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Beast Preaching Ever

Our new series, Best Preaching Ever, allows us to understand the meaning and significance of the Sermon on the Mount. It prods us to question the ‘measuring sticks’ we use to measure people around us, and ourselves. At the end of this series, we will discover life-changing lessons that can turn our world upside down.

Dawn of an Era

I believe that every morning, God gives you an opportunity to press the reset button of your life. Especially now as we start a new year. And a new decade!

Let go of the past. Start anew!

You may have lost some battles in 2019, but that’s only from a short-term context. God never thinks in that way, and if we want to follow Him, we must learn how He thinks.

God always thinks long term.

And from the long-term context, you’ve already won.

This 2020, will you be the good guy or the bad guy? Warning: bad guys win. But it will be short-lived. At the end of the day, good guys win.

You’ve already won.