The JPaul Hernandez Podcast

Episode 26: How To Have 500k Social Media Followers And Win The Content Creation Game

FEBRUARY 9, 2021 | 9:00 AM

Today’s guest is Alec Cuenca.
Alec Cuenca is building a big following of 500k plus on TikTok and having one of the top podcasts in The Philippines called Small Talk! Podcast.
As a motivational speaker and content creator, success doesn’t happen overnight. For Alec, it started with a decision to be better, and then he created winning habits to push his breakthrough.
If you are building something whether it’s content, a business, a book, or anything, you have to enjoy the process and not be in a hurry. Success is sweeter when you embrace every step of the journey.
Thank you Alec for inspiring me to be better!
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