Dear Prodigals: Talk 3 – God Is Committed To Your Well-Being


Talk BRO. BO SANCHEZ: WE’RE in Talk 3 of our series Dear Prodigals on the book of Deuteronomy. And we’re going to read this passage together -- it reveals God’s heart. Moses was giving like a History Class from Chapters 12-16. What we’re going to talk about today is it is as though he’s giving a Worship Seminar. In Deuteronomy 11: 13-15, we read: Imagine that we are now living in an agricultural society during ancient times-- no modern massive dams, no modern irrigation systems, everything dependent on rain. And so, here is the promise of God, saying the rain is going to come: “…the early and late rains—so you can bring in your harvests of grain, new wine, and olive oil. He will give you lush pastureland for your livestock, and you yourselves will have all you want to eat… Be careful to obey all my commands so that all will go well with you and your children after you because you are doing what is good and pleasing to the Lord your God. Today, I’m going to preach this message: God is committed to your well-being. He really is. And this is an original vision of God. You go to the first book of the Bible, to the first story, God’s Creation: God wanted us to be in Eden and He wanted us to eat from the Tree of Life and He wanted us to eat the abundance of the Garden. And the reason God has given us these laws and commands is He wants us to be brought back to the Garden. My dear friends, this is God’s plan: He wants us back in His Garden. How many of you want to go back to the Garden? A representation of all that is good. He wants your well-being. Now, I need to say this because people misunderstand: “Bro. Bo, really? God is committed to my well-being? Bakit hirap na hirap ako sa buhay? Why do I have problems? Why do I have struggles, and difficulties, and storms, and earthquakes, and tragedies in my life? Why did I lose a loved one? Why am I going through so much hardship financially? Bakit nahihirapan ako sa trabaho ko? If God is committed to my well-being, why am I not well? May I give you an answer? The Answer God is committed to your well-being, not your comfort. Chew on that. If you’re as old as I am, you have already accepted the fact that if you want to have well-being, you’re going to have to suffer… And if you have not yet accepted that, you’re going to be in a lot of distress because you’re going to have false expectations about what life is. God is committed to your well-being, not to your convenience. You’re going through a lot of inconvenience to experience well-being in your life. You can’t even become healthy if you won’t go through discomfort, and pain, and struggle, and suffering. You cannot even have

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Special: Happy Birthday Bro. Audee


FLASHBACK! On his Facebook page, Bro. Audee Villaraza posted on August 14, 2023:   The day before, on August 13, 2023, The Feast honored Bro. Audee, Villaraza, a pillar of our Light of Jesus Family… On VIDEO… BRO. ALVIN BARCELONA, Feast Bay Area District Builder: Happy, Happy Birthday, Bro. Audee! I greet you on behalf of the Feast Bay Area District. I thank and praise the Lord for giving us such a precious gift in you. You are such a blessing to the Light of Jesus Family, to the Feast Bay Area, and to the whole world. So, on your day, I pray and proclaim that God continues to pour out His blessings as you live your life to the fullest as a responsible husband, as a loving father, a caring friend, an effective leader and a faithful son of the Father in Heaven. Once again, Happy Birthday, Bro. Audee. Thank you. We love you. Enjoy your special day! God bless you. LUDY VILLARAZA, Bro. Audee’s Mom: Hey, Baby! Remember when I used to call you that when you were little. But now, look at you…Ay, grabe, and tanda mo na…-- My, your already old.J Kidding aside, Happiest Birthday, Son. My wish for you is for you to continue being a loving husband to Kristel, being conscientious father to Ethan and Ellie. Always remember, life is beautiful, and live your life fully… I know you know that life is not just about you – but life is about sharing your life with other people. And it’s just such a joy for me to witness you doing this by being part of your Community. I love you, Son. And sending my love, hugs, and kisses. LIAM TIANGCO, nephew: Happy Birthday, Tito! I hope you have a Great Birthday. Stay safe. I hope you have a long life. I love you. LIVE at THE FEAST August 13, 2023: BRO. DIDOY LUBATON: On behalf of the Feast Bay Area, your Feast Family, your Light Group, your loved ones—Kristel and your kids-- we want to honor you for your heart of service, humility, and all the good things you do. We’re thankful for you, Bro. Audee. BRO. TONY VALENZUELA: Kuya Audee, siyempre, I am just glad we are brothers-- I am Tony Villaraza J. I really honor you Bro for your friendship, leadership, and, of course, our bonding as brothers. I’m blessed to have you as a brother. And because of that, we have a gift check for Apple Tree Spa Treatment—when you’re stressed. BRO. JOHN BEN RODRIGUEZ: I am thankful. If they are blessed by your preaching, I am blessed by your life. I call on Audee when my wife and I have problems. You’ve been a good friend and a disciple-maker for me. So, thank you. ETHAN: Happy Birthday, Daddy. Love you. HOSEA, Son of Bro.Didoy: How about me?   HOSEA: Happy Birthday, Daddy! BRO. DIDOY: O, what do you want to say to Tito Audee? BRO. BO SANCHEZ: Father, we thank

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Dear Prodigals:Talk 2 – Remember


BRO. BO SANCHEZ:TODAY we’re going to talk about remembering.Remember you are strong. Remember you are amazing.This is God’s message for you today. God is telling you: “Remember My love for you. Remember how much I love you. Remember what I’ve done for you.Remember how blessed you are.”I am totally, completely, and perfectly loved.We are on the second talk of our crazy, amazing series on Deuteronomy and here, it picks up where the book of Numbers left off.Imagine I’m Moses and imagine that you are the second generation of Jews-- because the first generation died in the wilderness.You are now at the door step of the Promised Land. And just imagine that you really want to enter already. But Moses starts a history class, gives a lecture-- three chapters long.And Moses keeps on saying, “Remember...” God is telling you right now before you go in: “Please remember what I’ve done.”Moses says, “But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren.”A Horrible DiseaseLet me begin with a sad and scary story of a friend of mine.She is in her 80s and she is a daily Mass goer. Every morning, like clockwork, before 6 o’clock, she hops into a tricycle to go to church and attend Mass. After Mass, she takes another tricycle to go back home.She is the kind of woman who is feisty and stubborn.Her daughter tells her, “Mom, don’t go alone.”She replies, “I can, I’m strong.” She’s bull-headed.But one fateful, historic day--a day that they would not want to remember— she went to church but her daughter, waiting for her at home, noticed she had not come back at the usual time. The daughter rushed to church. She could not find her-- you can imagine the panic.Let me fast forward the story. A few hours later, a tricycle driver found my elderly friend walking on the street-- totally lost.This tricycle driver kind of like recognized her-- but not quite. So, he asked her, “Lola, where are you going?”And my friend said, “I want to go home.”The tricycle driver said, “Lola, I will bring you there. Where do you live?” And Lola said, “Doon sa... Doon sa...--There…There…”She could not remember her street.The driver asked her, “What is your name? She said, “Ako si ano... --I am…”She could not remember her name.The cruel blow of Alzheimer-- dementia—a general term for the decrease of mental capacity had taken over her brain.By the way, I just want you to know that she’s safe -- because there was another tricycle driver who found her, recognized her, and brought her home.Thanks be to God!A History ClassBut I want you to know that aside from this deadly, horrible disease, there is a similar disease and it is, I believe, more pervasive: the dementia of the soul —it is when you forget your spiritual identity, your spiritual destiny,

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Dear Prodigals: Talk 1 – Come Home!


TalkBRO. DR. DIDOY LUBATON: Who’s ready to hear the Word of God today?Let me declare it first. From Deuteronomy 6:4-5:I invite you to make this prayer today. Let’s close our eyes and just meditate on that Word: Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our God. Our Lord is one. Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Lord, today, we open our heart, our life, our whole being to You. Speak to us. We want to listen. We’re hearing You. And not just hearing You through words but really listening, receiving Your Word, changing us. We receive it, we thank You for it. And yes, we’re obeying You. Thank You for welcoming us home today. You are welcoming us home again. Speak to us more. May Your Holy Spirit transform us through Your Word today. This is our prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.Together:Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feetAnd a Light unto my path. Our one big message today is Come home!We’re starting a new series today and the title of our series is Dear Prodigals. We’re talking about the whole book of Deuteronomy starting today. It’s going to be a few weeks.We have to appreciate as well that we’re finishing through the series the Torah, the first five books (Pentateuch in Greek) of the Bible which are:We’ve been doing this for a year. It’s been a year since we started the series and it’s amazing. The Torah contains the 613 laws of God and today we’re going to learn that Torah is not just laws. Because when we think of laws, we are like, “Hala, ayan na ‘yung pulis. Hala, ayan na ‘yung sundalo – Oh, my, here come the police, the soldiers.”We’re thinking that if it’s about laws, it’s going to be hard, so restrictive. No. (The word torah in Hebrew means teaching, direction, guidance, and law). Today, when we think about the Torah, we’re thinking about teaching.It’s meant for us-- not just to follow what is the commandment. Because the teaching of the Torah, the 613 laws, don’t necessarily apply to our situation now…We’re not to live life like the ancient people did before. But we’re using the Torah up to now as a teaching.The lessons are not to restrict us. The lessons are for us to have a full, beautiful, satisfying life. That’s what the laws are. That’s what the teachings are.Again, the 613 laws in the Torah are written at a specific time and a specific place. it’s about laws, it’s going to be hard, so restrictive. No. (The word torah in Hebrew means teaching, direction, guidance, and law). Today, when we think about the Torah, we’re thinking about teaching.It’s meant for us-- not just to follow what is the commandment. Because the teaching of the Torah, the 613 laws, don’t necessarily apply to our situation now…We’re not to live life like the ancient people did before. But we’re using the Torah up to now

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What matters most: Friendship


Talk BRO. AUDEE VILLARAZA: I’m going to open the Talk for today. I pray that you receive this with an open heart. Because if you remember, we’re still in our Mini-Series called What Matters Most. What matters most to you? Is it your Faith? Is it your Family? Your Finance? Your Fitness? Here’s the last one we’re going to talk about: The fifth essential that you need in life: It’s called Friendship. How many of you here are introverts? What are introverts? That’s a good question. I’ll show you what introverts are like: The last photo I can really relate to. From Introvert… I’m an introvert, believe it or not. I’m like the type of person who enjoys being by himself. I like dating myself. When I was single, I used to love going to the movies by myself. Are you like that? And if you’re an introvert, it’s okay for you to eat alone in public places. You don’t mind doing that. You don’t mind people looking at you if you’re alone by yourself. And you can do that for hours. You know, when I was young, you could bring me to a playground, bringing just one toy, and you could leave me there for hours. I could create a multiverse in that playground. That’s what I was. …to Disciple But you know, something happened when I grew up and when I entered into (the Light of Jesus) Community. Community life is so different especially for introverts like me. Because all of a sudden, all of these people just started coming and started knocking on your door and they want to get to know you, they want to get into your life-- and it was hard. It’s hard being in Community when you’re an introvert. But I realized something: That when I believed and I embraced the life of being a disciple, and I realized that the Lord also wanted to disciple me, you know what the one thing I finally understood? It’s that how in the world will I be able to disciple people if I don’t like people, if I don’t open my life to people? Here’s the truth that you can take home today: Discipleship is relationship. If you look at the model of Jesus, the life that He modeled and He showed us, you will see what the first thing He did to start His Ministry. You want to know the first thing that He did? He didn’t perform miracles. He didn’t show that He was God. You know the first thing that He did, He looked for people. He looked for 12 guys. And you know the way that He invited them? He befriended them. He was not in a rush, not in a haste. He built a relationship around His disciples. That’s how He started. And this is the lesson for us. I’ll give you Two Quick Lessons: First lesson is this -- and this is for all the introverts—you need friends.

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What matters most:Finances


TalkI just want to set you up here for our speaker. John Ben Rodriguez will be coming up in a while and he’ll be giving the Talk on Finances. I’m a financial teacher. Yes. I’m a spiritual leader. Yes, I’m a preacher. But I’m also a financial teacher. Why?Something happened 20 years ago. So, I’ve been serving God for 40 plus years. And so, I was a single missionary. Serving the Lord. Poor. And happy as a single person, serving God for 16 to 20 years.But then something was happening in my heart. I was serving with fellow missionaries who were married already and have children. And they were struggling. Now, I knew that because they were my friends. We were loving God together. We were serving God. All out. But then I would look over my shoulder and I would look at my friends who were missionaries like me, and married, and there were times they could not send their kids to school. There were times they had to borrow money to put food on their table.And I was rebelling in my heart. I was saying, “Lord, this is not happening.How could You do this to Your children?”And I started searching. I began to realize something that I want to share with you right now.I always say this and you hear this from me a lot: there are two areas of life.The first area are things you can control. The second area are the things you cannot control. I always talk about that. And I always say that you have to be here in the area where you can control. Stay here. Don’t stay there. The moment you stay there, there’s going to be worry and anxiety. Yes, or no? Yes.You stay here in the area where you can control stuff.Now, what you cannot control, you surrender to God. Amen.What Can You Control?This is what I need to emphasize: What can you control?Effort. Work. This is what you can control.Your effort-- the planting of the seeds. The harvest is here. You don’t know what you will get. Whether you will have zero harvest and God wants you to keep on planting. Whether you will have a 30-fold harvest, a 60-fold harvest, or 100-fold. You don’t know.You cannot predict effect. But you can predict effort. You cannot predict harvest but you can predict planting. And that’s what you do. You work.You don’t have to be poor. This is my realization: That you don’t have to be poor. You can work.You can invest. You can teach yourself finances. You can learn. You can create multiple income streams. You can find ways to keep on planting and you do not know what’s going to happen here (in the area you can’t control), but you know what can happen (in the area you can control) by working and finding ways.In that area where you cannot control, say, “God I’ve done everything I could.You take over.Say, “Lord, take over. Prosper the work of my

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What matters most: Fitness


TalkI want you to touch somebody and tell that person, “Get ready for a blessing.” We continue our series on What Matters Most and today we are going to be talking about health, about Fitness.   And maybe the question that is in your mind is:Why would The Feast, a spiritual community, talk about health? I mean Why?And my answer is: Why not?You know, Everybody, say this with me: Everything is connected.People ask me, “Bro. Bo, how can you continue to do all that you do?You know, you’re very busy, as in the Ministry, you’re busy also with your businesses, you try to be the best husband, you try to be the best father—you do all sorts of things. How do you do all that you do?And I respect those three words: This is my answer: Everything is connected.My spiritual life is the foundation of all that I do. But you know what?My relationships are interconnected. And the reason I’m successful in other areas of my life is my relationships are working well. At least I try my best that they work well.But my physical health is also a close cousin. It’s like a foundation. WhenI nourish my body, when I get enough sleep, when I drink enough water, when I get enough sunlight, when I move and I exercise—you know, all of those have ripple effect. My physical health ripples toward my spiritual life, my ministry life, my business.One more time, Everybody, say, Everything is connected.And when you read Scripture, you’ll see one of the things that just pops, so strongly and beautifully, is that there is no dichotomy, there is no separation, there is no division between the body and the soul. The perspective of Scripture is that body and soul are one—in fact.Your Body Is Not BadOne of the misconceptions that we need to correct – in our expectation, in our mindset, and in our perspective—is that when we die, we will be like Casper, the friendly ghost.And that we will be ghosts in Heaven.But if you read Scripture, you find that we will actually have a body. And it will be a glorified version of this. It will be perfected, glorified.You will have a body. You know, a body is not evil. The body that you have now is not bad.It is not evil. It was made by God. And we need to take care of it. We need to love it and nurture it so that we can love Him more and serve others more. No, it’s not our priority. No, we do not worship our body.We worship God alone. But this body is a servant that serves God. And so, as we listen to this talk today, I pray that you open your heart and I pray na sana batukan ka ng Panginoon—I pray got will hit you on the head J-- if you are not loving your body.This morning, I was shaving and then I shaved my favorite mole and it bled profusely. And

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Special Conversation: Family Matters


BRO. JC LIBIRAN: Thank you, Doc Didoy.This is a special part – Usapang Family… Yes, we are the Light of Jesus Family but we are a family of families.We want to discuss various concerns, common experiences, but also possible we may not discuss all, but what’s beautiful about simply chatting, it’s not necessary to be complete. What’s important is we start the conversation and we are inviting to continue that, when you go back home, or after this Grand Feast, it’s an opportunity for us to just talk.We have a special guest, a family psychologist and she has written numerous books, and definitely we will be blessed by her, Dr.Michele ‘Ichel’ Alignay. Let’s give her a round of applause.We also have Bro. Bo Sanchez and Sis. Marowe. We also have with us Dr.Ryan Capitulo, and Bro. Lep Sumera.Let’s begin right away. Sis. Marowe, share with us biggest secrets, lessons, in your 25 years of a happy and healthy married life with Bro. Bo.SIS. MAROWE: Actually, they are not secrets because we have been very open and sharing what we do in our marriage… Twenty-five years… in two days (July 11) BRO. BO: We thought of giving you a lunch treat but PICC does not allow bringing in food here…Secrets to a Happy MarriageSIS. MAROWE: So, maybe, I’ll give three secrets/lessons…1.      Deliberate Date.First, definitely it’s having deliberate couple time together. Because in our case, most of the time, we’re always together in the house—because he works from home, and I used to homeschool.So, we’re just in the house.But I’m sure couples experience this—when you do your daily living you tend to forget how to be loving, little irritations would be there.So, of course, if you really set a deliberate time to just be together – whether just a simple dinner, or watching a movie—it’s your time, something sacred for the two of you. That has helped our marriage be what it is today. Correct, Bo?BRO. BO: Well, I’m not irritated with you…SIS. MAROWE: Oh, I’d been digging out letters… you do have irritations about me before. I’ll reveal those… Joke. JSo, first, have your weekly dates. If weekly is not possible, do it twice a month—just have that date. It’s important that you have it. To reconnect with each other and really talk—not through cell phone.2.   HonestySecond is, of course, honesty. I say honesty because we always say we should not be mind-readers. Honesty is what we really recommend for couples.I know, it’s romantic, like “If he knew what I wanted…” Isn’t it, we have such fantasy… Ladies, we all know very well what we want, but when you are asked, if we like this or that, you say “No.” But gusto mo pala—you want it.Like, your husband would say, “May I go to this place…?” And you would say, Sige, okay, you may go…”But you really don’t want him to go there…Tell It as It IsSo, that’s No. 2. You really have to tell each other what you like, what

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What Matters Most : Talk 1 – Faith


Talk EVERYBODY, say: My role today is not to give you the talk but to introduce the entire series. It’s a mini-series. There will be five messages in this series and the series is called What Matters Most. My wife Marowe and I, we’re very busy preparing for the celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary. And so, there was this one day, we were chatting, and you know, we were listing down the many things we have to pay for. So, we have to pay for the venue, and okay, we had to pay for the food, catering. We had to pay for the clothes. We have to pay for the sound system. We have to pay for the photos, and we have to pay for the video, yes. And as we were going through the list, my wife reached out to me and said, “Love, sorry. So expensive.” And she added, “Let’s not do it anymore, this celebration. I told her, “You like, let’s just elope.” And then I looked at her and I said, “Sweetheart,” —three words: “You’re worth it.” Everybody, say those words: “You’re worth it.” Life is about knowing what matters most. Life is a values game. Please understand this: How many of you want to live a fantastic life? A life for God. A life of love. A life of dedication, commitment, and blessing. If you want those, please understand, you’ve got to win the values game. You’ve got to know what matters most. I repeat this: If I want to know your values, I could, if I wanted to, you know, maybe give you a piece of paper, and say, “Can you write down your values? What are you thinking are the top things that are most important to you? Can you?” I probably might get a few answers and that might be helpful. But they might not be accurate. Because it’s so easy to fool ourself. You want me to know how I can know your values? All I have to do is look at your decisions. Because your decision every day is a product of your values. All I have to do is to look at your daily decisions. Actually, if right now, you’re listening to me, and you’re having a difficult time making a very important decision in your life, my bet is, my suspicion is, you’re not clear about your values, about what is most important to you. What’s Important to You? Decision is all about value clarification. I remember my mentor—his name is Joey Bonifacio. He was talking about this: How many hours do we have in a day? Just in case you don’t know, it’s 24.:) And so, Joey was saying that every day, there is a train that passes in front of you with 24 box cars. And when a box is in front of you, appears in front of you, that box car is empty. And so, what we do, is we fill that box

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Wilderness: Talk 8 – Discern God’s Heart


Talk TODAY, we are ending our beautiful Talk series called Wilderness: Lessons and Inspiration form the Book of Numbers. For Talk 8 today, we will be preaching the message Discern God’s Heart. Yes, discern God’s heart. And we shall read from Numbers 26:3-4: At the very start of our Talk series, we learned that this book is called Numbers because God asked Moses to number the Israelites and conduct a census. Now, this Bible passage we just read is about the second census that they conducted. Because many died already and they were preparing to enter the Promised Land. And they were preparing to divide the land among all the tribes of Israel. Question: Do you want to receive blessings from God? Yes! Then be counted. Be part of the census of Jesus followers and receive your blessings from God. Let us glorify His Word once more: Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet And a Light unto my path. We glorify You Lord God for Your Word. Hallelujah! Yes, as I said a while ago, the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness— oh, it was very dangerous, very difficult. And so many died. And yet, after doing a second census, they counted more than 600,000 Israelites who are about to enter the Promised Land. The book of Numbers is actually teaching us that we should regularly count. We should regularly make census of all of our blessings. Because the problem with many of us is this: We focus too much on the negative. We fail to count our blessings. We fail to make a census of our blessings because we focus too much on the negative incidents happening in our life— sickness, death, failures, disappointments… And when we do that, we fail to see the blessings. Yes, of course, we will experience trials and difficulties. Because with our trials, God is pruning us. Pruning is difficult. Pruning is hard. Pruning is stressful. But pruning is essential. So that we will bear more fruits. So that we will be stronger. So that our faith in the Lord will be greater and stronger. So, when you are diagnosed with diabetes, for example, God is pruning you. Perhaps, God wants you to live a more healthy and more active lifestyle. When you get buried in debt because you are a shopping addict, perhaps God is pruning you so that you will be a steward of your financial blessing. If you got separated from your spouse, for example, God is pruning you. Perhaps, He wants you to, you know, look at yourself again and change what needs to be changed. Count Your Blessings So, my dear Brothers and Sisters, make this your practice: Count your blessings. Focus on the positive in your life. Do not focus too much on the negative and you will realize you have so many blessings that you have taken for granted. In our study of the book of Numbers, we learned from Chapters 1 to 25

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