How To Live in God’s Radical Generosity

Talk 1: Your Father Knows What You Need

Why do we worry?

We worry because we feel we lack the resources we need to live a good life.If we see a world of scarcity, it’s easy to be afraid. If we see a world of scarcity, it’s easy to be selfish.

Countries also worry about lacking resources to survive. So, they explore for more resources, even to the point of going to war with other countries to have the resources they need.

But Jesus saw a universe of abundance, provided by our generous God.  Our brand-new series, PLENTY, presents how we can live in God’s radical generosity.

Talk 1’s key message is God knows what we need.

Talk 2: You Have More Than Enough

PLENTY, our brand-new Feast Talk Series, presents the reason we worry and go to war: We see a world of scarcity. But Jesus sees a universe of abundance.

Last week, Talk 1 assured Your Father Knows What You Need.

This week, Talk 2 assures You Have More Than Enough.

Talk 2 brings us back to the original template in the Scriptures—the first story in Genesis where God provided everything Adam and Eve needed—and more.

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