Embraced Day 35

God Will Teach You To Protect Yourself

It’s Holy Monday! We continue to learn about God as our protector. Trust that in every situation, He has a purpose. In every breaking, there is a blessing. He will not let you come out of situation without teaching you anything. Similarly, this pandemic may be leaving us helpless, but believe that in all these, God is embracing us.

For your further reading, our Gospel today is Matthew 26:14-27, 66. As one family, let us also pray the Oratio Imperata against the spread of the Corona Virus.

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This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you.

EMBRACED is a 40-day online Lenten devotional designed to journey with you as you walk with Jesus in His passion, death on the cross, until His resurrection. We enjoin the Catholic community in commemorating Lent in deep prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Through Embraced, we pray that you get to know Jesus more as you open your heart to the Word, His daily message, and stories from people who experienced Him as well.

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