We always picture God as King, Lord, Sovereign, and Ruler.

May I give you new pictures of who God is?

God is a Janitor holding a mop. He cleanses our hearts from sin. God is a Cook wearing an apron. He feeds our soul with His nourishing Word. God is a Security Guard standing at his post. He protects and watches over us with love. God is a Repairman carrying his tool box. He fixes us when we get into trouble. God is a Driver driving his Jeepney. He brings us Home to where we belong.

Our brand-new series will talk about how leaders lose intentionally, provide light, leads with a limp, and loves unconditionally. Through this series, God will sharpen your leadership to impact a generation.

Talk 1: Gospel

When God created you, He created great leadership within you. But leadership is not a position, or pedestal, or platform.  It’s not a title or a label in an Organization Chart or a corner office. Leadership has only one definition, and it’s boring: Leadership is influence.  By your words, actions, presence, lifestyle, attitude, disposition, and personality, you impact your world.  Your life affects your classmates, officemates, teammates, gym mates, flatmates, and soulmates.

 You’re a Great Leader.

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