literally. I will probably say that in every talk– for the whole part of Genesis.

I’ll give you another basic example: Genesis 1 and Genesis 2, do you know that those are two Creation stories? Two. Not one—two Creation stories in Genesis And they’re different. In Genesis 1, God created animals before humans.

In Genesis 2, God created humans first and then animals. Why the conflict? Because the authors of Genesis, their intention—they were okay with the conflicts. Why? They were not writing a Science textbook. They were writing a faith book. They were writing about their faith. They were writing Theology. They were writing about their relationship with God.

And so, here’s the thing: Respect the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit inspired the Genesis authors to write it in this way. In their mind, they were not writing a history book when they wrote Genesis 1, 2, 3, 5, 11. No. They were writing how they looked at life and how they looked at God and how they looked at themselves. So, we need to respect that.

If you read the Bible literally, in this section, you’re not respecting the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit inspired them to do that. Let’s follow.

The People Began To Build the Tower

AUDEE VILLARAZA: Everybody say, “I’m blessed to be a blessing.” Tell somebody beside you, “So, share your blessing.”

We’re going to continue studying this passage in the book of Genesis.

So, what happens next? It says in Verse 2 (Read above).

You know, this was ingenious of them during that time. Let me explain… To us, this looks a bit primitive. Because, you know, with our high-tech gadgets, our electronic cars, our 5-G network, our Netflix, this is like caveman talk. But using this technology enabled the people during that time to accomplish two goals:

No.1: They solidified the tower that they were building. It was strong, it had good foundation.

No.2. They waterproofed the tower. Scientists believe that Noah used the same technique in building the Ark. Anticipating the Great Flood, he waterproofed the Ark using big bricks and asphalt, joining them together. And even the mother of Moses—scientists believe that she used the same method.*

*According to the book of Exodus, Joseph, the son of Jacob, could interpret dreams. Joseph was adopted by the Pharoah of Egypt—and based on a dream of the Pharoah– Joseph was able to discern that there would be a drought and, consequently, famine in the whole world.

Impressed, the Pharoah appointed Joseph as Viceroy, meaning, the second in command in Egypt, to store food in preparation for the famine– which indeed happened from 1250 to 1100 B.C.

Hearing that there was food in Egypt, the Israelites—Jacob and his clan– who lived in Canaan (later known as Israel) transferred to Egypt, and eventually, Joseph took care of them.

Fast forward 430 years later, the reigning Pharoah at this time saw the Israelites, whose population had bloated to some 3 million, had well prospered and he feared the Israelites might be becoming powerful. So, the Pharoah ordered midwives to kill Israelite babies that they deliver from

Israelite women.

Jochebed, an Israelite slave, saved her baby, Moses, by putting him in a basket – which, as scientists say, she waterproofed– and let it float on the Nile River. Moses’ sister Miriam watched over him from a distance, until she saw an Egyptian princess found Moses. The princess had no children, so she adopted Moses who would then become a prince in Egypt and eventually would lead the Israelites to freedom.

They Did Not Trust God

So, to put up the Tower of Babel, the people used bricks and asphalt technology to solidify the tower– but also at the same time waterproofed it. And you know, when you read the text– it’s not explicitly said– but when you actually think about it, this is somehow an indication that the people of Babel did not trust God. Why?

Remember what happened in the event before the Tower of Babel? God flooded the world. So, in a way, in their sense, they were saying, “ God is going to kill us again. We might as well fortify our tower—so we can have a place to stay in.”

They were saying, “We don’t really trust that God would not destroy the world anymore.”

And They Became Arrogant

God said, “No longer will I destroy the world.”

But the people didn’t believe Him. So, they waterproofed the tower.

That’s one thing.

This was a huge leap in terms of advancement during their time. It was so high-tech– baking bricks and putting them together using asphalt. And you know what? In their advancement—and this usually still happens even up to today—they became arrogant. They became stubborn.

And you know that happens in life? Sometimes, you advance in your life, and you become arrogant. You become proud. You feel like everybody who is below you is not worth your time– you know. Anybody like that? They advance in life, they become abundant and all of a sudden they become proud. The people they used to hang out with are no longer their friends – because they feel that those people are beneath them.

I remember a story – I hope this is okay– I’m going to say this in Tagalog…

Pedro’s Story

Here is a translation for the non-Tagalogs: Mang Pedro used to have a simple life.

He was not rich, but he was not poor either.

But one day, he became rich.

He planted pineapple and eventually had a beautiful, beautiful hacienda, a farm.

But you know, Mang Pedro changed.

He became too proud.

One day, Juan, his friend he had not seen for a long time, arrived.

And their conversation went this way:

JUAN: “Pedro, I heard you became rich. I’m hungry. May I have even a little pineapple?”

PEDRO, glaring at Juan: “Why? Where were you when I was planting here under the heat of the sun? Under rain, storm. Where were you when I was tilling the soil? Where were you when I was plowing the field? The pineapples, I was carrying them, while I was pushing away snakes—where were you?”

JUAN: “Sorry, Pedro. I was jailed.” PEDRO: “Huh, why were you jailed?” JUAN: “I killed somebody.”

PEDRO: “Who? Where?”

JUAN: “A guy. There, in the other village.” PEDRO: “Why did you kill him?

JUAN: “Because he was so greedy!

PEDRO: Oh…? Oh, here, I have plenty of pineapples. Get all you can.

I also have santol. Do you like them?”


When Your Ego Gets So Big

That story of Pedro is not a true story, by the way. But you know, that happens. Sometimes, you advance in life – if you get it well. And sometimes, you reach fame and fortune—and what happens? You forget the very people who were with you when you were still broke, poor, and unpopular.

Or you get so good at what you do in life – you earn Master’s and Ph. D., doctorate degrees, and all of a sudden, you reject the feedback of people.

You don’t like being criticized because you’re like, “Who in the world are they to tell me that I’m wrong?”


May I confess something? I have to watch it sometimes, especially I, being  leader, or being a person of the Lord… that I never get to a place where people can no longer criticize what I do. Because I know when I arrive in that place and time, I know that it’s all about me now—no longer what God is doing through me.

I have to be very careful. You know, sometimes, when people give criticism, I feel offended. Has that ever happened to you?

You know your heart is pure, your intention is good but you feel offended.

That’s when I know that it’s no longer, you know, that God’s side of me. It’s my ego that is talking.

The ego is a good thing, my friends, because your ego will protect you – from being harmed, from getting hurt. But when your ego gets so big, what happens? You start making it all about you. And then you’re no longer open for people’s correction.

You know, God’s correction is also His affection. Sometimes, the only way that God can correct you is by allowing you to be humiliated—allowing you to be embarrassed. Because how in the world can God kill your pride if you never fall in life?

Solution: Go to the Cross

So, that’s what happened. The people of Babel became so arrogant.

And sometimes, when that happens, when you become arrogant, the actual blessing becomes a curse. What God meant to bless you with, the enemy is now using to destroy you. Now, how do you solve this? I’ve got a simple answer.

You want to know how to solve this—you want to make a name

for yourself and you think that it’s all about you? How? Simple:

Go to the Cross. Why? Because only at the Cross will your self-inflated version of yourself will be reduced to the proper size. Because, man, when you look at the Cross, you realize– you think

that you’re all that. But then you see what Jesus did. You see that He’s all great, and He’s all-powerful. It reduces you to the proper size of your ego.

Only at the Cross where you realize, “My gosh, even if I’m so imperfect, even if I’m so limited, I am completely and deeply loved by this God!”

Can we clap our hands for the love of God? So, live at the Cross.

Check out what happens next:

The NIV version says :

This is a picture of our arrogance. How we like to erect monuments in our name. We like to glorify ourselves because we love receiving medals, we love to have achievements, and trophies—all these. And that’s good. We celebrate all those victories.

But the moment these start getting into your head and into your heart, what happens? Your head becomes so big that you try to make a name for yourself.

What They Really Wanted

But here’s the thing: The Genesis author is saying that the people of Babel wanted fame, right?

We want to become famous. But if you study the Bible– and this is the reason the Bible is amazing— you’ve got to really sit down and study the Bible.

The text says, Come, let’s build a great city for ourselves with a tower that reaches—into where? the sky.

In the Jewish language, sky represents that place where God is divine —that place where only God can occupy.

So, not only were they saying, “We want to be famous.” You know what they really wanted?

They wanted to be God.

Isn’t this pointing us somewhere? Little déjà vu– overly familiar: Adam and Eve. Instead of just being satisfied with being God’s image, they wanted to be God.

And this is a problem with a lot of us. We’re not content with who we are.

We want more. We want to become God in our sense. We want to make a name for ourselves.

That’s what’s happening to the people of Babel. They wanted a name for themselves.

So, what did God do? God scattered them. God divided them. And it says here:

Trials Make You Stronger

There’s nobody who will ever say that. We don’t like having trials.

But here’s the thing: trials can be your greatest blessing. Why?

Isn’t it true: that the reason you are strong today– that you can enjoy your strength today- – is you endured the struggle yesterday? If you never went to a season of being hungry, you’ll never know what it feels like to be filled up.

If you have never gone through a heartbreak, you’ll never know that God can easily bandage your wounds and heal your soul. If you never went through a single miracle in your life, you will never know that God can accomplish immeasurably more than whatever you can ask for or imagine.

It’s the trials that make you stronger. It’s the trials that make you wiser, that make you lean in on God all the more. And so, whenever we sin, we have to face the consequences. We have to be judged by God. But here’s the good news you need to hear today. When you come before the Lord every single day, every single time, with a contrite heart, you know what happens? God’s judgement becomes His mercy.

Let me explain this.

Think about it: If God allowed the people of Babel to just continue doing what they were doing—building a tower. God did not stop them. Let’s say they succeeded. Guess what would have happened? They would have completely destroyed themselves. And so, God dispersed them. So, in a way, you could see God’s judgement. But you could also see God’s mercy.

If God did not allow you to go through that downward spiral in your life, you would have completely destroyed yourself. You would have completely consumed yourself. So, by allowing you to go through that struggle, God was judging you– yes. But He was also saving you. He was also rescuing you. So, God’s judgement is actually the blessing that you don’t want—but desperately need in your life.

So, praise God for His judgement. But we really praise Him for His mercy.

Man’s Plan… God’s Promise

What is judgement and what is mercy?

Judgement is for all the things that you did wrong against the Lord– you need to be punished for it, right? That’s God’s judgement. But instead of punishing you for it, what did God do? He forgave you. That’s mercy.

I’m grateful for God’s justice—we need it. But what I really need is God’s mercy. And we praise Him for He’s got mercy.

Praise God.

What happens next?

We move now to a different part of the story. And this is strange. You know, the Bible sometimes is strange.

Like in this chapter– Chapter 11– the author talks about an entire race.

Like, you know, the people of Babylon. And then all of a sudden, he shifts gears. He starts talking about one man— and if this were a Hollywood movie, you’d probably, you know, judge this wrongly.

Like, this would get poor mixed reviews. Because you’re talking about this, and then all of a sudden you swing here.

Check it out: It says in Chapter 11, the guy was talking about the whole race.

But then in Chapter 12, the author talks about one guy.

Who is Abram? You probably know him as Abraham?

But before Abraham became the father of all nations, he was first known as Abram, this no-name guy.

Did you catch that part? In Verse 2, God says to Abram, “And I will make you a great nation and I will bless you and make your name great….”

Everything Is a Gift

In Chapter 11, the author is talking about the plans of man: “What are we going to do?

We’re going to build a tower so high that it reaches the sky.”

But then in Chapter 12, it’s no longer the plan of man—it’s about the promises of God.

The Bible says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it’s the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21

So, I praise God that His purpose is prevailing. His promises prevail.

In Chapter 11, the people wanted a blessing from the Lord. That’s what

Bro. Bo Sanchez preached: They wanted to grab a blessing.

But in Chapter 12, God is giving a blessing to somebody who didn’t even want it in the first place.

So, what is the Lord trying to tell us? God wants somebody here to know: You need to stop grasping at things that God would give freely.

Stop at grabbing at things that you know God can freely give to you. I mean, everything in life is a gift. Your life is a gift. Your breath is a gift. Your feet are a gift. Your relationships are gifts. Everything is a gift. So, when you begin to understand that, hey, you’re going to stop stealing, and stepping, and fighting, and clawing, and grabbing.

You see, the culture of the world is this: “If I want to ascend in life, what I’m going to do is I’m going to step on people to go up, to go a little bit higher.”

That’s the culture of the world.

But remember that Jesus reminds us, in the book of Matthew, that whoever exalts himself shall be humbled. And whoever humbles himself shall be exalted. So, Jesus is telling us: If you want to ascend in life, don’t step on people.

You know what you need to do? You need to descend. You need to lower yourself. You humble yourself and you serve people. And then, He will make your name great.

Your job is not greatness, my friend. Our job is obedience, it’s humility, it’s service. It’s all these because God’s job is greatness.

Turning Point

So, we know that God chose Abraham to be a blessing—he and his family. But, you know, if you read the Bible chapter after chapter, you will realize that it didn’t happen. Instead of being a blessing, they became a curse.

And this is a pattern that happens throughout Scripture. But not just in Scripture – even in life itself. How sometimes we choose to be the curse instead of the blessing.

Cain was blessed with a family. But instead of being a blessing, he became a curse. Adam and Eve—they were blessed with the garden– they became a curse.

Even Abraham and his family. This is a tragic pattern.

The people of Babel, they were blessed. Instead, what happened? They chose to be a curse.

But you know, I thank God that man doesn’t have the last word. God has the final word. Because this event was not the event that shaped history. There was another event that became the turning point of Christianity.

What event am I talking about? I’m talking about Pentecost.

Remember, at Babel, people wanted to reach the sky—to be on the same level as God. They wanted to reach the sky. But at Pentecost, God was the one who came down — because He wanted to be at the level of man. At Babel, people gathered themselves to make a name for themselves—to exalt one another. But at Pentecost, God actually united everybody to exalt the Name above every other Name. The Name of Jesus.

At Babel, people wanted to get the blessing. But at Pentecost God was the One who came down to give the blessing.

What Blessing?

In the book of Luke, Jesus gives an instruction to His disciples.

He says: Stay here in the city, until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power from heaven.

I know that you know that we like the blessing in our time. When we’re in need of a miracle, we want the miracle right here, right now. We want to be blessed by God. The truth is, that’s who we are. Sometimes, we don’t trust God in the timing– that we want the blessing right now.

But what is Jesus saying? There’s no need for you to grab every blessing out there. There’s no need for you to steal and be depressed if you feel that you’re not blessed. Because Jesus is saying, you don’t have to struggle. What you need to do, sometimes, is just stay.

Fr. Martin said it so beautifully earlier. He said to remain at the feet of Jesus. Jesus said, “Remain in me and I remain in you.”

Stay. Stay in the house of God. Stay in God’s favor. Stay in His love. Stay.

All you got to do is just wait for the blessing. And the blessing will come.

But what blessing am I talking about?

Bro. Bo hinted at this a little earlier. But let me just close this with his message. In Verse 3, God said to Abram:

What blessing are we talking about? Is it a blessing of wealth? Is it a blessing of long life? Is it a blessing of prosperity? What blessing is this?

Matthew gives us the answer. Because Matthew starts his chapter with the genealogy of Jesus—the record of the ancestors of Jesus, the origin of Jesus.

From the bloodline of Abraham came the greatest blessing that the world had ever known: Jesus Christ.

So, you see, the blessing is actually not a blessing—it’s the Blesser. Like Bro. Bo said: It’s having life with the Blesser.

Because when you have the life of Jesus within you, guess what: He will be the One to make your name great. He will the One to lift your name in places where man-made towers will never ever reach. He will be the One to mention your name in rooms where your feet have not walked into yet. He will make your name great. Because that’s who He is.

But here’s the promise:

The blessing will not fall just on you– but it will fall in your home. Salvation shall come to your house. Your children will be blessed. Your children’s children will be blessed.

Because you follow Jesus. He will make your name great. It’s not your job to make your name great. Your job is to follow Jesus. And He will be the One to make you great.

We exalt Him because He’s the Name above every other name. But we want to proclaim the blessing of God in this place– that blessing will come in the form of Jesus. He will be the One to bless you. He will be the One to bless your marriage. He will be the One to bless your finances. He’ll be the One to bless your health. He’ll be the One to bless your household.

Receive the Bountiful Blessings!

So, let’s open our arms right now to receive these bountiful blessings that only God can bestow on us.

Jesus, look at Your children right now as we lift up our hands towards You. Know that we’re in full surrender. We acknowledge that we can’t do it alone. The power that You have given to us is limited by our strength.

But we thank You that we don’t have to walk in weakness. We can walk in Your strength.

Father, come to us right now. We proclaim that the blessing that You have bestowed on Abraham that day is still in effect with us right now. That once the blessing flows, we don’t want it to flow on closed hands but with open arms so that it could continuously flow into our life for us to share to every person.

We are blessed to be a blessing. And we just declare this abundance that You will send in our life in the form of Your Son, Jesus Christ. In the mighty Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

We Say Yes!

I remember, a few years ago, I went to visit my mom and my sister– in our family home in the building my mom owns… And I saw they had a guest.

Later, when he already left, I had to ask my mom, who was the guy.

My mom just said he owns a company. Curious,

I googled his name and I found out he’s the 25th richest man in the Philippines. I wouldn’t have guessed because he was wearing just a casual shirt and jogging pants. And later, I also found out he doesn’t even want his staff to call him “Sir.”

Anyway, this man has become one of our very generous donors to our mission.

He would always tell me, “It’s a privilege to help — because God blessed me… Everything I have is the Lord’s…I’m just a steward of His blessings.”

Imagine if we can all be like him. Instead of making a name for ourselves, we can make a name for Jesus. Because we know it’s the Lord who will make us great.

I know you have a lot of plans. Yes, you’ve got plans. Yes, you’ve got dreams.

Yes, you’ve got goals.

But here’s my message: I want you to focus yourself not just on your plans but on the Lord’s purpose. Because at the end of your life, it is His purpose that will prevail. Stop chasing blessings after blessings, after blessings, and just stay where you are and God will be the One to bless you.

The word Amen means we say Yes. We say Yes to His purpose.

We say Yes to His will. We say Yes to His love.

Lord, wherever You will send us, we say Amen to that. Whoever You will call us to love, we say Amen to that. However You want to use us in Your Kingdom, we say Amen to that. Amen!




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