Big Day

THE Healing Love of God is flowing into your life right now. I’m declaring it. I’m speaking forth these words: The Healing Love of God is flowing into your life. Amen and Amen.

If you want to receive the Healing Power of God, if you want to pray for healing power of God, you need to act in three ways.

Number 1: Seek God.

All throughout the Bible, God heals. In the Gospels, Jesus heals thousands. The same Jesus walked in Galilee 2000 years ago is the same Jesus here living with us. You pray as you go to Mass, as you go to The Feast. Jesus and His healing are the same yesterday today and forever.

I say it again: God’s Healing Love is flowing into your life. Seek it. But when I say seek God’s healing, I’m not just saying pray for God’s healing. But seek it, work for it, cooperate with His Grace.

I’ll tell you a sad story…

I was praying for someone with lung cancer, and then we chit-chat, and we ate together, and then after we ate, I saw him go to the back of his house, and I saw him smoking.

No judgment. I don’t know why he still does that. He knows it’s wrongand all that. He has lung cancer but he still smokes. No judgement. I am not condemning this particular person because I don’t know his reason, and I don’t know his situation.

All I am saying is, generally, when you say I seek God’s healing, you’re not only praying for it– but you’re finding ways by which you can cooperate with the grace of God that brings healing. So that means finding a way to live a healthy lifestyle, finding ways to have healthier habits, learning how to take care of your body. I just needed to say that.

Number 2, very important, you need to surrender to God’s Plan.

I connect this to what I shared last week:

God knows better how to heal you. He knows if the healing would be instant—or would it be gradual? Would it be with the help of medicines, would God use a doctor, or surgery?

You know, we just need to leave that up to God– even leave the chance that… what if God does not want to heal you physically, but He wants to heal you spiritually, or some other ways?

You know, we have no control. There is no formula. But that’s the message we shared with you last week. And I’m going repeat it today: Do not trust any formula. If there’s a preacher or any healing book that says there’s a formula —“You do this: A,B,C,D, and the healing will happen. Guaranteed!”

Hmmm, do not trust a formula. There is no formula.

Trust in God. Trust that He knows best. And there are times that He does not answer the way we want Him to answer. You say, “I surrender myself to Your plan. Because Your plan is the best.”

And one day, we will find out. One day, “We’re going say, “Ay, kaya pala… Maybe, that day is here on Earth. Maybe, it’s in Heaven. Where we kind of like, “Oh, that’s why God answered our prayer in a different way.”

But there’s Number 3.

At the end of the day, why does God heal us? So that we can follow Him and serve Him.

You know, when Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law—I love what happens after– she waits on them. She serves them.

The purpose of healing is so that you can serve in any circumstance– whether the healing comes instantly, whether the healing comes slowly, whether God heals in another way, you just say, “I’m gonna serve You, Lord.  I’m gonna follow You all the days of my life.”

Big Day
August 29, 2021    


I would like to be with you and journey with you on our ongoing series, a special series brought to you by the Feast Bay Area District: HEAL, where we talk about Hope, Encouragement, Aspiration, and Love.

My Feast Family, may I ask you to journey with me as we rediscover what it means to heal through this series where Christ is. And our talk today is about Aspiration.

And our big message for you today is God’s Timing Is Never Too Late. We continue to dive deep into our Gospel story coming from Mark 5:21-40 where we read about a local synagogue official named Jairus who put down his pride, who put down his reputation, his title of being a leader, a rabbi—so that he could go to Jesus and ask healing for his daughter who was sick and dying. But on their way back to Jairus’s house, lo and behold, their journey is disrupted by a woman—who was internally bleeding 12 years. And we think this is all the story for us, we think that is the end. There’s more. It’s just beginning.

But before I continue, I want to ask you a question: Have you regretted not doing something that you know could have helped you right now with the present situation or could have been better later, or moments from now, or days from now.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Sayang… Dapat ginawa ko ‘yan dati pa. E, di wala ako sa sitwasyon ko ngayon. (Too bad… I should have done this early on. Had I done so, I won’t be in this situation now.)

Or, “Sayang… hindi ko sinabi ‘yung dapat kong sinabi. (Too bad… I should have said what I was supposed to say.)

Because time that has gone is moment that we have to let go and whatever is yet to come, we should not burden ourselves with worrying. Why? Because God’s timing is never too late.

Friends, God’s timing is never too late, or too soon either. God’s timing is always perfect—not the way we expect it, or plan it to be. But just how God designed it to be for your particular situation– what you’re going through right now.

God’s timing is perfect. God’s timing is never too late.

But just a disclaimer… This does not mean that we don’t do anything anymore and just let God handle everything. On the contrary… Let’s unravel and explore our Gospel story today. We read from Mark 5: 27-29:

Friends, the bleeding woman here that Mark is talking about is of an actual situation. But this is also a parallelism with the nation of Israel. This woman bleeding for 12 years represents Israel as she also represents us today.

I ask you another question, dear friends:

Perhaps, God is calling us to the consecrated life, to the religious life.

Or He is calling us to that committed relationship in the gift of marriage. Or right now, God is calling you to reach out to someone who you know needs your help or just listening ears.

Dear friends, here’s one last lesson I learned from the bleeding woman: If you know that’s how Jesus is calling you– to be like Him to others today, this is what I am going to say to you:

Even when you’re doubtful, even if you know it’s God calling you, take the chance, take the risk, no matter what others will say. If it’s God, do it afraid.

We continue our story: Friends, notice how Jesus took notice…Not just that He felt healing power leave Him, but that a woman touched or pulled His robe.

But despite the many people crowding around Him— I can imagine the situation. Just imagine that you’re following with the crowd and you’re with the noisy crowd, murmuring, gossiping about what Jesus would do next– what’s going to happen, why He went with Jairus, how He is going to heal the daughter of Jairus.

I bet if that situation happens today, it would be like Jairus being a celebrity and everyone around Him are media people, cameramen, fans asking for autographs, selfies, or whatnot, and the disciples possibly being crowd-control for Jesus.

But inspite of this heavy and rowdy crowd, note that pull from this woman, bleeding for 12 years, as she crawled through the crowd so that she could pull that robe of Jesus. She didn’t just pull the robe of Jesus but she pulled His heart as well towards her.

Jesus could not have noticed her and just went on His way. He was in a hurry to heal the daughter of Jairus. But He stopped to take notice and looked for this woman.

Imagine the pain that she had to go through the crowd, through 12 years of internal bleeding. Imagine that and at that very moment she touched, maybe even pinched, and maybe a little tug for the robe of Jesus healed her.  Imagine that and if you were this woman, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be noticed. I’m sure at that very moment that you touched Jesus’ robe, you would crawl into obscurity. You would want to be unnoticed. You would not want to bring attention to yourself.

Why? Because you have an internal bleeding. And at that time, people who had an internal bleeding or any form of bleeding are considered ritualistically unclean. And though this woman’s aspiration or desperation rather, was to be healed of her 12 years of internal bleeding, Jesus’ aspiration was to have a personal relationship with her.

And not just to single her out of the crowd to embarrass her or humiliate her. No. But despite this internal bleeding that made her ritualistically unclean–to Jewish law, among the Jewish society– Jesus wanted to have a personal relationship with her.

Her aspiration to be healed by Jesus was borne out of desperation. But Jesus’ aspiration to search and find the woman was borne out of love. And once He finds her, dear friends, He calls her not by any name that would marginalize her, that would make her an outcast, that would label her as Jewish society would label her. But Jesus calls her by the name God calls all of us today as well: a daughter, a son, a child of God.

How many times did you believe lies others are trying to impose on you? How many times would others tell you what you should be or what you should be doing in your life?

Now, this doesn’t mean that we discount or we don’t take into consideration the wisdom of others. But my question is this: Whose voice is louder in your heart when you’re in a crisis? Is it that of God? Is it that of yourself? Or is it that of others?

Let’s continue…The story is just beginning…

Knowing God in a New, Fresh Way

You know one thing I love about the Bible is that it’s not boring. You can take a piece of Scripture and then read it again and again and again and still manage to receive so many messages.

Because I believe this is what we are experiencing as we’d been dissecting the story, we’re still learning so much. We still have one more week to go but I believe that the story can still tell us so much and somehow when you think about it, that’s also symbolic of how God is. You think you know God. But He somehow shows another facet of His personality.

Some of you know God only as a Provider. But then you come to discover that He is also a Restorer. Some of you know God only as a Healer, and then you come to discover He is also an Encourager.

So, that’s my prayer for you today: that you would get to know God in a fresh, new way.

Anyway, let’s go back to our study. Bro. Tony Valenzuela preached a wonderful, powerful message about this bleeding woman. But you know, we’ve been talking about this woman for a couple of weeks now that I think we have neglected Jairus, the synagogue leader. And I wonder if that’s also Jairus felt – that Jesus forgot all about him.

Jesus, while He was talking to the crowd and the woman, someone comes to Jairus and said, “Your daughter is dead.”

Can you imagine– how Jairus must had felt like. What he must be thinking. You know, he was the first to call on Jesus. They were on the way to his house when this woman caused the delay. And as a parent, I can completely empathize with Jairus at this point.

If I were Jairus, I would completely air my grievances to Jesus. I’d be like, “Jesus, I was the first to call on you. If you did not stop to heal this woman, my daughter would still be alive. Why did you give priority to this woman? My daughter needed You more.”

And You know, somehow, I wonder how many of us have used that same script in talking to God– at least once in our life– when the Lord seems to be putting priority to other people’s prayer more than ours.

We complain to the Lord and say, “Come on, Lord, I need you more. My dreams are more important. My needs are more important. Come on, make them more your first priority. Listen to me.”

Who are we to tell the Lord who and what to give priority to? Remember this: that God has a different timing. That’s what Bro. Tony was saying. God is on a different clock. He doesn’t see linear like we do. We only see one way. But God sees in every way—past, present, and future. He sees across space and time. If that’s the case, our job is not to teach God. But it’s to trust God. To trust in God’s timing.

Do you want to know what it really means, what it truly means to trust God? Okay.

To trust means to adjust. That means that even if you’ve got a timeline on what you want—to be promoted, or to get married, or to get pregnant, or to get healed, or to get better—and it doesn’t happen according to your  schedule, you’re not afraid. Why?

Because you trust, you’re willing to adjust. That’s what it means to trust the Lord. You give up the things you cannot control because you trust and believe that in God’s Kingdom, a rejection is not a denial. It’s not a delay.

Sometimes, it’s just a detour. And if God wills it to be, it’s going to happen according to His plan. And in His perfect His perfect timing

But you know what, Jesus actually gives us the best encouragement on this subject.

He says this in verse 36:

You know what? You got to give Jesus the credit. He knew in advance what Jairus must had been feeling—just like He knows what you need even before you open your mouth. So, Jesus tells Jairus, two lessons —and I believe He wants us to learn them.

Somehow, you know, it seems almost cruelthat Jesus would like to ask this from a man who just lost his daughter. I mean, I as a parent, if I lost a child, fear would be one of the many emotions I would feel. Anxiety, despair, anger would come next.

But Jesus says this. Why?

Because He knew Fear and Faith do not go together.

Let me explain…     

Fear and Faith—they cannot go together. Just like water and oil. Just like toothpaste and orange juice. How many of you brush your teeth and drink orange juice? They are yucky. You cannot exercise and exorcise at the same time. Because one has to be greater than the other.

So, if you feel afraid today because of the many uncertainties of life, here’s my advice: Try substituting that Fear with Faith.

Here’s the second lesson Jesus is teaching us: Again, Jesus says, “Just have faith.”

But Bro. Audee, it’s so easy to say, “Just have faith.”

But when you’re at the end of that rope, it’s hard to have faith. When you lose your job because your company is trying to downsize, it’s easy to lose your faith. When your family get COVID, you’re all symptomatic—it’s hard to have faith…

Take note, I’m not the one who said it. Jesus said it. Remember that is Jesus – He who overcame the world. He was the Word who dwelt among us. He who dealt death with its final blow.

Jesus says, “Just have faith.”

And when Jesus says “Just have faith, you don’t try to figure it out. You don’t make sense of the situation. Instead, you just have faith.

Fear will tell you, “Hey, this is beyond hope.”

But you know what, Faith will tell you, “There’s always hope.”

Why? Because this is not the end. Jesus will always come to our aid. Do you have enough faith to believe that Jesus can make a way even there seems to be no way? Come on, raise your hand if you believe that. Do you believe that even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4) that God is with you?

Come on, say “Amen.”

Because David says…

Some of you might say it’s so cruel for Jesus to delay healing of Jairus’s daughter. But if you really study the text, you’ll note that this was curated by the Messiah. Why?

So that He could preach a powerful message today. Jesus wanted the people to know and today, He wants you and me to know, that He is in control. Even when there’s a detour, Jesus is in control. Even when there’s a delay, Jesus is still in control. And ultimately, even there’s death, Jesus is still in control.

Now, I don’t know why God is allowing this Pandemic to persist. None of us do. Not Bro. Bo, not Bro. Tony, not even Fr. Bob. We don’t know why God allows the hungry to starve. Why God allows abusers to remain in power. Why He allows the faithful to suffer.e He allows the faithful He allall

But you know what? Maybe our job is not ask God Why? Maybe that’s something we do once we get up there when we come face to face with our Creator. But while we’re down here… What if our job is not to ask Why, or When, or How? What if our job is to ask God What?

What do You want me to do at this time, Lord? What do You want me to do, Lord, during this Pandemic? What do You want me to do when I step outside? What do You want me to do as people suffer?

Why? Is the question you ask when you”re trying to make sense of something. But What? is a question you ask because you trust that God is doing something and you want to align yourself to what He is doing.

Let me ask this and then I will stop. Do you believe that God is doing something this time? Lift your hand if you believe. Do you believe that God is guiding, God is still leading?

Here’s what you do:

You pursue the pull of the Holy Spirit.

I want you to ask the Lord: “What do You want me to do right now, this moment?”

Because Jesus, He responded to the pull of Jairus. But get this: He also responded to the pull of the bleeding woman. All because He was so sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If you aspire to be a Jesus follower, you need to feel the pull of the Holy Spirit. And then you follow that pull. Now is not the time to be selfish, my friend. It is not the time to be indifferent. But now is the time to feel God’s pull and then to follow it. Keep hoping. Keep believing. Keep serving. Keep aspiring. And keep trusting that God’s timing is never too late. Because it’s always right on time.

Praise God for this message. Say “Hallelujah!” if you are blessed.

Lord, we thank You for this Word that ministers to all of us over our situation we are going through… Father in Heaven, we thank You that Your message has pierced our heart. But I pray, Lord, that the Word You uttered, the Word spoken over the life of Your child today, would not just land on dry ground but it would land on fresh, new soil, oh Lord, so that it would bear roots, it would dig deep.

It would create this foundation, so that Your Word would bear fruit. God, thank You so much for the way You are constantly speaking to us.


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