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Current Feast Talk Series

Dear Prodigals

with Bo Sanchez and Mon Reyes – August 06, 2023

Talk 8:

You Have a Mission

We are in the last part of our study on Deuteronomy. We don’t only reach the end of Deuteronomy, we also reach the end of the entire Torah–the first five books of the Bible.

Right after Moses gives a long powerful speech about choosing blessing or curse, he gives the awful news: He will not enter the Promised Land because he will die at its doorstep. The hero doesn’t reach the finish line. This is not your standard feel-good movie.

But this is a faithful picture of reality. The Bible does not sugarcoat this fact: Life is difficult.

Here’s the truth: God never designed life to be a vacation but a vocation. God designed life to be a missionary expedition. The key message of Talk 8 is You Have a Mission.

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Prayer of the Day

A Prayer to Saint Therese De Lisieux for Guidance: Prayer of the Day for Sunday, October 01, 2023

October 1st, 2023|

Govern by all Thy Wisdom, O Lord, so that my soul may always be serving Thee as Thou dost Will, and not as I may choose. Do not punish me, I beseech Thee, by granting that which I wish or ask if it offended Thy Love, which would always live in me. Let me die to myself, so that I may love Thee. Let me live to Thee, Who art in Thyself, the True Life. Dear St. Therese, guide me in your Little Way, so that I may ascend to the heights and happiness of Heaven.

Daily Gospels

Friday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

September 23rd, 2023|

Reading 1 1 Tm 6:2c-12 Beloved:Teach and urge these things.Whoever teaches something differentand does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christand the religious teachingis conceited, understanding nothing,and has a morbid disposition for arguments and verbal disputes.From these come envy, rivalry, insults, evil suspicions,and mutual friction among people with corrupted minds,who are deprived of the truth,supposing religion to be a means of gain.Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain.For we brought nothing into the world,just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.If we have food and clothing, we shall be content

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