Support to 80 Abandoned Elderly Housed in Anawim

The Organization is housing around 80 old age persons who were neglected and left to fend for themselves in their old age. They are seriously lacking regular Health checks, clothing and care, maintenance and emergency medication, and proper food and nutrition for sustained decent and respected living. Through the project, Anawim will provide daily meals, clothing and care, nutritious food and also provide emergency and maintenance medicine. By this process the organization will motivate, facilitate and support the abandoned old age persons for sustained decent and respected living.

Old age persons are the pillar of any family but now, primarily due to economic difficulties, the old age persons are seriously neglected in food, clothing and care, nutrition, health checks, etc. Generally, they are suffering from chronic illnesses but they have no option for medicine due to lack of care and support of the family members. This is a serious problem that impacts the remaining years in their life cycle.

The Organization will inform and mobilize as much support as it can to provide assistance to the old age persons in different forms i.e. providing daily clothing and care, regular health checks and providing maintenance medication is most useful for old age persons. In the meantime, proper food and nutrition is also equally important. The Organization will initially provide daily clothing and care, and further support in regular health checks as well as medication.

Address : Sitio Tanag, Barangay Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal

Contact : (+63) 02 710-5273

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