What is the Feast?

The Feast is a weekly gathering of the members of the Light of Jesus family in locations across the country and around the world. It is a place in which we grow as a community, enriching our lives not just spiritually, but in other aspects as well.

It is one of the happiest places on Earth, and we dream of 1,000 Feasts all over the world.

Why is it called the Feast?

It is called the Feast because it is where we gather to celebrate God’s love for us and for our brothers and sisters.

What happens in the Feast?

Every week, we gather as a family and begin in praise and worship and offer it to God. It is followed by a talk given by our Feast Builders that refreshes and recharges us, preparing us for the week to come. It is also through the Feast that we participate in other activities–outreach programs, retreats, where we meet and bond with members of our community.

Is it free?

Absolutely! All you need to do is bring yourself, wear a smile on your face, and prepare to have fun. You can also bring friends and family with you.

Are only Catholics welcome at the Feast?

We are all God’s children, so anyone who wishes to attend is very much welcome.

Can I bring children to the Feast?

The Feast in itself is a family, so of course you can bring your children with you. What better way to grow with them as you go on thus journey together? It is also important to note that there are several different ministries within the Feast that address each member’s needs — Couples Ministry, Singles Ministry, Youth Ministry, Awesome Kids Ministry, Solo Parents Ministry, and Gracious Living Ministry.

I am not religious, so why should I go to the Feast?

Everyone wants to be happy. To be accepted. To be loved. At the Feast, you are welcome as you are, accepted as you are, and loved as you are. It is a place without judgement. A place where you can be safe and feel at home.

Bo Sanchez

 September 9, 1980, the Light of Jesus held their first prayer meeting at the Sanchez home in Quezon City. On September 16, at the second prayer meeting of the group, 14-year old Bo Sanchez gave his first talk. He has not stopped preaching since.

His work as a lay preacher has brought him all over the world. Bo has received many recognitions and awards in the Philippines and the Church. These include winning the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award in 2006 and the Serviam Award, the highest award a lay Catholic may receive, from the Catholic Mass Media Awards in 2007.

A more enduring testament to God’s work in Bo’s life are the many institutions and organizations that he started and supports. Through these ministries, many lives have been changed for good.

Our History


Vic Español
Vic EspañolLOJ International
Bro. Vic is a retired executive of a multinational life insurance company. These days, he serves as Head of the International Region and District Builder of South Quezon City and San Juan District. He also assists his wife, Ditas, in the Pastoral Care Ministry.
Pio Español
Pio Español
Pio Español is the overseer, mentor and coach of LOJ in the United States and Canada. Living his life in service to the Lord, he has been with the Light of Jesus Family since it was founded, way back in the 1980s.
Hermie Morelos
Hermie MorelosLOJ Central Admin
Hermie Morelos is serving as Director and Overseer for Oceania Feasts (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland). Aside from these tasks, Bro. Hermie is the Finance Director for Light of Jesus Family Metro Manila, and President of Kerygma Books. With all these services, the most important and close to his heart is as a loving husband to wife, Reng, father to 5 grown-up kids, and doting grandpa to 8 wonderful grandchildren.
Carl Fontanilla
Carl FontanillaLOJ Provincial
Carl Fontanilla joined Light of Jesus in 1992. He is currently serving as head of LOJ Provincial, providing guidance and leadership to the various Feasts. He also serves as Overseer for the Feasts in North Asia. Aside from serving Community, he is also working full time in the corporate sector as Managing Director of Rock Energy International Corporation.

Feast Builders

Metro Manila

Arcee Si

Anthony Rodriguez





The LOJ Youth Missions is love.

Acceptance. Embracing. Warmth. Good feels. Exciting. Happy. Tears may come but joy comes as well. Filled with grace. 
We are the youth ministry of the Light of Jesus Family.
We are founded by Catholic lay preacher & best-selling author, Bro. Bo Sanchez.

We engage in lots of awesome, crazy and fun-filled activities such as youth camps, fellowships, sportsfests and connect groups. 
We laugh a lot and simply enjoy life!

We love to bond with, get along, and share life with lots of people, especially the youth. We express our love through time, service 
& affirmation to various youth groups, parishes and schools. And from time to time, we reach out to the elderly, the orphans 
and the street kids. And for sure, we’d love to connect with you!

We bring back all the glory to the One who loves us soooooo much! We involve ourselves in intimate, passionate & rocking worship. 
We nourish ourselves with God’s Word through life-changing talks given by inspiring youth speakers and Kerygma preachers. 
And we spend time sharing His love and mercy in making young disciples.


Campus Missions

Campus LIFE is the missionary movement of the Feast Youth whose advocacy is to prepare the next generation of leaders in the families, church and the country by creating a missionary heart among college students. This movement is led by our campus missionaries in partnership with our youth heads and school administrators. Our strategy is three-fold: Win, Build, and Send. We win students through authentic friendship, build them up in faith and skills, and send them to reach the world.
We believe that Christianity is a journey. And part of that journey is to share Jesus (evangelize) and teach about Jesus (disciple). Campus LIFE provides a more consistent and personal venue to take part in sharing Jesus and teaching about Jesus through one-to-ones, small group Bible Studies, and Talks.