Send a Child in Manila to School for a Year


Send a Child in Manila to School for a Year Summary Pag-asa ng Pamilya Foundation provides children from disadvantaged, low-income families with access to quality education. Children are enabled to join mainstream schools, and given the chance to become confident,highly-skilled independent learners,who are responsible citizens. Challenge Access to quality education by disadvantaged, low-income families in Manila is limited (a) because it is often unavailable, (b) because of domestic and economic pressures forcing children to work, and (c) because it has traditionally not been accorded value. Nearly half of children from these low-income families are out of school, and only 10% actually go on to finish tertiary education levels. Solution Pag-asa ng Pamilya Foundation aims to raise funds to support children from disadvantaged, low-income families from 897 barangays in Manila for their primary, secondary, and tertiary level education. The foundation operates by pre-determining children most in need of quality education. It equips the children to enable them to reach their dreams, and change their lives. Long-Term Impact Enabling children from disadvantaged, low-income communities to have access to quality education; enabling disadvantaged, low-income communities to experience the benefits of quality education; empowering communities to demand quality education from the government. Address :60 Chicago St., Bgy. Pinagkaisahan, Cubao, Quezon City 1109 Contact : (+63) 02 725-9999 Email : Other Projects

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Save Our Girls


Save Our Girls Summary Jeremiah Center for Girls is a facility that inspires achievement. We are transforming the property into a beautiful haven where girls come find shelter from the harsh challenges they were forced to endure. Here, they are given access to engage in sports, receive academic tutoring, have access to libraries and computers, receive job and life skills training and health and wellness care. It is a place where girls are supported and empowered to become championsin life. Challenge In most parts of the world, girls are the underserved and undervalued, often having to face discrimination and worse, falling victim to abuse. There are opportunities, albeit fewer than those for boys, available for girls to gain skills that will help them become independent and successful in their future. But when a girl suffers abuse, these few opportunities further slip from their grasp. Solution Enabling abused girls to overcome their situation by giving them a safe-haven, opportunities for quality education, as well as micro-entrepreneurship skills is the goal of Jeremiah Foundation. A beautiful space for the girls who have suffered abuse, this is where they can come and learn valuable skills that will set them off on the right path to become active leaders for social change. Our programs offer an integrated approach to educating, empowering and employing girls, where success in one supports and enhances success in the others, cultivating lasting change and ultimately empowering them to break the cycle of generational poverty. Long-Term Impact The Jeremiah Foundation for Girls will become self-sustaining by hosting community engaged learning groups and providing job opportunities for girls where they can earn an income and generate revenue for the upkeep of the center. It will drastically change the lives of girls in our community for generations to come. Address : Sitio Tanag, Brgy. Isidro, Rodriquez, RizalContact :(+63) 02 729-1648Email : Other Projects

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Support to 80 Abandoned Elderly Housed in Anawim


Support to 80 Abandoned Elderly Housed in Anawim Summary The Organization is housing around 80 old age persons who were neglected and left to fend for themselves in their old age. They are seriously lacking regular Health checks, clothing and care, maintenance and emergency medication, and proper food and nutrition for sustained decent and respected living. Through the project, Anawim will provide daily meals, clothing and care, nutritious food and also provide emergency and maintenance medicine. By this process the organization will motivate, facilitate and support the abandoned old age persons for sustained decent and respected living. Challenge Old age persons are the pillar of any family but now, primarily due to economic difficulties, the old age persons are seriously neglected in food, clothing and care, nutrition, health checks, etc. Generally, they are suffering from chronic illnesses but they have no option for medicine due to lack of care and support of the family members. This is a serious problem that impacts the remaining years in their life cycle. Solution The Organization will inform and mobilize as much support as it can to provide assistance to the old age persons in different forms i.e. providing daily clothing and care, regular health checks and providing maintenance medication is most useful for old age persons. In the meantime, proper food and nutrition is also equally important. The Organization will initially provide daily clothing and care, and further support in regular health checks as well as medication. Address : Sitio Tanag, Barangay Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal Contact : (+63) 02 710-5273 Email : Other Projects

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Solar Project for Better Care


Solar Project for Better Care Summary The Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, a facility for abandoned elderly located in the Rizal Province, requires reliable electrical power for lights and equipment in order to provide adequate patient care and save lives. Inadequate power supply services outages, as well as high electricity fees impede healthcare and services to the abandoned elderly. Anawim Lay Missions Foundation's Partners will install solar power at the Anawim facility to ensure the elderly's care can be provided without interruption and to reduce dependence on the government power company. Challenge Currently 43% of Anawim's operating expenses pay for power. In late 2020, MERALCO, the government power company has announced that it will increase its costs to consumers, leaving even less funding available for other resources in Anawim's budget. Solution Phase 1 of the solar project began in 2018 with the installation of solar panels and batteries for the solar-powered water pump, replacing the dependence on the MERALCO-powered electric water pump. This reduced the use of MERALO power by 40%. Early Phase 2 of the project will add more batteries and solar panels to the main building with the goal of reducing the dependency on MERALCO by 70% more than in Phase 1. Long-Term Impact Completion of Phase 2 of the solar power project (projected for 2021) will allow uninterrupted care in all Anawim buildins and full use of all available equipment. Ultimately, MERALCO power will serve only as back-up to the generated solar power. Address : Sitio Tanag, Barangay Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal Contact : (+63) 02 710-5273 Email : Other Projects

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