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God’s Plan


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast My ex-boyfriend cheated on me. Of course, my first questions nung time na ‘yun were: “Bakit?! Anong nangyari?! Bakit mo ginawa?! Bakit mo hinayaang mangyari?! Anong ginawa ko para lokohin mo ako?!” Usual questions na yata ‘yan ng mga taong naloloko. I wasn't ready to be cheated on. Pero mas lalong hindi ako ready sa sagot n’ya. And this was his exact words: “She made me turn to God.” Okay. So hearing those words, grabe. Hindi ko alam kung ano ba talaga dapat kong maramdaman. ‘Yung may ganitong thoughts ako: ‘Really?! Ano bang tingin mo sa akin, demonyo?! [...]

God’s Plan2018-12-17T15:21:29+08:00

Stretched Wide


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast I remember tears rolling down my cheeks as I learned from my “mother” that I was adopted — yes, you read that right. Actually, I had hints from my “uncle” back in 2015, but I was left confused by his muddy explanation and incoherent thoughts. Racked my brain so hard to decipher what he wanted to say that time. But upon learning the truth a year after, I could finally understand why my “uncle” — who turned out to be my real father — was so nervous. A NEW REVIVAL As far as I've understood from my [...]

Stretched Wide2018-12-17T15:03:41+08:00

Art for a Cause


“Mama, I have a company! Migmarks and Arts!” the young Miguela Puyat eagerly exclaimed to her mom, who couldn’t quite figure out what she just announced. She was ten years old then and wanted to become a businessman like her dad. She would make bookmarks and rosaries and sell them to her relatives, just so she could have more baon. But as she grew older, Miguela realized that the money should go somewhere else—that other people needed it more. She was exposed to public service at a tender age since her parents are advocates, and they influenced [...]

Art for a Cause2018-12-05T18:43:52+08:00

Deeply Loved


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast 'Di ko akalain na sa pagsisikap kong makapag-serve kay Lord ay doon pa ako muntik nang mapahamak. I am a lay missionary. While I was assigned sa province para sa misyon na ihayag ang Salita ng Diyos, I was sexually harassed by my office head. Hindi natuloy sa rape, kasi sobrang bait ni Lord at gumawa Siya ng way para malusutan ko ang pangyayaring iyon. Pero hindi ako nakatakas sa isang bagay: trauma. Simula nung nangyari sa akin ‘yun, lagi na akong nanginginig sa takot. Since I was assigned by a reputable organization for this [...]

Deeply Loved2018-12-05T15:46:27+08:00

In His Perfect Time


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast I believe everything happens for a reason. Reason that only God knows until it is revealed in His perfect time. I met my ex-boyfriend through a high school kabarkada in 2008. He was smart, responsible, independent, and funny. He courted me, and after six months, we became an official couple. In the third year of our relationship, as he was about to drop me off at home one night, he said something that made our relationship change its course: “I really don’t have plans of marriage.” I didn't immediately react when I heard it. I let it [...]

In His Perfect Time2018-12-05T15:49:45+08:00

Happiness Found


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast I’ve been to the darkest of places all my life. I grew up without a father. My brother was the typical bully to his younger sister. I ran away from home a couple of times because I felt nobody understood me. I had a boyfriend without my mother’s consent. I got pregnant at the age of 17. I got married because of the pregnancy. I dropped out of the university. I cheated on my cheating husband. I tried to commit suicide.  I had no direction in life even when I had my own children. Though I knew [...]

Happiness Found2018-10-23T05:34:09+08:00

From Rejected To Appreciated


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." (John 13:7) I have no parents anymore, so I decided to be a working scholar since my second year as a Computer Engineering student. Even before I graduated, I was already considered "hired" by one of the giant software companies here in Cebu. God is indeed good, right? This is just an intro. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT A couple of weeks after graduation, I already started working as a trainee in that company. I was among the first batch of newly hired engineers. My batchmates were [...]

From Rejected To Appreciated2018-10-24T14:32:36+08:00

A Lawyer-In-Waiting


#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast While I was still in college, I had the chance to work for a law library, and from then on, I dreamed of entering law school and eventually becoming a lawyer. It took me six years after graduation for the said dream to come to fruition, but I was really excited then because I was a step closer to reaching my goals. I was hastily making decisions, too happy to think about the important factors that could affect my endeavor. My only focus was to study — nothing else. I was in my second year in law school [...]

A Lawyer-In-Waiting2018-10-24T14:31:52+08:00



#YouAreLoved at #TheFeast At age 11, I already learned how to work, so I could have an allowance for my school expenses. I used to be an “extra” and spent 24 hours on TV show tapings just to earn 300 to 500 pesos. LEAST PRIORITY Many people were asking why a boy like me had to work even though my father was in Saudi. Well, let’s just say that my mom and I were not on his priority list. Every time my father would send his “balikbayan” boxes to us, my name would not be in it but that of my [...]