Talk 1: Reject The Sin

For the month of June, we have a Special Mini-Series titled Awake!

Talk 1, titled Reject Sin, tackles 4 practical ways how to reject the evil  that is sin.

We cannot fight sin alone. We need the Presence of the Holy Spirit within us to strengthen us in resisting temptations to sin. The good news is God has been in the business of waking people up to His Presence. He wants us to know that He is present, ready to help us, in every situation we find ourselves in. All we have to do is look up to Him for help in our effort to reject sin.

The talk’s powerful message is: Turn to Jesus.


Talk 2: Receive His Spirit

How do you if you’re filled with the Spirit?

Talk 3: Rely On The Savior

It’s Father’s Day today and we want to honor, acknowledge, love and thank all our Father’s out there on this special day! Our Fathers who have sacrificed so much for our families, often in the background of our lives and yet they are there at the first line of defense.

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