By CBCP News

September 18, 2023

Manila, Philippines

An ecumenical youth group called on the Department of Education (DepEd) to ensure the accurate portrayal of the historical facts on the Martial Law years.

The Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP) said that adhering to the truth is essential to prevent the repetition of history

“The truth sets us free, and teaching that the Marcos dictatorship caused massive human rights violations and economic exploitation urges us to stand up and say never again to fascist dictatorship,” SCMP said.

The group was responding to a DepEd proposal to exclude the identity of the Marcos family from grade school lessons about Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s dictatorship.

However, the agency clarified that the directive is not final and must still undergo a vetting process.

“SCMP ends by challenging everyone to become beacons of truth, especially in a time of widespread systematic disinformation and historical distortion,” it said.

Pushing through with the plan, the group added, is like allowing disrespect to the heroes and martyrs during the martial law years.

“DepEd is spitting on the graves of numerous martyrs and heroes, who fought the dictatorship, including church people, who have been inspired by faith in seeking justice from the horrors of martial law,” it also said.


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