by Feast Ortigas – Galleria

Feast Ortigas – Galleria  #FODforthesoul

FEBRUARY 15, 2020 | 10:00 AM

“We have a common belief, ‘to see is to believe’. Unless we see what is being told, we will not believe it. Who could blame us? With all the lies and fake news of this world, we needed proof. Especially when it comes to love? After a bad break up due to cheating and infidelity. After the trust has been broken, we all wanted to look for signs to see whether the person is for us or not. But when it comes to Jesus, we need not have any proof. His track record is proven. His power and glory goes back beyond the course of our time. Trust Him. His promises are true. The sign we seek is our faith in His love.”
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*This Live Streaming is purely to share God’s Word during this quarantine time. All the song credits goes to the rightful owners.