I Want To Be A Faithful Giver

"Lord, I wish to be more faithful in giving my Tithes to you. Because this is your promise, I know I'll receive more your abundant blessings in my life."

Any small act is still big in the eyes of God.

We don’t know yet when the pandemic will end. As the pandemic continues to scare us and steal many things from us, we seek for any explanation from the heavens. God gave the answer in 1 Peter 4:8

“Above all, let your love for one another be intense...”

During this time, God wants us to intensify our love for one another by giving what we have—no matter how big or how small. He wants us to act in faith and in love.

The pandemic continues, so does love – love should never stop, too.

Your P100 will go a long way for our beneficiaries in the Feast Mercy Ministries.

It will give care to our abandoned lolos and lolas who have been in extreme lockdown since the pandemic started.

It will enable our shelters for women and children to continue ministering to each one of their beneficiaries, plus orphaned babies too in spite the crisis.

It will help us provide additional support to our cancer patients for their medications.

It will empower our media ministry to continue producing programs that will bless people in mind, body, and spirit especially now that we are in the midst of anxieties, worries and fears.

Thank you for continuing the cycle of generosity.

Let’s keep on loving. Let’s keep on giving.

We will not be afraid to tell the world about the Good News of Easter.

Today, we pray that God continues to give you courage that only He can give especially during this time.

We pray that you are able to face whatever is holding you back and live to become whoever God wants you to be.

We pray for strength to push thru, each day, so that you can do more not just for yourself but also for the people around you.

As we continue to fight the threat of the pandemic, we also continue to stand as one community and one Church.

We will never stop reaching out to the lost and the poorest of the poor.

We will never stop bringing the Good News of Easter.

Your giving today will go a long way in continuing the mission of the Feast and the Light of Jesus Family.

Thank you for being part of our mission of bringing Jesus to more homes and bless more lives.

Thank you for continuing the cycle of generosity.

Other ways to Give:

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Shepherd's Voice Radio and TV Foundation, Inc.

BDO Account Number: 003970-019804

BPI Account Number: 0123-484967


In this time of pandemic, many got infected due to COVID19 including some of our ka-Feasters.


Friends, God is calling us to keep on praying as one family and show our love and support to those who need financial assistance. Whatever assistance that can be provided would be highly appreciated.

The Light of Jesus Family Disaster Recovery Ministry(LOJFDRM), under bro Bo's Mercy Ministry, is appealing once again for your "little acts of love" that will bring big impact to people's lives.

You may send your donations to the following official accounts of our ministry:


Account Name: Light of Jesus Community Foundation Inc.

Account Number: 003978016595

Branch: Araneta Center-Ali Mall II


Metro Bank

Account Name: Light of Jesus Community

Account Number: 265-726-551-395-2

Branch: E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.



Thank you very much for your generosity, my Feast family!

God bless us all..

As the pandemic continues and the lockdown lengthens, Anawim’s visitors also lessen. And this means, fewer donations too.

Despite of this challenge, we know that this is not a time to stop. We have to find ways to serve our lolos and lolas better despite the challenges of the pandemic.

When we studied the daily operational expenses of Anawim, we found out that we spend most on food, medical expenses, and yes, adult diapers. Will you help us raise funds or raise actual diapers for the daily needs of the elderly? This will help us allocate our other resources to their other essential needs, and thus, help the overall operations of Anawim.

Right now, we are serving 65 elders. And the average expense for adult diapers is Php 128,700 monthly. That means that we are spending Php 1,980.00 per elder per month.

Small amounts gathered together will surely make a big difference to the operations of Anawim Lay Missions.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

The pandemic continues to challenge The Feast Mercy Ministries this year. FMM spent more to maintain the safety of our shelters and protect our beneficiaries. But we continue to survive and thrive because of God’s grace and because of your generosity.

Together, we are able to send cash support to our other ministries to help their daily operations in lieu of regular shelter visits from donors.

Because of your help, we are able to do so much more.

Whenever you help Feast Mercy Ministries, you are helping 11 foundations under our care.

The Feast Mercy Ministries (formerly known as Kerygma Family), is the umbrella organization ministering to the needs of the poor by the Light of Jesus Family.

The Feast Mercy Ministries has 11 foundations under its care that supports different causes namely: Grace to be Born (halfway house for mothers in crisis and orphange), He Cares Mission (caring for the street children), Jeremiah Foundation (shelter for victims of sexual abuse), Pag-Asa ng Pamilya (scholarship), LOJ Pastoral Care (for counselling), SVRTV(media evangelization ministry), LOJ Prison Ministry (ministering women in prison), Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer patients (for cancer patients), HAIL Mary of Abra (for lepers and indigents), and LOJ Disaster Recovery Ministry (disaster response team) and LOJ Prison Ministry.

The donation you will give today will extend our life.

The love you keep on giving will help us to keep on living.

The love you have extended gives us more reasons to continue the mission.


Please indicate the amount you wish to give: