Day 1

Acts 1

DAY 1: Welcome to ACTS IN 30 DAYS!

Many of us may not really know why we need to be acquainted with the Holy Spirit. Why do we need to call on the Holy Spirit when we pray?   Why do we need to invoke its presence in our lives?

The Holy Spirit is in each one of us. Let us acknowledge that presence as we dive into the Word and unleash this beautiful power in us to help us and strengthen us in our daily battles against sin.

In this brand new online prayer and scripture guide, we will walk you through the Book of Acts to help you build a deeper relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Let us start a month-long Bible reading plan on the book of Acts. The idea is simple: Read one chapter of Acts a day for 30 days.

For today, this is what we encourage you to do:
1) Get your Bible and read Acts 1. You may also read it here:
2) Watch this video.
3) Reflect and take down notes. While reading ACTS, write down what strikes you, and write any questions that may pop up, and finally, what message you feel God is telling you through the passages.
4) End your reading by praying a Psalm. For today, let’s read Psalm 1 (

Be blessed as we start another prayer journey as one community.

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