FeastCon 2020: Let Us Begin the Best Normal

Hello, Dear Feast Family!

My letter to you today is about my front act at Feast at Home last Sunday, November 1, 2020.

You know, as in events like concerts, Feast at Home also has a front act— an opening act, a warm-up before the program proper begins.

Last Sunday, I was the front act, interviewed by the hosts, Louie and Beth, about our most exciting event this November, the FeastCon 2020.

God be praised I had the opportunity to discuss the FeastCon 2020. Thank you, Feast at Home, thank you, Louie and Beth.

Family, here I share with you a summary of my front act…

From KCON to FeastCon

Online. For the past 13 years, every November, we had a conference we called Kerygma Conference. But this year we call it Feast Conference.

We’re doing the Feast Conference from November 20 to November 22.

This is still the biggest inspirational learning event in the country today… but for the first time, we are holding it online, for obvious reason — because in the wake of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Pandemic and the subsequent Community Quarantine mass gatherings , like The Feast, are prohibited– to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

One, Common Conference. In previous years, we had KCON in Cebu and Davao and we had international KCON. But now we’re all going to be together for the first time in just one FeastCon 2020— online. It’s awesome. We’re going to be joined online by brothers and sisters attending the Feast here in Manila and the provinces, and the international Feasts.

Program. At FeastCon 2020, the learning continues and what we experienced during the Kerygma Conference we will experience here.

So, we will have daily Masses and explosive Worship, plus Adoration every day. We will have plenary sessions, life-changing talks, and classes on practical Christian living. Yes, the learning continues— but these will be in the comfort of your home. As in the KCON, there will also be an Expo, pre-show fun games, and exclusive offers from partners. See the full event schedule at https://feastconference.com/#Schedule.

Speakers. Bro. Bo leads 50 speakers. We are going to have three internationally renowned speakers, clockwise from the extreme right, Chris Stefanick, founder of Real Life Catholic; Sister Bethany Madonna, sv., vocations director of Sisters for Life; and Jessica Cox, the world’s first licensed armless pilot— and she’s part Filipino.

Among the speakers are experts in various fields, plus our Feast builders mostly from the Feast Bay Area.

Longtime Feast builders Bro. Arun Gogna and Bro. Alvin Barcelona are the program hosts.

Classes. We are going to have 30 plus learning sessions: On-demand video talks; masterclasses; and live classes.

Connect Groups. Another first is FeastCon2020 participants will be divided into Connect Groups. Members of each Connect Group will have a pre-conference experience. So, you go to the actual conference with friends— people you already know. And the Connect Group meetings will be extended after the conference.

Tickets. There are three kinds: Premium: P1995.00 — unlimited access to all talks including live classes, on-demand talks, and plenary sessions; extended access to all talks up to 60 days; Grand Feast on Sunday; and complimentary shirt; Regular: P995.00— access to talks including 3 live classes of your choice, on-demand talks, and plenary sessions; extended access for 5 days; Grand Feast on Sunday; Youth: P300.00 — access to talks including 3 live classes of your choice, on-demand talks; plenary sessions; extended access for 5 days; Grand Feast on Sunday. Exclusive rate for students up to 21 years old only. Student ID is required.

Refund. If you purchased your ticket last year during KCON 2019, when the ticket prices were double, you have by now received an email suggesting options to make good use of the extra price you paid: use it to buy a ticket for a friend; ask for a refund. But you know, those who asked for refund bought tickets again when they found out how amazing FeastCon 2020 will be!

Registration. You register online, and as soon as you do, you get to download an app that will allow you to go to the Expo area, check your agenda, and even network with other people.

Theme. FeastCon 2020 is centered on the theme In the Beginning.
We thought of the theme two years ago, but it has become relevant now because of what we are going through. The Pandemic is not just an ordinary thing that just happened. The Pandemic is a nuclear bomb— it has demolished, annihilated, disrupted us, and really destroyed every single thing we know about building church. But now, we are learning…Every morning we wake up with a fresh supply of faithfulness, of mercy, of kindness. The grace of God is really available for us…And we will always start…

In the beginning, God made Heaven and the Earth, and today, we are beginning… It’s not the New Normal. I want to call it the Best Normal. Doing church is not going to be the same again ever. And it would be good to know what God has in mind for this.

I know that whatever we are going through has a purpose and it’s going to be great.

I say the best is yet to come.

All for God’s Glory
Randy Borromeo


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