Special Talk

Today, we’re going to have a special talk. Because it’s Palm Sunday. So, I want to give you this special Palm Sunday Word—It’s a story about the time Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem.

From Mark 11: 8-10:

If you can bow and close your eyes, let’s want to pray:

Father, we’re gathered here in Your Name, in Your Presence—those who are here in this venue and those who are even online, we pray that You would unleash this Word and unpack it. Not through my wisdom, not through my voice, but through Yours. Because I want them to see not me onstage– but You. So, remove my pride, remove my ego, so that whatever I speak here, translate it in the sense that they would understand it in the context of their situation. And I pray that all of us together would walk out of this place completely changed and completely refreshed and revived, ready to take on this week for Your glory. Thank You so much for the life that we lead, Lord. Not easy but it’s possible because of Your Grace, and we thank You.

Holy Spirit, we pray that You would be active in the heart and the mind of Your people. You are the Conductor of the Symphony. We pray that this Word will change lives and shift hearts.

This is our prayer in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

One more time, Everybody, sing:

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet

And a Light unto my path.

I want you to preach our big message to someone today. Here’s our big message: You are welcome here!

Quick question: How many of you would agree with me when I say that Filipinos are one of the most hospitable people in the world? Yeah.

We’re very hospitable. Filipinos are regarded as very hospitable people.

I mean if you ask any foreigner—Are there foreigners in here? We got one right there. Hello! Do you agree that Filipinos are hospitable? Just wave your hand if you agree. Yes.

We’re very hospitable. You want to know how I know that Filipinos are very hospitable?

Remember back in 2020? You know, during the Pandemic, when COVID came to the Philippines? COVID was so surprised when he entered into the Philippines. It used to be that when COVID would enter different countries, you know, he would be surprised because they are very strict about letting visitors in. But here, when he arrived, in the country, he was surprised. He just easily came in.

To prove my point a little more: when COVID came in the hospitals, those who used to be popular illnesses—diabetes, hypertension, high blood— suddenly disappeared.

They stepped aside and said, “Ooops, friends, we have a visitor. Let COVID be the one popular today.”

We are very hospitable in that sense. I actually borrowed that joke from comedian Alex Calleja.

Three Reasons the Jews Welcomed Jesus

Why am I talking about hospitality? Because our topic for today is about the hospitality of the people Jerusalem when Jesus entered in the city.

This was Palm Sunday and it says in Mark 11: 8: Many people spread their cloaks on the road while others spread branches they cut from the fields. And those who went ahead and those who followed, shouted Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

You know, reading this, I felt the excitement

of the people expecting to welcome Jesus. Do you feel that? That they were excited, they were happy? Yes, they were very happy.

I can think of three reasons they were excited:

  1. Curiosity. People are naturally curious. That’s a natural human instinct. You know, sometimes you see a crowd in the mall and people are running towards a certain direction—happy, excited! What happens? You also run. You’re also excited. You’re wondering, “What’s happening there?”

That’s what happens, right? We’re naturally curious beings.

And so, I wonder how many people here who encountered the Lordfor the very first time– because you were also curious about Him. You heard about Jesus from somebody when you were young and you wondered who is this man named Jesus.

So, curiosity is a good thing—especially when it leads you to the truth.

  1. Certainty. Some people who were there truly believed He was the Messiah– the one who would save them from the Roman oppressors. They were certain that Jesus would come to solve all their problems in life.

I wonder also how some of you, you’re excited to be in the Presence of the Lord because you believe in your faith that He is the Savior. He is the Redeemer.

He is the One. That’s a good thing.

  1. Necessity . The third reason is the most common reason. All of us get excited when it comes to being in the Presence of the Lord.

How many of you have needs? Do you pray to the Lord for your needs?

Yes, right? So, necessity is not really a bad thing. You know, sometimes, we think necessity is bad because you only go to someone when you need something from him. But actually, I realized that necessity brings us to the Lord. Because we need something from Him. God is a father, God is a provider, God is a healer.

So, we need those from the Lord.

Short-Lived Relationship

There are functions we cannot do ourselves so we approach God so He could help us. Some of you, that’s how you came to know the Lord.

You had an exam that you wanted to pass. You’re praying for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. You’re sick and you’re praying for healing.

You come to the Lord because of a necessity.

It’s not a bad thing.

Here’s when it gets really dangerous: When you go to the Lord only because you need something. A relationship that’s based only on a need, it’s not actually a relationship – if you’re only there for a need. How many of you had been in that kind of relationship? You have friends like that—who only come to you because they need a favor?

But you know, I’ve struggled so many times thinking about this. How many of you have ever gone through this: you need something from someone—you haven’t spoken to that person in 10 or 15 years. How do you even message that person? Do you ask, “How are you?” Because somehow, that’s a little awkward, right? Because you know a favor will follow.

So, here’s what I learned over time. I don’t need to do all that.

Especially when I’m really busy, I don’t have time to chat, I just jump into the conversation and say, “Hi, Bro. I pray that everything is going well in your life. But you know what? I need something …”

So, I go straight to the point. Because I know if I am not really close with that person, that person is not going to expect me to chat with him at that moment.

Because he too probably does the same thing.

But here’s one thing I realized: That if the relationship is based only on a need, what happens is that that relationship will be short-lived.

And that’s what happened to the people welcoming Jesus. One day, they’re proclaiming that He’s King of Israel. In less than a week, they’re saying that the only king that they have is Caesar himself. One day, they’re saying “Hosanna!” In the next few days they’re crucifying Him.

So, you know that that’s not really a relationship.

Fans or Followers?

I wonder how many of you know this statement. This is a problematic statement:

I don’t like that. Because it’s conditional. If I no longer need you, then it means I don’t love you anymore?

There are so many things that’s wrong with that statement. You know what the better statement is?

Because love becomes the priority and the need becomes secondary.

Did you know that sometimes, you approach God that way? Maybe not all the time, but there are times when you approach God, and you pray for that need. But when God blesses you, you forget about God. You move on—until the next need happens.

You know what that’s called? That’s called fandom.

That’s what fans do. Fans will only celebrate a celebrity when the celebrity is entertaining them. But the moment the celebrity gets into a scandal, or stops entertaining them, they discard the celebrity. .

Here’s the truth: God is not looking for fans. God is looking for followers.

What are followers? Followers are people who will follow the Lord even when it’s hard to do so. Followers are those who will praise Him even when it’s difficult.

Isn’t that what Jesus said? He said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24-26).

How many of you know that following the Lord is very hard? But that’s the call of Jesus– following the Lord even to the darkest valleys, even to the narrowest of paths.

That’s what Jesus wants. He wants a follower and He was specific in saying this about the Kingdom He was building. He said that this Kingdom is like no other. Let me prove it to you. It is going to be different.

All four Gospel writers wrote about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem. They have a title for this event: The Triumphal Entry.

Triumphal means victory. It means great victory.

But back in the day, if Romans would hear those words– triumphal event, or triumphal victory, about the entrance of Jesus– chances are, they would laugh in your face.

Because to a Roman, the picture of a triumphal event was this: It would be an army general coming back into the city, after winning a war. A great victory. Killing at least 5,000 soldiers. And then marching into that city, riding a steed, a glorious horse. And then behind him, his army marching unit by unit and they would be carrying the spoils of war– all the treasures that they won. To Romans, that was a triumphal event.

When Jesus walked into town, it wasn’t very triumphant. Why? He wasn’t riding on a horse. He was riding on a donkey. And instead of wearing a royal garment, what did Jesus wear? He was wearing something very simple.

Jesus said this in 18:36:

All four Gospel writers wrote about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem. They have a title for this event: The Triumphal Entry.

Triumphal means victory. It means great victory.

But back in the day, if Romans would hear those words– triumphal event,

or triumphal victory, about the entrance of Jesus– chances are, they would laugh in your face.

Because to a Roman, the picture of a triumphal event was this: It would be

an army general coming back into the city, after winning a war. A great victory. Killing at least 5,000 soldiers. And then marching into that city, riding a steed,

a glorious horse. And then behind him, his army marching unit by unit and they would be carrying the spoils of war– all the treasures that they won. To Romans, that was a triumphal event.

When Jesus walked into town, it wasn’t very triumphant. Why? He wasn’t riding on a horse. He was riding on a donkey. And instead of wearing a royal garment, what did Jesus wear? He was wearing something very simple.

Jesus said this in 18:36:


What’s Important in the Kingdom

Jesus rode on a donkey and He really didn’t have an entourage.

Prior to this, Jesus instructed His disciples to get a donkey and lay their garments on the donkey and He sat on the garments. (Matthew 21: 1-9)

Question: Is that royalty?

Remember how we would dress up a venue, like for a wedding or an event, we would have the red carpet, and then everything would look glorious.

This is how this event spoke to me: How many times have we been tricked by the world in this sense? I am guilty of this as well.

Women, when you go to a wedding, what’s the first thing that you would do?

Especially if you’re the ninang—wedding sponsor? You would have a dress sewn, right? Nothing wrong with that. You want to have a grand entrance. You want to make sure that people will notice you. You would spruce yourself up, you would have a great haircut, you would shine your shoes, and you would go into that event… You want to have good photos.

And yet Jesus is speaking to us from this standpoint: That this Kingdom He was talking about is not built on splendor. It’s built on simplicity and servanthood. That’s what’s important in the Kingdom.

Some of us have been so blinded by the world that we think that, you know, we got to show up and we got to show off.

Jesus showed up and He showed up in complete humility, complete submission.

I mean, how amazing is this Kingdom that Jesus was building?

It’s not about the brand that you wear, or the attire that you buy. It’s about what’s here in your heart.

Are you entering into your relationships and situations in this life with pride and ego, thinking that it’s all about you? Or are you just like Jesus? You’re ready to be humbled and you’re ready to sacrifice, and you’re ready to serve.

That’s what Jesus was saying here.

Question: Bro. Audee, why did Jesus ride on a donkey and not on a horse? I’ll give you the reason. Because this fulfilled the prophecy that said…

Jesus’ Message Today

This is the message of Jesus for all of us today:

In this Kingdom that Jesus built—and is building right now as I speak—competition starts at the bottom.

Let me say that again: In His Kingdom where Jesus is King, competition starts at the bottom. The One who is at the very bottom, he has the best position.

Think about it: Jesus did not come to be served. He came to serve. Jesus did not come here to make demands from people.

He was the one who came to make the miracles, to give them healing. Servants of The Feast: You’re serving the Lord today. Praise God.

But did you know that before you came here to serve the Lord, the Lord was the one already serving you? Amen. Before you even came here God was the One who healed you this week. God was the one who provided for you this week. God was the one who restored that relationship for you this year.

God is a servant. That’s what Jesus showed. He’s the King of Kings and yet He’s the Servant of Servants. I mean, how amazing this God we worship!

Serve. Sacrifice. That’s really what Jesus is trying to tell us.

Competition starts at the bottom. Jesus Himself says in Matthew 19:30:

If we want to be part of this Kingdom that Jesus is building, this is what we need to do: We need to take the path of peace, the path of humility, the path of sincerity, the path of sacrifice, the path of servanthood. Because taking these paths will make us be part of that Kingdom.

4 Deterrents to Welcoming Jesus

Now, I’ll make this practical for you. I want to teach you four deterrents that I believe hindered people from really welcoming and accepting Jesus then.

Confusion is not necessarily a bad thing– especially if it leads you to know more of Jesus.

So, confusion can be good.

But confusion becomes very, very difficult and dangerous the moment it removes you from the truth.

There are people here who have doubted whether God can do a thing in their life because they encountered a very difficult problem.

You encountered a very difficult situation and now you’re wondering whether God can move you to a different place, a better place.

There’s somebody here who because you have doubted God, your faith has been shaken.

There’s even somebody here, sitting, who once doubted whether God was real.

Confusion can be dangerous if it leads you away from the Lord. What are you confused about right now? What are your doubts? As to how God can perform miracles or how God really loves you.

What you need to do is surrender that confusion at the foot of Jesus, to give it to Him. Because He can handle that. And then you have a conversation with Him.

Surrender that to the Lord.

The perfect example to this would be The Feast Builders. You know, the Feast Builders who stand here every Sunday to preach to you, they’re not perfect people. Once upon a time, they did terrible things.

You don’t even have to look too far. Just look at the person right in front of you. I did so many bad, terrible things in my life, and yet, one thing I realized is that when I gave myself to the Lord, He made me brand new. He gave me a new heart.

How many of you here are so stuck in the past? Here’s the truth:

If you’re not willing to let your past die, you’re not going to have a good future. Because your past will not let you live. It’s going to continue chasing you. What is that old thing in your life? A trauma, a pain that you need to surrender to the Lord. Surrender to Him.

How many of you have a temper problem? We really need to surrender to the Lord our pride. Because our anger comes from pride. It comes from our ego. When you get hurt, it’s your ego protecting you thinking that you need to defend yourself. Surrender that to the Lord.

What did Jesus say? This is a path of humility. So, surrender all your arrogance. Everything needs to go to the Lord.

Surrender your sins to the Lord. We have confession here every Sunday. We make it available to everybody.

Just walk in. Priests are available there. When was the last time you went to Confession? Please surrender your transgressions to the Lord. Because He loves you so much and He wants to renew you.

What am I trying to say? Surrender your Confusion, your Old Self, your Arrogance, and surrender your Transgressions.

In another word, surrender your: Surrender your COAT to Jesus.

Lay it on that place where He can sit on. That is your surrender.

4 Traits You Need to Welcome Jesus

Question: What are your intentions in serving the Lord? What are your intentions when you come and worship the Lord? Servants who come here to The Feast: Why do you serve the Lord here?

Is it because your crush is serving here? Is it because you gain something here?

You get free food or free air-con? What are your intentions?

What are our intentions when we follow the Lord?

Sometimes, we’ve got to ask that question. Is it because we want to show people that we’re good people? That’s why we wear a cross around our neck? So that people will say, “Ah, he’s so good.”

What are your intentions? If you think that you have intentions that are not very clear – and clean—you approach the Lord and say, “Lord, cleanse me. If there’s anything that is not of you, please remove it, please correct it.”

I know that this Holy Week you’re planning to abstain from things, right? Sugar, meat, social media. You’re going to do that during the Holy Week because this is good commitment. But more than that, I pray that you abstain from this: Sin. Abstain from sin. It’s not easy to do that. But did you know it’s possible to do that?

I know some people think–and you probably might agree with me when I say this – that politicians generally have this image that they’re corrupt… But I have friends who are politicians and they’re very upright. Because they have abstained from sin. If they can do it, you too can do it.

Feast Builders themselves, you know, we’re able to do it. You can do it as well. Abstain from sin.

Are you loyal to the Lord? Or are you loyal to the world? You’ve got to ask that crucial question. Who are you more loyal to: the person sitting next to you? Or are you loyal to the Lord? Because if you’re loyal to the Lord, it will show in your words, in your actions.

Loyalty is really knowing who you’re giving your heart to.

Because if you’re saying you’re loyal to the Lord, you know what you’re saying to Him?

My heart belongs to You.

That’s loyalty. So, wave your loyalty to Jesus.

 How many of you are in need of God’s Mercy?

I don’t know any person in this place who doesn’t need the Mercy of God.

Welcome the Mercy of Jesus. Because you need it.

Pure Intentions




In another word, Wave your:


You Are Welcome Here

It’s a difficult message to preach but I pray that God is speaking to you.

I’m just a messenger trying my best to deliver God’s message and I’m praying, “Lord, it’s Your turn. Holy Spirit, this is really Yours. I’m just trying my best…”

You know, I asked that question last week: What does it really mean when you say, You are welcome here?

It’s a beautiful message: You’re welcome here. It’s you welcoming the Lord. I thought of only one thing that God put in my heart. The only way that we can welcome the Lord. If we’re going to welcome the Lord, it only means one thing to me, and it’s this: it’s that we give our heart to Him. We give what is precious to us– which is our heart.

But when I was thinking about that, it made me realize something. As you say You’re welcome here, you’re receiving the Lord. You are receiving something from the Lord, and as you receive something, you’re also giving something:

I give You my heart. As I welcome You in here, I give You my heart.

Isn’t that the process of how God sometimes works?

The Bible says the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord. (Job 1:21). In the process of your receiving, you’re also giving.

You cannot receive, and not give.

Give and Take

Here’s the thing: When you give your heart, there are two possibilities:

First, you’re simply saying: This is mine to give. And if I am giving it to You, this now belongs to You.

So, when you say, “Lord, You’re welcome here,” you mean, “I’m giving You my heart. So now, my heart belongs to You.”

Second, when you do that—when you give your heart to somebody, it opens to a lot of dangers. It opens you to pain, frustration, stress, heartbreak.

You’ve experienced that, right? When you gave your heart one day to that person, that person disappointed you, that person discouraged you. I mean, every person here has gone through a heartbreak.

But the thing that you’ve got to understand is that when you give your heart to the Lord, He is not that careless person who would just abuse your heart. He is the kind of person who is so careful about holding your heart– that when you give it to Him, He’ll cherish that. He’ll embrace that and He’ll take it and make it His.

So, when you give your heart to the Lord today, I want you to imagine that you’re saying, “Lord, my heart belongs to You. Your Name is written here.

Your Name is tattooed on my heart.”

But I don’t want you to be scared even for a single moment that when you give your heart to God, He is going to break it. No. Because when you give it to God, He’s going to be so careful, taking good care of that heart so that you know that God is in your life. He’ll cherish it, He’ll love you more than you think He can.

Lord, You’re Welcome Here!

So, today, whoever this message is for,

I want you to open your life– not just your hands—and say, “Lord, You’re welcome here. This is the place where you need to be. Because my heart belongs only to You, and You alone.

Open up your hands, lift up your palms…

God, look at this glorious place, look at Your children right now. They say Yes to You.

Welcoming You, Jesus. Thank You for looking at us, for who we are. Thank You for being a good, good God, a good Father. Even if our heart is unclean, even if our heart is sinful, even if our heart is filled with so much mess, thank You, for accepting it.

And we declare that because Your love is so great for all of us, that You will not allow this heart to stay this way. You will cleanse my heart. I give this to You, all my heart, Jesus. I surrender this to You.

Walk into my life and change me. Mold me. Be with me. Now and forever.

In Your Name. Amen.

Published by THE FEAST (April 9, 2023)


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