THERE’S one thing I realized about why we need to be in Church.

Are you happy that you are in Church? You are in Community, you are at The Feast? You know why you need to be here every Sunday? Because sometimes we are in a rut, and we need to reset.

Last week my wife Marowe and I, went to He Cares Center in Bulacan. They have a new center there– it’s a street kids ministry, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful center, a beautiful church.

The problem was that morning, it rained so hard, and you had to go there on dirt roads. It would have been fine, but it rained so hard. And so, our van got stuck– the wheel went into a big hole on that dirt road. So, my driver would keep on pressing the gas pedal, and the tire would just revolve and rotate, and would go through that hole, and we wouldn’t budge.

My dear friends, have you ever experienced that you press the gas pedal in your life, and you’re still stuck? No matter how much power you put in, you know, and the engine of your life, and you struggle to move, but it doesn’t move because you’re in a rut.

Have you ever experienced that? Your anxiety is revolving there in your brain, and you just can’t get rid of it? You can’t shake it, you can’t stop the overthinking, and you’re in a rut.


So, what do you need to do? You need to reset. One of the best ways to reset is to get out of your environment– that’s one. There are many ways of resetting, but one of them is that you need to get out of that situation that you’re in. Sometimes, you’re in your room, and you are so focused on your struggle, and you are overthinking, and anxiety is just eating up your mind, and there’s this nagging thought, and you cannot stop.

What you need to do is get out of that room, get out of that dark place, go to the sunlight, you know, get a walk, you know, pray there outdoors.

And the church is that place, that place where you go. And all of a sudden, people are smiling at you, and people are looking at you, and they mean the best. They’re not perfect– no one is perfect– but look at you, look at the persons around you, aren’t they wonderful? Aren’t they smiling at you?

You see that there, there. And there’s Worship, and then there’s the Word of God. Sometimes, we just need to get out into a better place, into a place where God is there.

And He wants to reach you. This is what Church is– and this is the reason you’re here. You’re here because God is here, and He wants to give that to you.

So, are you ready for the Word today?

I don’t want to lengthen this. But Narcing is somebody who, you know, he’s been my security for the longest time. I remember, he used to serve, you know, 20-plus years ago. We started a Feast in a place called Camp Aguinaldo– and he was already there.

Narcing has a special role. He was Mr. Tough Guy. You know, if I was all smiles and everybody could come to me, he was the guy beside me who would not smile at anybody.

You know, his whole message is, “Don’t you dare mess up with Bro. Bo. I’m here.”

That’s his role. He’s the Mr. Tough Guy– and he would not smile.

And this was his home, and this was his home for many, many, many years.

We Need Church

You know, I just thank God. Narcing died on a Friday. You know what he was doing on Thursday night? Serving at The Feast in Makati– he was that kind of a guy.

We’re going to miss him, we’re going to miss him. He just kept on going to The Feast because he loved The Feast– and he believed that he needed it.

My dear friends, the moment you think you don’t need Church, you’re in a very dangerous place. The moment you think that you don’t need this weekly dose of resetting up your soul, you’re in a very dangerous place.

So, I want us to all be humble. Raise your right hand if you can, and say this after me: “I need Church. I need Church. I need Community. I need this room. I need this house. I need Jesus.” Amen, amen.

You know, one day, we’re going to be like Narcing, and we’re going to pass on.

But while we’re not yet there in the Kingdom of God in Heaven, and we’re still here on Earth, we need Church. Amen.

We need a reset, and I pray that this preacher is going to bring in God’s reset for our life: the one and only, Audee Villaraza.


May I invite everybody to stand up to receive the powerful Word of the Lord? Everybody, lift your hands and join me in singing:

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path.

Today, we’re going to take a page from the book of St. Mark. Before I give you our Scripture, may I just ask this simple question:                            

Limitations in life, you’ve got limitations.

Can you do this with me? If you’ve got physical limitations, keep your right hand up. Physical limitations. You’re not the tallest, you’re not the biggest, you’re not the strongest, you’re not the healthiest. You’ve got physical limitations, yeah?

Okay. Now, keep your right hand raised. Lift your left hand now– if you’ve got financial limitations. You have to live on a budget– can’t keep on spending.

Otherwise, you’re going to go broke. That’s you. You’ve got to work, that’s you.

Keep your both hands raised. Now, lift your right leg– if you’ve got emotional limitations. As best as you can, come on, you’ve got emotional limitations. Yeah, sometimes you’re moody, sometimes people can’t talk to you before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. That’s you? Okay.

Now, lift your left leg if you’ve got… if you can do all of that, may I just say this: You don’t belong in this world anymore. You’ve got to follow the Light. It’s time for you to go to the Lord.

This story from Mark talks about a man who was limited– he was paralyzed.

And I hope you can walk with me…

I wonder how many people here suffer paralysis– maybe not a physical one, a spiritual paralysis, a relational paralysis. This Word is going to speak to you.

Key Message

Here is the message I want you to take home today:

God wants to remove your roof. Let me say that again:

God wants to remove your roof.

Let’s pray:

Father in Heaven, this is Your Word. It’s alive and it’s active, but until we put this into our heart, nothing will happen. And we don’t want that. We want us to be changed, transformed, by Your grace this morning. For it is only through You that we can live a full life. We pray, Lord, for every limitation in our life that You would remove it and replace it with a brand-new roof. Thank You so much, Jesus, for what You are doing in our life. This is our prayer in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

One more time:      Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path.

All of Us Have Limitations

God wants to remove your roof. You know, when I was preparing this message, God spoke it to me directly– talking about how limited we are in terms of being humans.

I mean, we are human beings with limited capacities. But you see, sometimes, do you have people in your life who are so good at hiding their limitations– that they seem like their life is so blessed and everything in their life is working well? You have people like that? Yung parang wala silang problema. May kilala kayong ganyan? They’re so good at hiding their limitations.

But make no mistake, all of us have limitations, even the people who don’t seem to have limitations.

I’ll give you proof that nobody is perfect. Take, for instance, Bro. Bo Sanchez. I mean, look at him. He’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s multi-talented, he’s a best-selling author, he’s a successful businessman, a wonderful husband. But why is it that he cannot dance even to save his life? He can’t. Why? Because God is fair and just. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.

You don’t even have to look for other examples. Look at your preacher today. I’m not perfect. Contrary to what my wife thinks, I’m not.

We’re not perfect. I mean, you might look at me and say, “Bro. Audee doesn’t have problems.

Wow, he has such an exciting life.”

But you know what? Ito Tatagalugin ko, ha: Mabuti lang akong tingnan. In English, I’m just good-looking.

May I share with you what my daily prayer is? I always tell the Lord: “Lord, pwede bang gawin mo akong gwapo kahit isang araw lang?– May I be handsome for just one day?”

Why do I ask that? Kasi ang hirap ng araw-araw. Nakakapagod.– Because it’s difficult to be handsome every day. It’s so tiring. 

A True Story

You know what? This is a true story.

When I was in Grade School, I had a dream. I always wanted to be the class president or the class vice president.

But for some reason, I do not know why, my classmates just kept on voting me to be the escort. I don’t know why.

Yeah, at right are my receipts:

So, when I was young, and my schoolmates kept voting for me to be the escort, what do you think?

I have potential to be a success, right?

You have potential. God sees potential in you. That’s the truth.

I mean, I’m sure that some of you, when you woke up this morning, you did not realize that you were going to see old photos of mine and that I’d be talking about this. But I just wanted to prove to you that nobody is perfect, and the person in front of you is a testimony that nothing is perfect.

I’ll share with you a lot of my weaknesses today, to be vulnerable to you.

But you see, a question that came into my head when I was preparing for this talk is that when God created you and me, did He fashion us to have all of these limitations?

Like, when He was creating you, Louie, did God imagine you to have these handicaps in your life, these limitations that you would be carrying?

I guess if we think about that for a moment… You know when you are born into this world, you start as a baby. And as a baby, you realize that you’ve got so many limitations. I mean, you are limited by what you can do. You depend on your parents for everything that you need to do. You are limited, and the more that you learn about life, the more that you learn that life also has limitations, more limitations.

Like, life has rules: Hot water will burn you. Sharp objects can injure you.

Falling from great heights can kill you. Falling in love sometimes can break you.

May I get an “Amen” from all those people who were brokenhearted once? Amen, amen. Right, life has rules.

Fake News

You see, thinking about it…

The more that we grow up, and we see all of these limitations, the more we realize that God created us to have all of these limitations.

And you see, here’s the thing: Some of the limitations that you learn in life were passed on to you by your family, your parents, your peers, your influences.

Some of the earliest limitations I’ve learned in life, I learned through my parents– my dad and my mom.

But see, here’s the problem: Most of the limitations, if you’re not careful, are all that you’re loyal to. And you’re not realizing that most of them could be based on lies.

I mean, just think about all of the limiting beliefs in our own culture. Filipinos have a rich culture of limiting beliefs. We call them pamahiin, superstitions– what your grandfather or grandmother told you.

Your grandma said it’s forbidden to open your umbrella inside the house– because it’s bad luck.

What else did Lola say? Do not clear up the table while someone single is still eating. Why? Because the person will stay single forever.

What else? When you’re eating, and a spoon falls to the floor, a visitor will arrive.

One more: When someone gifts you with an expensive pair of shoes, give him some coins in return. Why? So that people would not step on you, and you would not walk out.

These are all limiting beliefs. The Bible doesn’t say anything about them.

The Bible doesn’t say, you know, if you point to a tree, that’s bad because the elements there will harm you. The Bible doesn’t say anything about that.

The Bible doesn’t say that if you’re going outside, make sure you’re not cross-eyed- – because if the wind blows on you, you will remain cross-eyed forever.

Newsflash: These are limiting beliefs, and they’re all lies. They are fake news.

Limitations in the Bible

Actually, the Bible has a few of these limiting beliefs…

You see, on the Sabbath Day, the ancient Jews had a lot of limitations. You could not carry something heavy that had a specific weight requirement. You could not go out and work in the field or go fishing. There were so many rules…And you could not perform healing rituals on a Sabbath day.

But Jesus healed a man with a deformed hand on a Sabbath day. So, what did the Pharisees do? Instead of praising Jesus for it, they plotted against Him.

But are those limitations really what God intended the Sabbath for?

I want you to listen to what Jesus says in Mark 2:27:

So, what Jesus is saying is that God designed the Sabbath to be a gift for you.

It’s a gift for you to enjoy so that you can rest, you can relax, you can have purpose, you can have love.

But sometimes, what God designed to be used as a gift, we turn into a limitation. God meant that gift to be used to preserve life. The people used it to prevent life.

So, again, the question: When God created you, did He create you and fashion you with limitations? Did He have those in mind?

You want to know the truth? Okay, I’ll give it to you. It’s actually in Genesis 1:27: “So God created human beings in His image.”

What Sin Means

What does it mean to be created in the image and likeness of God? Does it mean that you look exactly like God? Physically? Not exactly– because the verse says image– it’s a representation. Something that you work for.

It’s an ideal.

And when I was reading this, it made complete sense to me…

Because, take note: A lot of people think the Garden of Eden was a place of perfection. It’s not. Eden wasn’t a place of perfection— it was a place of potential.

If Adam and Eve would choose to walk and work with God every day, God would help unlock their fullest potential. But the sad reality is that they chose otherwise. You know, they stopped working with God.

That’s what happens when you don’t work with God in your garden. God is unable to unlock your fullest potential.

Again, tell your neighbor right now: God sees potential in you.

So, Adam and Eve started sinning against God. Did you know the literal definition of sin?

You’re going to be blessed by this: The word sin is another way of saying to miss the mark.

Sinning means missing the mark. So, each time you sin, you’re missing the potential of who you could be– if only you choose to work with the Lord.

How many of you believe that God wants you to break through your own limitations, especially the ones that the world has placed over you?

I believe that God wants to remove your roof right now, my friend.

I’m going to teach you four ways just to get practical. Four ways how you don’t just learn how to love your limitations but to also learn how to live with them, to learn to live with them and then love them.

Love your limitations.

May I confess something? I have a medical condition, and this is my first limitation that I’ll share with you today. I’ve got a medical condition that’s called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is when you have an excess supply of sweat glands in your body. And I’m more than just the average Juan de la Cruz. I’ve got a lot of sweat glands in my body. So, it means I sweat in my hands, I sweat in my underarms, I sweat in my feet, and my entire body is full of sweat. Not right now because it’s cold– but I sweat more than other people do.

And, you know, growing up, I felt this very hard. I can’t even remember how many times I detested this because I know some of you might be thinking, “Hmm, yan lang yung limitation mo? — That’s only your limitation?”

Well, I’m not here to compare limitations with you. Okay, I’m just here to tell you that this was a limitation of mine because it made me so insecure.Because, you know, growing up as a child, you want to be able to hold hands with people, right? Especially if it’s your crush. During the Mass, during the Our Father part, every single time that part would come, I would have to take a, quote unquote, “bathroom break.” I vanish into thin air, and I go back only during the Cordero ng Diyos part.

That’s why I love Community. Because in Community, you can just hug people- – you don’t just shake their hands. So, growing up, I struggled with my limitation. I could not hold the hands of my crush. I could not write on my test paper without the paper evaporating into thin air. And I could not wear single footwear without wearing socks because can you imagine dust and water mixing together?

The result? Mud, right? I’m like Peter walking on water. I’m a miracle.

‘Why Me?’

So, for the longest time, I kept on asking the Lord, “Why?

Why? Why did You give me this, Lord?”

You know, it takes a lot of spiritual maturity to stop asking God, “Why did you give this to me?” And then start asking God instead, “What do you want me to do with this thing? How do you want me to use it for Your glory?”

Do you know how I was able to solve my hyperhidrosis?

I met somebody who had no arms. I realized, here I am, complaining about my wet fingers– and here’s somebody here who’s not even complaining about having no arms.

I wonder how many of you here would meet somebody who has more limitations than you, and you start praising God for the actual handicap that you have.

Two ways why I believe you need to love your limits, or love your handicaps:

No. 1: Your handicap humbles you.

See, imagine if God never gave you that handicap, and you’re walking around with a bloated ego– you can’t even fit through the door because your head is so big. Because every time, you think that it’s all about you. But that handicap simply means that now you’re more reliant on the strength of the Lord.

St. Paul says, “The grace of God is sufficient for me; therefore, I will boast all the more about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest in me.”

Your handicap humbles you.

No. 2: Your handicap also makes you more human.

Your handicap makes you connect with other human beings.

Have you ever met somebody who had the same limitation as you have? And now you’re sharing tips on how to solve it?

You are like, “Ikaw din? — You too? Inihian mo din yung kamay mo?– You also urinated on your hands?” (Superstitious belief has it that urinating on your hands will get rid of the sweat.)

Yeah, I did that. I told you I’m going to share my weaknesses.

You came from a broken family and you meet somebody who also came from a broken home. And now, you’re sharing about your brokenness and how the Lord has healed you. Your handicap makes you more human.

That’s why to me, I stand in front of you, and I’m revealing myself that I’ve got handicap because it’s how the Lord will work through you.

May I ask you this now: I’m sure you’ve got a handicap.

You’re smiling at me right now, thinking like, “I’m perfect.” No, you’re not. You’ve got a limitation.

Maybe some of you have a speech impediment, growing up, you couldn’t speak right. Or maybe some of you are missing some limbs. Or maybe you can’t see too well.

What is your handicap? Whatever it is, love it, embrace it, and the Lord will use that for His glory. Clap your hands and praise God for your handicap.

The Second Way to live with and love your limitations is to let your ceiling be somebody else’s floor.

I love this part. I need you to listen to me, okay?

We’re going to go to the story now. The Scripture doesn’t say how long it took for the paralyzed man to be healed because Mark doesn’t mention it. Matthew doesn’t mention it. Luke doesn’t mention it, either.

So, we don’t know how long this person was sick. But I’d like to imagine– because the verse is open to interpretation– that this person had been sick for a while, for a long time. Why? Because of the desperate way that his friends brought him to Jesus.

I mean, if they weren’t that desperate, they wouldn’t have carried him, torn a hole in the roof, and lowered him down to Jesus.

So, to me, it means like he’s been through some doctors, he’s been through some procedures– and these did not work.

How Miracles Happen

But you see, here’s something that I believe that set a miracle in motion. Two miracles:

The second miracle was Jesus healing the person– that much you probably already know.

But the first miracle is this: The first miracle happened the moment his friends went out of their way to bring their friend to Jesus. Because I truly believe this: that miracles happen when somebody cares enough to carry another person to Christ.

Do you believe that? That’s when miracles happen.

But you know, they did something really insane. This person had been sick for quite some time. So, you can probably say this person probably wasn’t dreaming of getting healed anymore.

He had no plans — because, I mean, you’re paralyzed, you can’t do anything. So, because this person couldn’t dream anymore, you know what his friends did? They were the ones who dreamed for their friend.

May I share with you one story as an analogy to this…

I have a friend, his name is Fred. That’s not his real name, by the way– I cannot reveal his identity.

Fred is in his 30s, and, like everybody here, Fred has dreams. But Fred has a hindrance. Fred has a limitation. The limitation is this: Fred’s boss is no longer dreaming about being promoted– he’s happy where he is.

So, the problem is that Fred cannot be promoted unless his boss is promoted.

I don’t know the story of Fred’s boss– I don’t know him personally. But I do know the story of Fred. And if I could talk to the boss of Fred– and I would say this to every leader out there, I pray you’re listening– I would say this:

“If you have reached the ceiling of your dream, if you’ve already reached the mountaintop of your dream, congratulations. But please don’t forget that there are other people also under you who are still dreaming, who are still chasing dreams.”

So, maybe this is the season now of your life where you help people run their race. You know, don’t be the person who becomes the reason the person is getting blocked from the blessing and the anointing of God.

Don’t be somebody else’s limit. Because a real leader, a great leader will recognize when it’s time to step aside so that others can step in. Because God wants to bless them as well. I mean, we all need to be just like Moses who passed on his leadership to Joshua. He stepped aside so that Joshua could lead the Israelites.

Third Point: You need to have friends who have limitless faith.

Amen. I mean, part of the reason this person was even healed, to begin with, was his friends bringing him to Jesus. Did they bring their friend because they love him? Yes, right.

But I’ve got another theory: They brought their friend to Jesus not only they love their friend, but also because they had limitless faith in Jesus.

Let me show you the proof in Mark 2:4:

Let me say that again: Then they lowered the man on his mat right down in front of Jesus.

You see, I’m not an expert when it comes to Physics. You can correct me after this session if I’m wrong. But this is how I imagined it: The friends broke a hole in the roof, and they lowered their friend to Jesus.

Now, here’s a question: Why in the world would I lower my friend to a crowd? Because I’ve got to think about how to get him back up… Because isn’t it true that it’s harder to pull somebody up than to lower the person down? You agree? Yes.

Who Will Remove Your Roof?

So, maybe, the friends were thinking, “When we lower this person to Jesus, it means that we don’t have to pull him back up.”

Why? Because they truly believed that Jesus would heal this person– and this person would already be walking out the door.

My goodness! Praise God for friends who have limitless faith!

May I share about my two friends– very quickly:

For the longest time, my wife and I had a dream. We wanted to put up our own commissary and our own kitchen because my wife is into baking, and we’ve always had that dream. But we always also had excuses– valid excuses.

Until one night, we were having a little chit-chat dinner with Bro. Bo and Sis. Marowe over hot ramen in a Japanese restaurant. We happened to share the dream with them. And Bro. Bo simply launched three questions that ultimately changed the trajectory of our life…

Bro. Bo said, “Why not now? Why don’t you do it now?”

So, as usual, we gave our excuses: “Well, because we’re so busy, the kids are growing up, Ethan is going to school. I’m so busy with ministry, with work, with family life, and everything is not perfect right now in terms of timing. We’ll do it after we build our dream house.”

And Bro. Bo just kept on saying, “Why not now?”

So, when we went home, those words just kept on echoing and echoing in our ears. And suddenly, we realized, the kids are okay, we’re okay, the family is okay. So, finally, we asked, “Oo nga no? Why not?”

What limitations are preventing you from achieving that dream? God wants to move you from “Why not?” to “Why not?!!”

Can you shout that with me right now? “Why not!”

You need to surround yourself with friends who have the faith to remove your roof. Can you clap your hands if you’ve got people like that in your life? Amen.

Last Point: You are limited, but praise God that He is not limited. God isn’t limited. How does this story end?

The Verse says: “And the man jumped up, grabbed his mat, and walked out through the stunned onlookers. And they were all amazed and praised God, exclaiming, “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

One last story before we worship the Lord…

You know, when I was growing up, I had a very good childhood, a wonderful, glorious childhood.

I grew up in a rural town in Taytay, Rizal. Life was simple. Small village, small families, growing up. It was a kind of community where you could go to a neighbor’s house, open their fridge, get a snack, leave without getting reported to the barangay.

And it was so safe on the streets because the average number of vehicles per person or per family is just one. Some of them didn’t even have vehicles, so the streets were safe. So, parents were always assured that the kids would be safe on the streets.

So, when Christelle and I were deciding to buy our residential lot to put up our dream house, I was looking for the same community in my mind. I wanted a small village to raise my family.

But, you know, we went around. We went to Quezon City, we went to Pasig, we went to Rizal, we went to Antipolo, we went to all different places. And, sadly, I could not find any more of that same community. So, what did I do? I went to my old village, thinking in my heart, maybe because I wanted to relive the old days, you know.

The Glorious Life

When I went there, went to my neighbor’s house, and I got to talk to him, we got to chitchat. Didn’t take long for us to reminisce about the glory days.

Then all of a sudden, the conversation took a different turn when he said, “You know, Bro, ibang iba na yung village natin.

The people we grew up with, some of them are no longer here– just like your family.”

In the old lots where we used to play, you know– patintero, Frisbee– there is no more space. And there are so many vehicles that children are no longer safe in this community.

That broke my heart. It broke my dream. And while I was driving home, I was asking the Lord to comfort me: Lord, where are you going to send us to purchase our property?

But you know, when I arrived home, the Lord answered that quickly. Because I saw my wife, my son, and my daughter just happily playing at home. They were joyful at home.

And you know, God spoke this truth over my life, and I pray that He speaks it over you right now…

Here, I was trying to replicate the glory days. Do you know what that means?

The glory days? The good old days, the days when you still had a set of thick hair. The days when you could still run up and down without panting. The days when life was good. I wanted to just replicate those days. But God told me that just because you could not replicate the good old days doesn’t mean that you’re not living a glorious life anymore.

Because the truth is, who says that just because you’re not married by age 25, or just because you don’t have kids by 30, or just because you don’t have a certain amount of money in the bank by 40, your life is a failure? Because the story that I read here in the Bible says that no eye has seen and no ear has heard what the Lord has prepared for the children that He loves so much.

God Can Exceed Our Expectations

I hope that you’re receiving this right now: That God can exceed our every expectation.

We’ve put ceilings over our life…Thinking, “This is my life already, the glory days have passed.”

But I truly believe this: That your best days are not behind you. They are still ahead of you. That God’s plans are still there for you, waiting for you.

Because I’ve seen the glory of God through this message here today: That when God starts changing you, when God starts affecting you and transforming you, people will come up and they’ll say, “We’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

People who are breaking their limitations. I’ve met a high school student who graduated at the age of 60 broke that ceiling.

There are people here who had stage-5 cancer who were healed by the grace of the Lord. I truly believe in the miracle of the Lord.

People among us here who came from broken families but are now living with happy families, building happy families.

People who were abused when they were young but are effective pastors, effective ministers.

Because until the Lord starts working in your life, my goodness, Jesus said, “With man, this is impossible, but with God, with God, with God, all things are possible.”


Starting Point

That’s what Jesus did on the Cross. He showed us.

It’s ironic that when Jesus was on the Cross, He said,

“It is finished.”

What did He mean by that?

It means that His ceiling can now be your floor.

His achievements can be your starting point. Today, Jesus says, “Just continue what

I already finished.”



Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

Thank you, Jesus, that you are removing every limitation that the world has placed over your child.

And that You are replacing that with your grace. Thank You for strengthening all of us.

God’s not done yet! God’s not done yet.


Everybody, keep your focus on Jesus. He’s doing something new right now. Feel His Presence in this room.

Whatever history or past that you’ve been through, your old glory days, I want you to believe right now and declare this with a full heart, with full conviction that the Lord is doing something glorious in your life. And He’s just starting.

Believe with me today that our best days are not behind us– but they’re still ahead of us. Because we are with Jesus.

And life with Jesus means that He would unlock your potential day by day–as you walk with Him.

Put your hand over your chest and say this with me: Jesus I believe that You came into the world to rescue me and You live to give me new life.

So, today, I declare that You are my Savior. Work on me. Change me. And transform me Today, I walk out of this place brand new. Thank You for how You will use me for Your glory. Thank You, Jesus, for never giving up on me. Amen.




This story was first published in the Feast Family Online News Magazine

Published by THE FEAST (November 5, 2023)


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This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.