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Embraced Day 40

When is the end?

Day 40: Day 40: Death is real. Life is short. Do not postpone
conversion. Do not postpone loving. Do not postpone giving.

Brothers and sisters, we had an amazing time walking through Lent with you. Let’s carry in our hearts everything that we have learned about God from the sacred scriptures and worship as we journey through life’s ups and downs as we continue to face the pandemic. Embraced 2021 is now signing-off. Thank you for praying for 40 days with the whole community!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday! Join us for an Easter Sunday mass at 8:00 AM and The Feast right after. Meantime, have a blessed Black Saturday.

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Be embraced by God today. You are loved. #theQfeast #youareloved #embraced #lent2021