Feast Ortigas – Galleria (Thursday)

The Feast Ortigas is a weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Family for those who live and work in the Ortigas Center.



7:30 PM – 9:00 PM


Galleria Center, Lower Level Robinsons Galleria (Beside BDO)

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Feast Builder

Joel Saludares
Joel Saludares

Joel is a hands-on dad of three girls who puts his family as his first ministry. He is the Feast Builder for Thursday and Sunday PM Session of the Feast Ortigas-Galleria. You will always see a smile on his face with his jolly and positive persona. His last stint in the online digital advertising industry led him and his wife to offer Social Media Management services for brands which they both do home based. He is also an inspirational speaker, corporate trainer who focuses on imparting practical wisdom through hands-on activities and sharing of stories. With his undaunted spirit and indefatigable strength and energy he is focused in fulfilling his life-long purpose, to share God’s love to his family and to every person he meets.

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