True believers and followers … this is how I see my parents.  They are what I call devoted Christians, serving both in our parish and Couples for Christ Community. My brother and I started as Sunday Catholics. We would only join our parents as an obligation, but the teachings did not seem to get to the core of my heart.

At age 15, I declared myself to be an agnostic, to my mom’s horror!

My mom kept praying for me, steadfast in the belief that I would have faith in God. I, on the other hand, was ignorant of God’s existence and, many times, I asked Him to show me proof He existed in an extraordinary and supernatural way. But, I never got any answer until 2015.

I was at my rock bottom – broken-hearted and searching for Him. That was the time I felt I was at the lowest and the saddest part of my life. It’s as if I was aimlessly wandering in a world that collapsed around me to the point where I became overpowered by an extreme unknown fear.  I went to Japan that year and stayed with a friend who brought me to a Christian service. The experience piqued my curiosity about God’s existence.

When I came back from my Japan trip, my curiosity about God was still with me and I started checking for a community that would somehow help me find answers to God’s existence.  My uncle was a follower of Bo Sanchez’s Feast on TV.  He suggested that I try joining their gathering. My mom readily agreed and insisted I attend since it is a Catholic community.

I first came to The Feast Center as a walk-in attendee. At first, I was uncomfortable seeing people raising their hands while singing. I wanted to run away again.  However, I was led to immediately join and serve with the Media Ministry of WFFA (Wednesday Feast Festival Alabang). I thought I’d continue joining The Feast services, and gave myself 6 months to find out if this is really where I will find my faith.  I was on my 5th month when I sensed God calling me to serve the Intercessory Ministry.

Thanks to my WFFA family,

I can now say that I am a true believer of God. And because I am blessed, I hope to bless others too with my story and my service for His glory!

I was surprised to discover proof of God’s existence happening in a natural and ordinary way. Slowly, I came to understand how my LG (Light Group) friends and ministry co-members were God’s answers to my prayers. It was a long process, but somehow, I knew my faith in Him had been rekindled in a unique and extraordinary way. Now, nothing can separate me from my relationship with Him.  It is truly amazing how he worked on me, making me see His existence through a very small way, yet its impact was undeniably significant.