Breaking Bad – Talk 1: Bad Habits – April 5, 2019

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Nation Building – Talk 3: Make A Leader – March 30, 2019

Nation Building – Talk 2: Be A Leader – March 23, 2019

Nation Building – Talk 1: Choose A Leader – March 16, 2019

Special Talk for Lent : Come as you are – March 8, 2019

Philip Roland Sumera, also known as Kuya Lep to the many young attendees of the Feast SM Manila leads the 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm Feast sessions at SM Manila Cinema 4 every Friday. He works as a Motivational Speaker and he also helps in their family-owned enterprise. He is driven by his life mission which is to bring one soul to Jesus. Energized by his faith and commitment to his mission, he is always on fire to serve and reach out to as many people as he can especially the youth. He is a faithful husband, a loving son to his Mom, a protective “Big Brother” to his siblings.

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