Lessons and Inspiration from the Book of  Exodus

Talk 1: God Is Committed To Your Flourishing

Welcome to our exciting series on Exodus, titled SPECIAL DELIVERY: God Will Rescue You. For 10 weeks, we’ll go through this amazing, misunderstood, and under-appreciated Book.

Just like in Genesis, Exodus is not a standalone story. It’s the second book after Genesis, so it continues right where we left off.  The last part of Genesis mentions Jacob and his sons.

How does Exodus begin? With the names of Jacob’s sons again.

By doing this, the author of Exodus is telling us, “Hey guys, the Genesis story—and its core message—continues here.”

So, when you read Exodus, read it using Genesis as your lens. In doing this–which is very important–you’ll hear what the original author is telling you, and thus hear what the Holy Spirit, who inspired that author, is telling you today.

Talk 2: Embrace Who You Are

Do you have a rejection issue? Like family, friends, or an organization, or even a Church you thought you belong to, not accepting you?

This is what we’ll wrestle with in the second installment of our series on Exodus.

Talk 2 prescribes what you should do if you have a rejection issue:

Embrace Who You Are.

Talk 3: God is always with me

Welcome back to our study of Exodus.

In Talk 1, we read how God rescued baby Moses from a watery death. In Talk 2, Moses struggled with an identity crisis. Today, in Talk 3, we’ll read how God revealed Himself to Moses in a very special way.

The key message of the talk is God Is Always with Me.

Talk 4: God Will Always Provide Mercy

We continue our study of the book of Exodus. Last week, we talked about Moses’ earth-shaking God-encounter in the Burning Bush. God calls for Moses to partner with Him to deliver the Israelites from Egypt.

After this Divine meeting, Moses went to Egypt and told Pharaoh to let God’s people go. But the king refused to do so.

We are like the Pharaoh. Whenever we let our own desires win, we’re telling God, “I’m the god of my life.”

And the insane thing is that God respects our wrong decisions. When we choose to rebel against God, out of His mercy, God will simply accelerate the end result of our repeated decisions—in the hope that one day we will change our ways.  

The key message of the talk is God Will Always Provide Mercy.

Talk 5: God Will Rescue You

We continue our study of the book of Exodus.

Last week, we talked about how Pharaoh kept on saying “No” to God that he reached a point of no return—a terrifying possibility.

God, in His mercy, accelerated the bad consequences of his hardness of heart by sending plagues, in the hope that he would change. The tenth plague—the death of the firstborn—was Pharaoh tasting his own evil. And that’s when he lets the Israelites go.

Today, we enter the second movement of the Exodus scroll: Israel’s journey into the wilderness where God tests Israel multiple times.

Welcome to the fifth installment of our mind-blowing series on the book of Exodus, titled SPECIAL DELIVERY: God Will Rescue You.

The message of Talk 5 is: Revisit What God Has Done

Talk 6: God Is In The Journey

We continue our study of the book of Exodus.

Last week, in Talk 5, we talked about how finally, after 440 years of slavery, the Israelites are out of Egypt. The people of God are free. But their problem does not end there.

We’re still in Chapter 15– but Exodus is 40 chapters long. And so, for the next 25 chapters, plus the books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the story will be about the Israelites’ long walk through the wilderness.

The big message of Talk 6 is God is in the Journey.

Talk 7: Come Up the Mountain

Welcome back to our study of the book of Exodus. Last week, we learned that God is on the Journey of the Israelites– from slavery in Egypt to their struggle in the wilderness.

Today, as we continue to follow this journey, we will see that Moses did not just walk—he climbed up a mountain–Mt. Sinai where God as the Burning Bush meets with him.

And we will learn that later, the reverse happened. God—through our Lord Jesus—was the one who climbed up the mountain of Calvary—the expression of His Love so that we can be with Him forever. God’s Love, like the Burning Bush, is God’s fire. Just as the Burning Bush did not burn Moses, God’s fire does not burn us—it burns what is destroying us.

Talk 7 is titled Come Up the Mountain because that’s the challenge to us—to journey out of our comfort zone and climb up the burning mountain of God’s Love and allow Him to transform us.

Talk 8: God Wants You To Be His Partner

We continue our study of the book of Exodus.

In previous talks, we talked about how finally, after 440 years of slavery, the Israelites are out of Egypt.  The people of God are free. But their problem does not end there.

Last week, in Talk 7, as we continued to follow this journey, we saw that Moses did not just walk—he climbed up a mountain–Mount Sinai, the original place where he met God on the burning bush.

In Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments

In Talk 8, we explore the Ten Commandments and learn why the commandments are still valid today.

The key message: God wants you to be His partner.

Talk 9: Come Up the Mountain

Welcome to the second to last session in our Exodus series.

We’re in the part of the story where Moses went up to Mt. Sinai to talk to God, but he was away for too long, the Israelites got restless –which is really their fault because they didn’t want to join him.

During the entire 40 days that Moses was up on the mountain with Yahweh, the Israelites didn’t hear anything from him. Because of the news blackout, the Israelites began to feel uncertain, and thus, impatient.

Driven by their uncertainty, they assumed that Moses was dead. Or he escaped to Timbuktu and abandoned them.

To them, Moses was a goner. And so, Yahweh was gone too.

The Israelites tried to take control of their uncertainty by making a golden calf to be their god.

The key message: Led God be God. 

Talk 10: Show your Glory

TODAY, we close our series on Exodus series with a bold prayer: “Show me your glory!”

Those were the exact words Moses prayed to God.

Talk 10 answers the question: Is your relationship with God so close, you can pray like this? This is the intimacy God desires from us.

We’ll have a few very special messages to close the year this December. Next year, we start our brand new series on Leviticus. It will blow your mind.

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