A Tidal Wave of Scandals

IT was depressing.

A popular preacher, known for his charisma, who pastors showbiz stars, was caught in adultery.

Almost at the same time, a world-famous Bible teacher and apologist, known for his uprightness, died of cancer. But after his death, a number of women spoke up, alleging that he sexually abused them. Apparently, he was living a double life for decades?

As Catholics, we know that the Church has been rocked again and again by the horrors of pedophilia.

But here’s the truth: Whatever evil took over these preachers is also present in us. The same temptation. The same weakness. The same sin.

Today, we tackle a sensitive topic. But more than answers, we get marching orders from God. I know you will be empowered today!

May your dreams come true,