Save Our Girls

Jeremiah Center for Girls is a facility that inspires achievement. We are transforming the property into a beautiful haven where girls come find shelter from the harsh challenges they were forced to endure. Here, they are given access to engage in sports, receive academic tutoring, have access to libraries and computers, receive job and life skills training and health and wellness care. It is a place where girls are supported and empowered to become championsin life.

In most parts of the world, girls are the underserved and undervalued, often having to face discrimination and worse, falling victim to abuse. There are opportunities, albeit fewer than those for boys, available for girls to gain skills that will help them become independent and successful in their future. But when a girl suffers abuse, these few opportunities further slip from their grasp.

Enabling abused girls to overcome their situation by giving them a safe-haven, opportunities for quality education, as well as micro-entrepreneurship skills is the goal of Jeremiah Foundation. A beautiful space for the girls who have suffered abuse, this is where they can come and learn valuable skills that will set them off on the right path to become active leaders for social change. Our programs offer an integrated approach to educating, empowering and employing girls, where success in one supports and enhances success in the others, cultivating lasting change and ultimately empowering them to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Long-Term Impact
The Jeremiah Foundation for Girls will become self-sustaining by hosting community engaged learning groups and providing job opportunities for girls where they can earn an income and generate revenue for the upkeep of the center. It will drastically change the lives of girls in our community for generations to come.

Address : Sitio Tanag, Brgy. Isidro, Rodriquez, Rizal

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